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Chapter 28: A Little Hard to Part (3)

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However, this alone couldnt dissipate the despise he had for Song Rouran, and instead, it kept growing. She kept testing his patience time and time again.

Liancheng Yazhi picked up his phone and called Secretary Zhou.

“Secretary Zhou, stop Qing Bays development project that we gave to the Song Corporation and call Boyuan Corporation.”

The driver thought to himself,See. Miss Song overestimated herself and angered Young Master that he easily changed the corporation in charge of a project worth several billion. The Song family must be crying now.

The driver drove into the underground car park at Block A of Beijing Straight. After that, Liancheng Yazhi took his private lift to the top floor.


After Liancheng Yazhi had opened the door, darkness welcomed him.

The room his woman should be waiting in was empty, completely dark, and void of human activity. This made Liancheng Yazhis already grim mood worsen.

He angrily threw his jacket on the floor. “Alright, you Rong Yan, you dare to trick me!”

However, quickly, he found Rong Yans phone on the table, proving that the woman came by. She couldnt have possibly walked too far away. With that, his furious emotions calmed a little. But he became angry once more in the next second. Was this woman trying to revolt against him by coming, but not meeting him

At that moment, Rong Yan was eating at the restaurant on the second floor. She had only eaten a snack before she went to Miyin at nine in the evening to accompany Liangcheng Yazhis guests, and she went straight to Block A an hour later and ended up waiting for two more hours for him. She was already famished, and at the thought that it might take Liancheng Yazhi a bit of time before he arrived, she decided to go down to have some food. She had to do some physical activities that night. How could she not take food for energy

Once she was full, she slowly returned to the room.

In the darkness, she turned on the light switch on the wall. As she turned around, she saw the man sitting on the sofa with a glum expression. She instantly dropped the bag she was holding from fear and screamed out loud. “Ah!!” When she saw that it was Liancheng Yazhi, she patted her chest. “You scared me to death. Why didnt you turn on the lights”

“Where did you go” Liancheng Yazhi stared at her and spoke using a tone of voice filled with a piercing coldness that could penetrate her bones. It was akin to a freezing winter breeze.

Rong Yan was very good at observing a persons expression, and this trait was something she had acquired from her previous life. With a glance, she realized that Liancheng Yazhi was unhappy, really unhappy.

It seemed like she needed to use all of her tricks to make this master happy for the night. If not, she would definitely be the one to suffer.

She adjusted herself and wore a smile on her face before kicking off the high heels she was wearing. As she walked over to Liangcheng Yazhi, she swung her slender waist. She sat down on his lap, wrapped a hand around his neck, and placed her free hand against his chest. Pouting and whining, she said, “Who told you to take so long When I went to Miyin, I didnt even eat dinner. Then, I waited for you for over two hours and almost died of hunger. Of course, I had to go fill my stomach first.”

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Rong Yans explanation made Liancheng Yazhis mood lift a little. He coldly said, “You really know to enjoy and dared to go and eat.”

Seeing that his mood was a bit better, Rong Yan hurriedly climbed up along the situation and pressed her body against his. Her soft chest pressed against his hard ones, rubbing softly. Her moist eyes were like two hooks that had grabbed Liancheng Yazhi tightly. She whined, “If Im not full, I wont have the energy to please you. You arent interested in seeing me die from hunger by the time you come, right”

With those two sentences, she suppressed Liancheng Yazhis anger that almost exploded. A smile finally appeared on his face as he reached out to grab Rong Yans chin. “What did you eat to speak so nicely”



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