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It was dusk.

The world seemed to have turned into pure gold.

On top of the mountain of swords.

A figure slowly walked down like a lazy cat.

Her jet black hair that flowed like a waterfall gently swayed her under the breeze, revealing her incredibly beautiful face.

Beneath her snow white neck was her sexy collarbone, and a hint of her seductive fair skin.

She had white flowers in her hair, a fancy breastplate and battle skirt on her tall and slender body, and the sword spewing heat was sheathed on her waist.

The sunset illuminated her as she traversed the air.

This elevated her beauty to a whole new level and made her seem like a goddess in the flesh!

At this moment, both Mira and everyone else who spectated were all shocked with wide eyes and opened mouths.

It was easy to imagine how shocked and surprised they were after seeing this unexpected person!

Iz you! Mira quickly regained her senses and pointed at the dazzling beauty walking down the air.


As if the time-attribute magic had been dispelled, her words woke everyone up.

This must be false.

The eleventh floor\'s Floor Master is actually sister! Mylene cried out in amazement.

She knew Yaeger had defeated the Floor Master, but not the fact that she had become the new Floor Master.

In fact, only Yaeger herself knew about this fact.

It was no easy task to become a Floor Master on any floor above the tenth floor.

The challenger had to be younger and lower level than the original Floor Master.

It was already no easy task to challenge someone above one\'s level.

Not to mention the age requirement.

Sister, you\'re really… Why didn\'t you tell me Mylene pouted and then remembered something.

That\'s right.

I need to inform them.

‘Them\' naturally referred to Nangong Lin and the rest.

She had to share such an interesting fact.

Soon enough, all of them received Mylene\'s message and they all tuned into the broadcast instantly.

In the video feed, Yaeger floated down and stood in front of Mira.

Yes, it\'s me. She pursed her lips and revealed a meaningful smile, Are you surprised Are you shocked

Hearing that, Mira was stunned before smiling.


I am surprised, very surprised.

But that\'s just what I wanted!

She challenged the eleventh floor in order to surpass [Princess], to prove she was the strongest to the public.

Now, her target had replaced the Great Warrior and stood before her.

This made Mira feel like it was all predetermined by fate.

Thank you, God! She extended her right hand and purple light flashed, manifesting a large sword.

It was black, as if it was carved out of an entire block of obsidian—perfectly flawless.

[Princess], come!

She wanted to trample the beauty in front of her under the public eye, and wreck her mercilessly!

With that, the entire world would know who was the true number 1 in this world.

‘Don\'t think you\'re the best just because you reached Level thirty first.\'

Someone in CIA had been paying attention to the ranking list in Linhnan server.

Mira already knew the fact that Yaeger had reached Level 30 a long time ago.

In her eyes, she was only 4 Levels and 1 Artifact ahead of her.

The gap wasn\'t huge.

Moreover, she was also an S-ranked Transcendent.

Except for Mira, nobody knew that she could use her abilities inside the game as well! This meant from the beginning, she already had more abilities than anyone else!


[Body Of Steel].

[Meteorite Speed].

Mira was a rare triple-ability holder!

Although she couldn\'t utilize them perfectly since it was limited by her Level, she still had 3 additional powers which made her very strong!

This was the source of her confidence.

I\'m afraid that you don\'t know what it means to die. On the other hand, Yaeger slowly unsheathed [Sunscorch] and said her catchphrase.

The next moment, flames spewed and a heatwave descended!

In the stream rooms, the audiences were as heated as those flames.

This was a direct confrontation between the top player in America and Cathay!

At that moment, American and Cathay audiences became heated as their flames of passion scorched the chat rooms.

Even the rest of the unaffiliated audiences were excited as well.

Being able to see such a legendary battle was everything they needed!

Mira, kill her!

Mira, come on!

Kill Black-hearted Princess!

“Hey, hey, hey.

What country are you people from

Shouldn\'t we support [Princess] now

Who cares about supporting that Black-hearted Princess! Mira is my idol! Mira, I love you!

Mira, my angel.

Go and wreck Black-hearted Princess!

This is a fight between the representatives of Cathay and America.

Isn\'t it inappropriate for you to support Mira

Black-hearted Princess might have a bad reputation, but she is now the representative of Cathay!

You may not like her, but isn\'t it inappropriate to support a foreigner openly

Feh, here comes the patriot! I just want to support a foreigner.

So what! Come hit me if you dare!

When our country is in trouble, you people will probably be the first to commit treason.

Tsk tsk tsk.

It\'s just a fight in game, but you make it sound like we\'re fighting a war in real life.

How ridiculous!

Between your country and idol, which will you choose


Naturally choose my idol.

My country isn\'t as important as my idol!

What a world we live in.


Doesn\'t matter as long as I\'m happy.

What does it have to do with you Go F̲u̲c̲k̲ your mom!

In the Cathay chat rooms, a massive feud instantly began.

On the Tower of Heroes\' eleventh floor.

On the mountain of swords.

Die! Mira attacked first.

She took one step ahead and then flew outwards, the black sword glistening in her hands.

Hehe, come at me. Yaeger stood still and didn\'t do a thing.

Of course, that\'s what the ordinary person would see.

From Mira\'s perspective, there were already countless traps laid ahead of her, just waiting for her to come in and trigger them!

‘The future is in my hands!\'

Mira opened her eyes widely as magenta light flashed in her pupils.

Immediately after, the space around her by a radius of 10 meters seemed to be petrified as time seemingly froze.

This was the ability of her [Clairvoyance], she could see the future within a certain distance.

A radius of 10 meters was the greatest she could achieve in the game.

With that range, Mira could foresee blurry images 8 seconds into the future and clear images 2 seconds into the future.

When she was peeking into the future, time would be frozen.

Now, she was looking into the blurry images from 8 seconds into the future.

In the first second, she entered the attack range of [Princess] and was assaulted by tentacles.

In the second second, she dodged them perfectly.

In the third second, [Princess] attacked and a massive wave of sword energy surged.

She couldn\'t dodge it and was injured.

The fourth second was a blur.

In the fifth second, nine tails were manifested.

In the sixth second, she was injured.

In the seventh second, countless fists were seen.

In the eighth second, she was sent flying like a cannonball.

Tick! Time flowed again.

Mira let out a confident smirk.

‘[Princess], I\'ve completely figured out your combat style!\'

With that in mind, she gripped her black sword tightly and rushed into Yaeger\'s Domain.

Heh. The latter let out a chuckle and countless tentacles instantly appeared.

All the spectators exhaled deeply after witnessing the scene.

In their eyes, Mira seemed like a little girl who jumped into a monster\'s den all by herself—she was dead for sure!


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