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Chapter 30: “Demanding money no matter what!”

Under the constant assail of Mama Hans loud wailing, Bai Ruo Qi gradually began to sober up.

But hearing Huang Yue Lis word twisting, turning white into black and black into white made her faint once again.

How could someone be two-faced to such a degree.

According to Huang Yue Lis reason, then she should thank her for slapping her face all swollen, black and blue

Stifled, Mama Han find her ability to speak limited, as she somewhat knew in her heart that Bai Ruo Qi didnt really have any demonic energy within her. But Huang Yue Li spoke with such confidence and certainty that she found it hard to refute her.

This entire affair today was too cursed.

Even now she could not truly make any proper sense of anything.

How did Second Young Miss suddenly fall to the ground It couldnt be that she was defeated by the Third Young Miss

Additionally, the Third Young Miss courage was usually as big as a mosquito. How did she cause Second Young Miss to beaten until she vomited blood out

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She wasnt dreaming was she

Viewing her current circumstances, Mama Han knew that her and the others here would not be let off easily by the Third Young Miss. With Bai Ruo Qi unable to do anything, they were in dire straits.

Hurriedly, she made a split second decision. Taking the chance while she was still wailing away, the old topknot maid kicked towards a nearby maid: “Why are still lying on the floor for Hurry up and get up! Second Young Miss is this sick, we must quickly sent her back!”

These maids were long scared and lost all courage. Hastily they tripped and stumbled up and picked up Bai Ruo Qi, escaping to the door.

They all thought that the female demon behind tem was too scary. These maids had forgotten long their status and only thought of escaping as fast as possible. In a blink of an eye, no trace of them could be seen.

Huang Yue Li was also slightly dumbstruck.

“Yi, what was the matter Why did they run away so quickly Its not like a ghost was behind them!”

The small phoenix was had always been perched on her shoulder chirped twice, flapping its wings.

Of course there is no ghost, but there is a female demon who is even scarier than a ghost!

Full of grief, Huang Yue Li sighed out: “Why are people these days like this Cai Wei had arduously and painstakingly helped to cure them, yet they got up and ran away without even paying Furthermore, the courtyard had become this messy with bits of blood spattered here and there. Are they not going to pay some repair fees This moral character……you practically cannot bear to witness anymore!”

Tripping over his little feet, the small phoenix narrowly avoided falling off her shoulder and onto the ground.

This female demon was just too…demanding money no matter what!

Frightening. Too frightening!

Thankfully those people had escaped!

“Young………Young Miss……”

Cai Weis weak voice sounded from behind her.

Smiling, Huang Yue Li turned around: “What is the matter Hows the feeling of striking back Did you grow some courage Towards these types of evil people, you must fiercely strike back!”

Cai Wei was on the verge of crying, “Young Miss, what should we do This servant actually hit Second Young Miss, it was Second Young Miss ah! She is one of the ten great geniuses in South Yue! If she were to regain herself, what type of payback would she give Not to mention the Manor Master and Second Madam. They also wouldnt let you go……even if this servant were to be beaten to death, it is a lowly life that I possess. But you are a golden branched and jade leaved……”

“Crying is not allowed!”

Hearing the command, Cai Wei halted her tears.

“She has already been hit, what use will it be to cry”

Walking to her, Huang Yue Li lifted her head up: “Cai Wei, do you perhaps like to be bullied by others Dont you want to firmly teach those who bullied you a good lesson”

“This servant naturally wants too, but………”

“There are no buts! Only by following this Young Miss, will no one ever bully you again! You only need to remember the person standing behind you is me. Who ever dares to beat you, tenfold, a hundredfold they will receive in compensation!”


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