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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Liancheng Yazhi (3)

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Rong Yan still maintained a smile on her face, and though her expression was calm, her heart was beating fast as if it was about to fly out if she opened her mouth

He fixed his calm and indifferent eyes at her. Rong Yans hands, that were placed under the bedsheet, unknowingly clenched. She did not feel any pain when her fingernails dug into her palms and pierced through her skin.

It was not until she felt a sudden burning pain from the left side of her face that her tensed heart relaxed.

It was okay. It was okay. If he did not hit her, she really could not be sure of what the man was thinking. However... since he hit her himself, it proved that she might... not die.

People who showed their anger were always easier to deal with than those who hid their emotions.

It was said that Liancheng Yazhi had an indifferent personality and that only a few people could make him angry, make him give them another glance, and make him care. He was always cruel to things he did not care about.

But since she could make such a calm man angry, it showed just how much of an influence she still had over him. If he did not care, he would not even want to hit her.

Sure enough, she heard him say, “I never beat women. You are the first.”

Rong Yan stuck out her tongue, a sweet smile on her face as she licked the blood from the corner of her lips. Ignoring the burning pain on her cheek, she said with a smile, “Thank you, Im very honored.”

She had to risk it all. A woman who was willing to risk everything did not need self-respect, dignity, and even pride.

Were those things valuable Could it fill ones stomach Could it save lives


Therefore, Rong Yan would never waste any of her feelings for something worthless.

The murderous look in Liancheng Yazhis eyes disappeared in an instant. It was useless to say anything else. “Tell me, what do you want”

A few moments later, his anger disappeared. His sharp gaze seemed to see through Rong Yans thoughts, making all her thoughts unable to escape from him.

Rong Yan shrugged. She had nothing to hide. Her purpose had always been only one thing-money.

“What do you think I need, Mr. Liancheng Im just a woman who is out to sell herself. What I want, of course, is your money.”

Before Rong Yan could even strive for one possibility out of a thousand or even tens of thousands, she tried to make herself seem like a cheap hostess in a nightclub or a bar just to make him angry and confused.

But in front of this man, she could only be careful and cautious. He was a demon who had cultivated himself into an immortal, and she was just a young fox out of its den.

Liancheng Yazhi was like a falcon, his eyes were sharp and it seemed like he could easily tear the woman into pieces with his sharp beak. “You are brave enough to stay until now.”

“Thats because Mr. Liancheng is desirable. I cant even find any other man who is richer, younger, and more promising than Mr. Liancheng. So, for you, having some courage is necessary.” Rong Yans red lips were enchanting as she smiled. She looked very materialistic, standing in front of him and saying without any shame that her only purpose was money.

Liancheng Yazhi did not hide the disgust on his face. It was as if he was looking at a fly. He sneered, “Are you so sure that I will agree”

It was for the first time he had met such a shameless woman who dared to be calculating with him.

Good. She wanted money, didnt she Lets see if she could afford to have it!

Liancheng Yazhi called his secretary...

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About twenty minutes later, Secretary Zhou sent a contract over at the fastest speed. Bowing, he handed it to Liancheng Yazhi. “Young Master.”



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