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Chapter 22: Showdown With The Fiancé (1)

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Su Yu didnt have that many women before. Every woman that followed him only loved money, but they all acted high and haughty. Rong Yan was the only one whose clear love and delight at the sight of money made Su Yu feel refreshed. He even thought she was cute...

He pinched Rong Yans chin. “Rong Yan is a pleasant name. Can I know whom you have dressed up for”

Rong Yan obediently rubbed her cheek against his hand. “What do you think Its natural for you right now.”

If there werent any accidents, he would be her new sugar daddy. That was why she must definitely curry him.

As for Liancheng Yazhi, Im sorry... But at the moment, he was demoted as her ex-sugar Daddy.

They flirted back and forth as if they were alone, and it had completely thrown everyone away.

Song Rouran glanced at Liancheng Yazhi, who had remained silent from the start. She then laughed and said, “Master Su seems really satisfied with Miss Rong.”

Liancheng Yazhis hold on the wine glass was so strong that his knuckles were pale. He was the one who had sent Rong Yan to Su Yu, but seeing them hug so tightly and intimately made him feel offended-severely offended.

He almost couldnt control his blood-thirst anymore...

His expression was rather normal as he glanced at Rong Yan with calm eyes. Everything seemed to be normal, and yet he was the only one who knew how much he wanted to kill this promiscuous woman on sight.

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Song Rourans words were equivalent to adding oil to the fire. Liancheng Yazhi glanced at her coldly, scaring Song Rouran so much that she didnt dare to speak anymore.

Ten minutes passed. To Song Rouran, the cold aura exuding from Liancheng Yazhi was starting to feel a little unbearable. She stood up with a smile. “Im going to the washroom. Does Lynn want to go with me”

Rong Yan was currently building her relationship with Su Yu. When she heard Song Rourans words, she didnt know how to reject the question either. She had yet to officially end her relationship with Liancheng Yazhi, so Song Rouran was still her lady boss. She needed to wait on her, and so she had no choice but to smile and say, “Sure...”

She wanted to get up. However, Su Yu didnt want to let go of his hold over her waist. He had gotten addicted to hugging her soft and warm body, and he didnt want to let go.

Rong Yan tilted her head and smiled at him, and she then placed a kiss on his jaw. “Im going out for a while. Ill be back quick, alright”

“Go on.” It was then that Su Yu let go of his hold and patted her flushed cheeks softly. To others, they already looked very intimate.

Their intimate actions made everyone fall silent. This development was too quick, wasnt it This woman was too strong. Her current sugar daddy was still present, and yet she could already act so intimately with her next one with no pressure. She was beyond amazing.

After the two ladies left, Feng Nongtang winked at Su Yu teasingly. “Does this girl match Master Sus taste”

“She does. But we have to see if Young Master Ya is willing to part with her.”

“Sure, we can discuss it.” At first, Liancheng Yazhi thought that three months was already enough, so he planned to give Rong Yan to Su Yu. However, he didnt know why he had added that they could discuss it after saying sure. He actually couldnt push that materialistic woman, Rong Yan, away easily.

In the washroom, Rong Yan stood in front of the mirror to touch up on her makeup. Song Rouran stood beside her as she tidied her hair. “Youre a woman Liancheng is supporting.”

She had said it determinedly. She didnt look angry or happy and looked rather calm instead.

If other women heard this, they would either deny or go heads on with the actual fiancée. But Rong Yan didnt hide away from it and answered her question while freshening up.



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