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Chapter 25: Said Something to Her (2)

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Before he finished speaking, his large hand had already grabbed one of Rong Yans legs.

Rong Yan jumped in fear and hurriedly pressed his hands down. “Youd crumple my clothes! We cant do it here. People will come in.”

Liancheng Yazhi avoided her lips that others have kissed before, and instead, bit her petite and fair earlobe. He then ruthlessly said, “Since you dare provoke me, you should have thought of this consequence.”

Rong Yan sucked in a chilly breath from the pain as a fire in her heart rose.

She had lost all of her face and dignity, to begin with. So what if someone else discovered them being lewd in the toilet If Liancheng Yazhi didnt find it humiliating and embarrassing, then what should she be afraid of

She sat on the cooling wash counter as her slender and fair legs wrapped around his waist like vines wrapping around a large tree trunk. The two of them intertwined like conjoined twins, loving and killing each other at the same time.

Rong Yan bit her lip as a cold scoff filled her mind. She felt very cold-extremely cold. However, when she looked down to stare at Liancheng Yazhi, she suddenly laughed out loud.

So what if he was Liancheng Yazhi So what if he was the Master of Beijing In front of her, he was still a man under her influence.

Because the place they were at wasnt right, the anger in Liancheng Yazhis chest didnt dissipate completely when it didnt end in haste. It burned, even more, when he saw Rong Yan remain the same and continued to do whatever she wanted even though he kept teaching her. The way she looked, as if she didnt care about his words, made him not want to let go of her so easily.

However, Su Yu was still waiting for him so he must return.

Rong Yans bright red lips moved before him like a mature cherry. Somehow, he actually leaned down and bit at her lips without precedent. “Wait for me at our usual place tonight.”

Rong Yan froze for a moment. Liancheng Yazhi rarely kissed her when they were together. He was someone who was picky with women. She had kissed Su Yu earlier on and yet he still had the will to kiss her. This was real amazement.

“But... Alright! However... What about Young Master Su”

The fire that had just dissipated within Liancheng Yazhi burned intensely once more. “That is your concern. You settle it yourself.”

Rong Yan was angry now, too. “Me. Liancheng, you cant be like this. He is your guest. You asked me to wait for you at our usual place, yet you want me to settle Mr. Su at the same time. Who do you see me as If you want me to be alone with Mr. Su, I cant promise that nothing will happen.”

“What do you mean” Liancheng Yazhi instantly grabbed Rong Yans chin from behind.

“If he gives me more money, it doesnt make sense to let him go.”

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“Rong Yan, are you that cheap to only think about money” Liancheng Yazhi pushed Rong Yan away as if he was disgusted with the object he had just touched.

Rong Yan picked at her ear. “Mr. Liancheng, Ive told you this since the first day. I only want money, no matter what methods I use. Isnt our relationship a monetary transaction for sex If I dont think about money, I wont meet you either.”

Liancheng Yazhis eyes were as fierce as a tiger or wolf. “Alright, Rong Yan, youre really capable.”

He threw this sentence behind as he slammed the door shut and left.

Rong Yan sighed. Oh no, she had put in so much effort for the past three months and acted as an obedient and honest woman. However, she broke through the facade at the last moment. This was really a monumental failure.

Su Yu was not someone she could easily offend. Rong Yan thought about it for a moment, deciding to just throw this tough decision back to Liancheng Yazhi. She didnt believe that he wouldnt give any explanations if Su Yu asked for her.

However, since she dared to anger Liancheng Yazhi, it... was a little troublesome. She should still think of a way to salvage the situation.

In the end, Rong Yan took out her phone and sent Liancheng Yazhi a message. Its content being, “Dear Sugar Daddy, Ill wait for you tonight, meow...”

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