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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Hurt Her Mother Caused (1)

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In her previous life, her own mother sold her because of these debts.

But it was different in this life. She had already sold herself before her mother could.

Since she could not escape the fate of being trampled on no matter what she does, then... Why shouldnt she pick a man who was pleasing to the eyes

Throwing away her dignity, stepping on her self-esteem under her feet, and selling off her body in exchange for a cheque, and also leading a different life for herself.

Rong Yan had reminded herself that she had no life anymore, so what dignity did she need Those delusional things were only for the rich.

She needed no dignity, she just needed money...

Her predicament led to last nights incident... Drugging, seducing, and climbing onto Liancheng Yazhis bed.

The narrow stairs were full of rubbish and Rong Yan had to walk up the stairwell even though she felt numb.

The door of the house was half open and sharp quarreling voices came from inside. Rong Yan frowned. She stopped at the door and did not go in, she would only saunter in after her mother had finished yapping.

“God damn it. Youre seriously seeking for death! But why do you have to take us along with you I havent had a good day since I married you... five hundred thousand. We cant pay it even if we sold the entire family...” Yang Yans series of profanities resounded all over the corridor.

“Why isnt that brat Rong Yan back yet Does she want the entire family to starve I have already made an agreement with President Wang. If Rong Yan follows him, he would help us pay back the money. He could even give us a sum of money every month.”

Rong Yan frowned and tightened her hold on her bag while a sharp hatred flashed in her eyes. Did you hear that That was her biological mother.

She did not come by because of their mother-daughter relationship. After she would give Yang Yan the money, Rong Yan owed her nothing else, including her life.

Her debt to Yang Yan had long been paid off in her last life.

Her stepfather Rong Shenghais cowardly voice trembled as he said, “I heard that President Wang is a pervert. Y-youre pushing Yanyan into the fire pit!”

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Rong Yans face paled and her body slightly trembled since she knew who this President Wang was.

He was a man about fifty years of age, and he owned a small real estate company. He weighed over a hundred kilograms, and he was full of lust even though he was impotent.

When someone couldnt get physically satisfied, they would often pursue mental satisfaction.

Hence why he took pleasure in tormenting young and beautiful women. Because he was rich, he played with many women.

Yang Yan wanted to sell her to President Wang a month ago, but her stepfather stopped her.

In her previous life, it was the same man. At that time, Rong Yan refused to submit and ran out after knocking President Wang out with an ashtray. After that event, she met Chu Wenluo.

Chu Wenluo helped her during the most difficult time of her life and pulled her out of hell. Therefore, for Rong Yan, Chu Wenluo was her God and everything. She would even die for him.

But later on, after Chu Wenluo killed her, she found out that everything was just his evil scheme.

Suddenly, a clear female voice shouted, “I dont agree. Mom, Big Sister is your own daughter. How can you do this to her Besides... Father used three hundred thousand dollars on buying stock, and it was Second Sister who spent the remaining two hundred thousand dollars. Even if you want to sell someone to pay off the debts, it should be Second Sister...”



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