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Chapter 26: A Little Hard to Part (1)

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In the end, Rong Yan took out her phone and sent Liancheng Yazhi a message. Its content being, “Dear Sugar Daddy, Ill wait for you tonight, meow...”

After sending the message, Rong Yan felt disgusted with herself. She was really being shameless to the maximum.

After leaving Miyin in secret, Rong Yan went to Block A of Beijing. It was her and Liancheng Yazhis usual place.

When she got in the taxi, her phone buzzed with a new message notification. Rong Yan hurriedly took it out to look at the message. It was actually a reply from Liancheng Yazhi. This made Rong Yan shocked and overwhelmed with the unexpected favor. She opened the message in a hurry and was ready to kowtow to the man, only to see a blank message.

Rong Yan was speechless...

The atmosphere in the private room was a little weird. All the accompanying escorts had left, leaving only the rich men and ladies in the room.

Su Yu maintained his lazy manner as he spiritlessly sat on the sofa. He asked, “Young Master Ya, where is Miss Rong”

After reading Rong Yans message, Liancheng Yazhis mood lightened up, and he replied to Su Yu, “Something happened at home. She told me to tell you that she couldnt accompany Young Master Su anymore today.”

Su Yu tilted his head a little as he glanced at Liancheng Yazhi. “Alright then. I thought that Young Master Ya was the one who couldnt bear to part with her.”

Song Rouran was slowly sipping on her fruit juice beside her. After hearing Su Yus words, she instinctively glanced at Liancheng Yazhi.

However, no one expected Liancheng Yazhi to actually reply. “I am a little unable to part with her.”

Song Rourans hands trembled, making the fruit juice in the glass shake a little. She hurriedly calmed down and placed the glass on the table. Her heart instantly turned into a mess.

Was Liancheng Yazhi really attracted to that Rong Yan

No, that definitely couldnt be. That woman, Rong Yan, was extremely materialistic and promiscuous. What sort of woman had Liancheng Yazhi never seen before Why would he be interested in her There was definitely something wrong about this. He probably only said that because he wanted to have some business confrontations with Su Yu.

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Su Yu continued, “But Im interested in her. Well just have to see if Young Master Ya can bear to part with her.”

“Its only a woman. What do you think”

To others, his words meant that Rong Yan was only a woman and was not important, so he could definitely bear to part with her.

Song Rouran let out a sigh of relief. Everyone else in the room also finally got the chance to breathe in such an intense atmosphere.

Feng Nongtang considered himself as the middleman between Liancheng Yazhi and Su Yus trade, so he stood out at the right time and raised his wine glass to ease the atmosphere. “Come, come, come, lets drink. Dont worry, Young Master Su. Although Miss Lynn cant come, I promise to find a better one for you.”

Su Yu lazily raised his wine glass. “Sometimes men dont want the prettiest women, but ones that match their taste. However, I still have to thank Young Master Tang.”

Everyone understood his words. He was saying that while Rong Yan may not be the best, she matched his taste.

Liancheng Yazhis expression did not change at all, as if he didnt understand Su Yus words. However, Song Rouran managed to note the ruthlessness flashing in his eyes.

They left Miyin at midnight. Song Rouran and Liancheng Yazhi sat in the car as her mind kept thinking of Rong Yan. At first, she didnt think that she was a threat. However, after observing Liancheng Yazhis reactions that day, she felt that she couldnt continue on like that. She must think of a way to kick Rong Yan away.

In front of Liancheng Yazhi, Song Rouran remained elegant and dignified as always. She smiled at Liancheng Yazhi. “Liancheng, when do you have time for a meal together My parents talked about you yesterday.”



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