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Chapter 21: Hate (4)

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This pretty young master in front of him was hard to deal with, but... she wasnt even afraid of Liancheng Yazhi. Why would she be afraid of this man

At this point, she should put on a seductive act already. Rong Yan bit her red lips, and with a slight hesitation playing on her lips, she said, “Then... Young Master Su has no right to say that Id molested you later.”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow as he put down his wine glass. He leaned back against the sofa as a casual smirk appeared on his lips. It was as if he was asking her if she would dare to do it.

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Rong Yan grabbed her slightly sweaty fingers as she suppressed her nervousness and silently cheered herself on.

With that, Rong Yan looked up and exposed her slender and fair neck. She took a sip of red wine before she grabbed Su Yus neck and pressed her lips against his.

One thing that made Rong Yan relax was that Su Yu didnt resist.

The two only had their lips pressed against each other at first. But in the next, she passed the slightly chilled wine slowly into Su Yus mouth.

Without them knowing who took the initiative, the kiss grew more and more intense. In the end, their simple kiss morphed into a French kiss which looked rather extraordinary, enticing, and even intimate.

The atmosphere within the room rose to its peak while everyone around them cried out with weird sounds.

Liancheng Yazhi was smiling as he held on to the wine glass. His smile was deep, with the ends of his lips curled up and his eyes narrowed to a slit. It seemed as if he was in a pleasant mood.

Song Rouran silently glanced at him. Seeing him like this, she let out a silent sigh of relief.

After the long kiss, Rong Yan had fallen limp in Su Yus arms. She looked so weak and coy, like a golden canary that had been caught by a hunter, making others love and sympathize with her.

Because of the alcohol, her fair skin flushed in a pretty peach color. Her red lips were slightly open, and her breathing hitched up. Her eyes were red, looking a little dazed. With all of those, she looked slightly naive, unlike what she usually looked like.

This scene made many held onto their breaths after seeing it. After all, everyone wants to take a few more glances at beautiful things.

Everyone had the same question in their minds. She was such a good thing, but Young Master Ya let her come out. This really made their hearts inch uncomfortably. If they had such a pretty little thing, they would properly hide her.

Su Yu leaned down to place a kiss at Rong Yans ear, muttering softly, “You acting like this would only make everyone have the same thoughts, including... me!”

Hearing the coarse words leave Su Yus mouth, Rong Yan froze for a second and her cheeks flushed even more. As she panted heavily, her heart finally relaxed. It was fortunate that this man had some thoughts for her at the moment.

Since she had survived up to that point, she went all out and hugged Su Yus neck. As she slightly brushed her red lips against Su Yus cheeks, she used a different type of charm in her slightly hoarse voice to say, “Master Su is annoying. Youre not acting refined at all. Youre making me suspect if youre the same person as the one Id seen when I first came in.”

Su Yu grabbed Rong Yans chin and stared into her eyes. “Then tell me. Am I the same person”

Suddenly, Su Yu asked, “What is your real name”

Rong Yan hesitated. “This doesnt seem convenient.”

Something chilly suddenly enveloped Rong Yans ring finger, and as she looked down, it was a green jade ring. However, it was clear the sizing was wrong. It might still be loose if she were to wear it on her thumb.

However, all of that was not important.

Rong Yans eyes instantly lit up. The color of this ring looked so good, and it had a chilly feeling to it, too. It was definitely expensive. She had gained during this drinking event that night.

As a person head over heels for money, Rong Yan only recognized money. That was why she happily hugged Su Yus waist and giggled as she said, “Rong Yan. The Rong from appearance and Yan from appearance. [1. One way of saying appearance in Chinese isRong Yan.] Master Su, please dont forget it... Remember to find me again next time.”

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