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To the Destined Person who is lucky enough to find my letter,

Seven-hundred fifty-two million, six-hundred forty-eight thousand heartbeats.

That is the number of times my heart was supposed to beat before I passed away.

But, Alas… it was not meant to be.

I, who lived a short, yet happy life have many regrets, and among those regrets was to die… a virgin!

Ahem! Dont look at me with those eyes filled with ridicule and contempt, for I am sure that you, yes you! The one reading this right now, is the same.

Both of us are virgins!


The corner of Williams lips twitched as he read the opening paragraphs of Elliots letter.

The words that were written were very familiar to him, and somehow, he felt too embarrassed to continue reading it because he already had an idea of what would come up next.

The Half-Elf was no longer a virgin, and had become a veteran in the arts of love making.

Since Elliot was a part of his soul, he was sure that his familiar was just poking fun at him in order to make him relax a bit more as he read the letter.


Although I cant see it, I believe that your lips should be twitching right now.

There are not many things you can hide from me because I know everything about you.

I know that it has been a long time coming, but Id like to applaud your boldness for having the guts to steal a pair of Celines panties while you were still undergoing her training back in Lont.


The Half-Elf folded the handwritten letter in his hands for a brief moment before looking at the sky to contemplate the meaning of life.

Rebecca, who was standing beside him, wondered what was written in the letter because the Half-Elfs expression had changed so many times in just a short period of time.

‘Elliots letter must be very profound, Rebecca thought.

‘Williams face is a bit flushed right now.

Is he alright

What she didnt know was that the Half-Elf was planning to burn Elliots letter as soon as he finished reading it to erase any evidence of what had happened in the past. 

If Celine, or any of his wives, and lovers, were to accidentally read it, they would probably look at him in a weird manner, making the Half-Elf unable to know how to react to their stares.

After regaining his composure, he once again opened the letter and started to read.

Fortunately, Elliot had stopped teasing him and finally got down to business.


By the time you are reading this letter, I have long been dead. 

Its quite funny, you know People think that seers that can see the future could prevent the bad ones from happening completely.

But, this isnt the truth.

The most we can do is help steer the future to a more favorable one by laying out foundations in advance.

Perhaps you didnt know, but the Giants had attempted to attack Hestia in the past.

I didnt tell you this because there were other things that needed your immediate attention, so I decided to make Rebecca my subordinate, as well as enlist Chloees help, in order to prevent the Giants from arriving in this world sooner.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Back then, no one in the world was ready to face them.

Not Malacai who was traveling the world of Hestia to look for remnants that were left behind during the Era of the Gods that could help win the war against the invaders of this world.

Not our Gramps, who is probably off somewhere, looking for… nevermind.

This is not something for me to say, but know that the old coot is doing his best in his own way. 

And… not you, who still dont know your true identity.

I tried…

I tried so hard to reach a point where I could guide you to reach your full potential, but sadly, that is not possible now.

The battle with Ahriman should have ended with you being defeated, and your core being absorbed by Felix, making him the true Hegemon of this world, enveloping it in endless suffering and darkness.

In order to prevent that from happening, I talked to those that could help prevent the worst case scenario from happening. 

Kasogonaga and Conan agreed to my selfish request, and had already prepared themselves to sacrifice their lives for your sake.

My vision of the future ended with Ahriman, and I couldnt see past that, which only meant one thing.  please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

That meant that I would no longer be around to see whether my plan to save you succeeded, or not.

Still, I believe that you will be able to survive.

I also apologize because Im sure that you would have experienced excruciating pain after Conan and I died, but pain is a good thing.

It means that you are still alive to experience it.

Hah~ I really wish I could have seen how things turned out, but if you were to really read this letter, that means that all has been well, and our sacrifices have not been in vain.

Will, on behalf of Conan, we would like to thank you for bringing us to this world.

Our life was short, but it was fun. 

I am very happy to have been your friend, and familiar.

Although I did things behind your back, know that I only did it for your sake, and for your sake alone. 

Do you know I confessed to Chloee, but she rejected me.

I cant believe someone as handsome, and awesome as me was rejected.

But, that just means that the one she chose over me was better, right 

Make sure to treat her well, because she loves you very much.

Also, Rebecca might be a proud individual, but she is not inherently bad.

She made the choice back then, knowing that the future is uncertain.

What Im saying is that it would be a shame if some other guy hit her up, so since you were her EX-Fiance, can you add her to your harem as well Im sure that Gramps, and his friend, Lawrence, will be happy with this outcome.

Of course, you are free to reject this proposal.

After all, I dont want to force you to do anything you dont want to do. 

I cant even imagine what the world is like after you read this letter of mine. 

Im pretty sure that if you manage to survive Ahriman and Felix, you will be facing off against the Giants.

Im guessing that youd rather fight Ahriman than them, which makes it even harder to envision what the future will be like several years from now.

Still, I ask of you, do not lose hope.

Live, not only for my sake, but for Conans as well.

Wherever we may be, we will always watch over you and pray that you will find all the happiness this world has to offer.


I already mentioned it, but Rebecca is a good girl.

Although she isnt a C-Cup, she is a very loyal person.

She will also give birth to healthy babies, so Gramps will be happy to have her around.

Lastly, Be safe, Will, and may all the promises you made in your past, and present lives, be realized in full.


The Half-Elf slowly closed his eyes as he controlled the surging sadness that was slowly rising up from his chest. 

The handwritten letter already had dried up tear stains in it, which proved that Elliot had cried while writing the letter. 

His angelic familiar was a calm and collected person, who seemed to be a devil in disguise.

He was very different from Conan who seemed to be more of a good guy, despite being a devil familiar.

He carefully folded the letter and placed it inside his storage ring.

He no longer had any intention of burning it because it was the last remaining legacy of his familiar, who did everything in his power to give him a future.

Rebecca, who noticed that tears had started to stream down the side of the Half-Elfs face, took out her handkerchief, but hesitated to wipe them away.

After a brief internal struggle, she took a step forward and dabbed her handkerchief on the Half-Elfs cheeks, drying his tears.

Although her relationship with William was more of an acquaintance, rather than a friend, the sadness emanating from the Half-Elf had moved her heart, making her take a bold step to reach out, and cross that gap that had separated the two of them, since the day that she had decided to break off the marriage agreement that had been forced on her, regardless of her will.

Feeling the soft handkerchief touching his face, the Half-Elf opened his eyes and looked at Rebecca with a profound sadness that seemed to be coming from the very depths of his soul

“Im sorry, but can you let me borrow your shoulder for a while” William asked. 

Rebecca nodded and reached out to hug the Half-Elf, and rub his back, allowing the latter to cry on her shoulder. 

William was someone who held the highest authority in the world at this moment, and for him to show her this side of him, made her feel that even someone as powerful as him, could still shed tears like a normal person, making her have a better understanding of him.

As the sun disappeared from the horizon, and the first stars appeared in the sky, Williams Ex-Fiance, who was once promised to become his wife in the past, accompanied him until he no longer had tears to shed.

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