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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Showdown With The Fiancé (2)

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“Yes, but I think Ill change sugar daddies very soon. I have to thank Mr. Liancheng too, for helping me find such a good new sugar daddy.”

She raised her hand which had a large ring. Her smile was extremely sincere. “Mr. Su is really generous.”

Song Rouran suddenly stopped what she was doing and asked, “Miss Rong is really different from other women. Can you bear to let go of such a good man like Liancheng”

Rong Yan carefully placed the ring into her pockets, before she brushed her fingers through her hair. She said with a smile, “Actually, Miss Song doesnt have to worry about me. You dont have to test me like this, too. Because I only want money. I dont care about being an official young mistress. I will never be a threat to you. Its better if you worry about those who want money, the person, and the title at the same time instead.”

Rong Yan knew too well about what she wanted. Money was the only thing that could help a woman live in peace.

As for men Pftt, what are they

Can they be eaten

It was too weak to grab hold onto a man. Who knew when he would be tired of you Who knew when he would back stab you again She might as well possess the actual money to stay at ease.

Song Rouran felt a little awkward at Rong Yans straightforward words. However, she let out a sigh of relief in her mind as well. At least, a woman who was materialistic and did not want the man would not be a threat to her.

Rong Yan glanced at her. “From what I see, Mr. Liancheng is good and capable, but... I am not a greedy person. All the more I wont paw at a sugar daddy who can give me away. Sigh. People like me have to be self-conscious. I have to go curry with Mr. Su now. He is most likely my next sugar daddy. Dont you think hes no worse than Mr. Liancheng”

Song Rourans smile was very sweet and friendly. “Miss Rong is smart.”

“Haha. You hold me too highly. I cant win Miss Song.”

Song Rouran whisked out a small, black velvet box from her bag. It was clear it held jewelry. “I dont look good in this pair of pink diamond earrings. It suits you quite well because you have fair skin. In this case, Ill give it to you. I hope youll do me the favor of accepting it.”

Rong Yan smiled. Why must she force her like this Would she not leave Liancheng Yazhi if she didnt accept the earrings

However, since she was giving her, she would dare to accept it.

She would never spit out money that had been placed inside her mouth again.

Rong Yan took it and opened it. Seeing the sparkling diamond earrings dazzling under the lights, Rong Yan smiled. “Thank you, Miss Song. Its very beautiful, I like it a lot. May you and Mr. Liancheng get married soon.”

“As with your blessings... I bet they must be worried from waiting. We should go out first.”


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With that said, the phone in Rong Yans bag rang.

“Excuse me, I have to answer a call. How about Miss Song return first I will return after a while.”

“Alright... then Ill return first.”

After Song Rouran left, Rong Yan whisked out her phone. Seeing the sparklingSugar Daddy on the caller ID, she furrowed her eyebrows. Why was Liancheng Yazhi calling her at such a time

The washrooms door was pushed open, but Rong Yan didnt notice it. Her focus was on her phone as she contemplated whether or not to answer the call.

As she looked up, she saw a figure standing behind her through the mirror reflection, Rong Yan was so shocked she almost dropped her phone. She turned around and patted the mans chest softly, whining. “Why did you come in so suddenly You scared me.”

As a mistress, they had to get into their best condition whenever they saw their sugar daddy.



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