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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: 2.15 – The power he holds – Mr. and Mrs. Jelly

— Authors note —-

Proofreaded by P.D Webb.


Bing Shi, after the first semester, got more used to the pressure and stress. But somehow, after she lost weight, she kept catching bees and butterflies everywhere, without even trying to be eye-catchy. She started to pity those goddesses. She didnt even reach their pinkies and there were already so many men after her.

They sure have it hard, dont they

“Hey, youre Bing Shi, right” asked a young man who sat in front of Bing Shi. Before the physics class could start, he attempted to engage in a conversation with this quiet lady.

Xuan Mu, someone is speaking to me again. Save meeee.


“Yes” answered Bing Shi with a smile. At school, she has her glasses on. There was no need to put her contact lens in.

“I went to a club yesterday. There were many Asian girls. But I never saw you. How come” he asked.

“I dont go clubbing,” Bing Shi answered.

“Trying to be a good girl” he asked.


“What a pity. You know, compared to those girls, you are the most beautiful one.”

“Thank you for the praise,” Bing Shi laughed at the cheesiness.

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“Lets go togeth-...”

“No, thank you,” Bing Shi smiled at him politely, “Sorry.”

His girl friend told him that Bing Shi had a boyfriend, but nobody had seen him before, so not many actually believed it was true. He tried to ask her out, but before he could finish his sentence, he was refused, “Ah, fine. Sorry.”

The first year of university went by quickly, the dropout rate was about 50%. Bing Shi, this time didnt stress as much, adapting fast, she finished her exams without any major complications.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

After Xuan Mu made sure that Bing Shis eating habits returned back to normal by watching her meals and weight, he started his plan sooner than he thought.

“What! He didnt make a mistake until now How is that possible” asked one of the directors during a meeting.

“Its like the whole marketplace is in the palm of his hand...” answered the head manager of the marketing department, his eyes filled with confusion, “Nobody knows from where he obtained all the connections... to get everything at such low prices.”

“Be careful around him... Keep this a secret from others,” ordered Xuan Mus uncle, “With that brain of his, he wont remain here for long. We have to make him stay as long as possible.”

While the higher-ups were trying to get a hold of Xuan Mu by offering him shares, the regular employees knew nothing.

“What are the higher-ups thinking Giving the position of a manager to a brat like him Isnt it too irresponsible”

Three male employees gossiped in the hallway.

“He made me change my plan five times! I dont want to be ordered by a kid anymore!”

“That position should be mine. He got it only because of his family connections. I saw him. He is just a brat in high school,” said a dissatisfied man in his forties, hearing those three mens complaints, he decided to express his disapproval of Xuan Mu too.

What he said was actually 100% truth.

“They should give it to you! You are our senior!”

“I didnt know I stole your position. Why dont you come with me I can ask my uncle to return it back to you.”

They heard a voice behind them. When they turned their heads, they saw a tall youth with dark circles under his eyes, smiling at them.


Xuan Mu laughed, “I remembered all of your faces and names. You can forget about your bonuses this month.”

Didnt Bing Shi say that he was a natural-born leader So why was everyone badmouthing him

All three males apologized and scattered away in regret. Now, their bonuses were all gone! Xuan Mu had to be laughing at their stupidity, didnt he

“Really” the older man remained rooted in the spot, asking with a voice full of hope.

“Of course. I hate injustice,” Xuan Mu smiled at him, continuing to walk ahead, “Follow me.”

“Y-yes...” The mans behavior made a three hundred and sixty-degree turn as he followed after Xuan Mu like a ded disciple.

Arriving before mahogany doors with a golden nameplate on the side, Xuan Mu knocked on his uncles office. They greeted each other while the older man was ignored.

“Seems like I stole his position. This is no good. I should return it to him before my reputation gets tarnished,” said Xuan Mu, voice filled withfake regret, he pointed his thumb behind his shoulder at the ignored man.

His uncles mouth cracked – this brat.

“Ehm, why dont I give you a promotion” his uncle asked.

“What are the benefits” inquired Xuan Mu with a neutral tone, blank expression on his face.

“More company shares. But I have to discuss it with the higher-ups.”

“Alright,” agreed Xuan Mu, then he turned to the older man. “Now, its your turn to fight for your justice,” he said and walked out of the office.

The older man looked at the closed doors with shock in his eyes, not daring to face the CEO, “...”

“Good job, whats your name” A cold voice of the boss resonated in the spacious room. Did he think he could be better than Xuan Mu Continue dreaming.

“I...Im.. ” The older man shivered from fear.

Thats how the higher-ups demoted and promoted two of their employees.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

In one year, Xuan Mus wage tripled. He also received company shares as a bonus. He gained recognition from all the people around him, except the regular employees, who refused to listen (in their minds) to a boy, whose age could be compared to their sons, if not younger.

Xuan Mu could start his own company, but it wasnt what he was looking for. It would need too many resources and time. Making connections and using others was more efficient for him.

Also, there was still that person.

Xuan Mu caught that mans attention at one of the company parties. The man needed his help, and he agreed. That person had another condition, and it was for him to move inside the mans mansion. Without opposing, he agreed with a smile, the sly one.

Guan Lin, a man who had power in the economy, politics, and military.

The most powerful person in the country, according to Xuan Mu.

His final target...

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