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Zi Yi brought Little Bell to the courtyard of the house she was staying in and gave him a piece of candy as she stroked his head.

“Little Bell, dont be sad.”

At the sight of the tree getting cut down, Little Bell had immediately burst into tears and Zi Yi was at a loss.

She had no choice but to take him back home.

“The family who just moved in must be big bad guys!”

“Big bad guys!”

Little Bell finally stopped crying after he received the candy.

Zi Yi decided to teach those people a lesson shortly afterwards.

The people here were so simple-minded and down to earth and yet, those who had just moved in were so heartless.

Therefore, she had to teach them a lesson and let them know what the meaning ofdo what the Romans do was.

After Little Bell played at Zi Yis place for a short while, Zi Yi sent him back home.

Sonny enthusiastically gave her some vegetables and fruits once again.

Zi Yi took out a circular ball after she returned.

The ball transformed into a small mini drone and headed in the direction of the house near the cherry tree.

The two who had moved in were both men and clearly, one of them was the subordinate of another.

Right now, one of them was sitting down while the other was standing and they were currently in the middle of a discussion.

“There are a total of eight families nearby and another family just moved in yesterday.

I heard that it was a father who brought along his daughter that has depression.

They came here to relax.”

In fact, it was normal for people to come to the countryside to wind down.

The man who was sitting down nodded slightly and said, “Keep watch so that no one comes close here, and that will do.”

Evidently, he was not exactly fond of people disturbing him.

As soon as he finished speaking, his gaze turned cold and he suddenly looked in the direction of the window.

A gun appeared in his hand.

After the sound of a gunshot was heard, both of them went outside together.

The subordinate quickly did a search around the surroundings and said to the man, “Young Lord, theres nothing here.”

The mans expression turned cold and he turned around to head back inside the house.

However, as soon as he took a step forward, he sensed danger approaching.

His feet swiftly moved and he was supposed to have dodged the attack.

However, when his feet landed on the ground, the back of his head was hit by something.

The man quickly moved and caught what had hit him.

Looking at the stone in his hand, the mans face was as thunderous as storm clouds.

“Young Lord.

Ill immediately find out who did this.”

The subordinate looked at the Young Lord standing there while panicking deep down inside.

The man narrowed his eyes and sometime later, he said, “Go and investigate the family who just moved in.”


The man threw away the stone and returned to the house.

However, as soon as he reached the door, another whistling sound was heard.

This time, he reacted even faster than before.

He turned around and grabbed the stone.

At the same time, he jumped and kicked the other two stones away.

His subordinate who was standing there did not even have the time to react.

The man immediately ran out in a certain direction and his subordinate hastily followed him.

When they arrived at the side of the house, they saw a drone flying into the skies at fast speeds.

The man and his subordinates took out their guns at the same time and shot at the drone.

The drone seemed to have eyes as it suddenly turned around in the air.

There should be a piece of reflective board on it because as soon as the drone spun, the strong sunlight converged off of the reflective board into dazzling light and shone straight into their eyes.



The bullets were shot without aiming.

By the time they opened their eyes again, there was nothing in the sky.

The man hastily chased after the drone while his subordinate quickly followed him.

Zi Yi sat next to the door and swiped on the tablet.

Just then, a cold voice sounded.

“What are you doing”

Zi Yi raised her head and saw two unfamiliar men.

She seemed to have gotten a fright as she stood up and ran inside the house with a panicked expression.

She did not even have time to care about the tablet.

After the door was slammed shut, the man walked over in large strides and picked up the tablet dropped on the ground.

He then looked at the screen with a cold expression.

As it turns out, the tablet showed a drawing software, and a half-completed rural scenery was painted.

The subordinate standing next to him did not know what the Young Lord saw and so, he called out tentatively, “Young Lord”

The man did not answer him.

He put the tablet on the stool and turned around to walk back to his house.

Zi Yi who was standing behind the door looked at their departing back profiles and the corners of her lips curved up.

It seemed like her scheme was successful.

She waited until both of them had walked far away before she came out and took a seat while she continued to play around with the tablet.

Qin Ze did not return at noon.

Zi Yi originally planned to make something simple for lunch.

However, after Sonny learned that she was alone at home, she got Little Bell to call her over.

Bells father also ate at home in the afternoon.

Only then did Zi Yi learn that there was a ranch somewhere further away and Bells father, Bede, was working there.

“Uncle Bede, where does the ranch youre working at supply to” Zi Yi casually asked.

“To a base up in the north.” In fact, Bede was not very clear either.

Zi Yi did not continue asking either, but she had already made her guess.

The husband and wife treated Zi Yi very warmly during lunch and they were also rather fond of her.

Sonny said, “You look to be around fourteen and if my second daughter was still around, she would also be around your age.”

Zi Yi originally wanted to say she was about to turn nineteen soon, but at the sight of Sonnys sad look, she knew that Sonnys second daughter was not around anymore.

“Auntie Sonny, dont be sad.

Little Bell must be the angel your second daughter sent to protect you.

Look at how adorable and obedient he is.

Your second daughter is looking after you up in the heavens.”

To be honest, Sonny had already accepted the passing of her daughter and she said with a smile, “Youre right.

Little Bell is indeed an angel.

Hes as obedient as his sister.”

Having said that, she kissed Bell on the cheeks.

Bell also kissed Sonny on her cheeks and hugged her neck as he said, “Mommy, dont be sad.

Bell will be obedient.”

His words led to a smile on Sonnys face.

After lunch, Bede returned to work.

Zi Yi remained in Sonnys house for a short while before she went back to her house.

Qin Ze only returned at around four in the afternoon.

At the sight of Zi Yi, he said, “The area 50 kilometers away from the base has been blocked and there is at least an army division stationed there.

I feel that they were only recently stationed there.

Zi Yi was not too surprised by his finding.

“It shows that the Worm Race has made its way into the higher-ups of Country D.”

Zi Yi gave Qin Ze a thorough explanation of the Worm Race on the flight here.

Previously, Qin Ze did not quite believe that there was such a terrible existence in this world.

However, after exploring during this period of time, he felt that there was a possibility they really existed.

“What should we do We wont be able to get into the base at all.”

“Find a way to tag along with someone else inside.”


Zi Yis lips curved up.

“Little Bells father works in a ranch somewhere near here.

The meat in their ranch is supplied to the base.

You can follow them inside.”

“What about you”

“Its not difficult for me to get inside.”

Qin Ze knew that she was speaking the truth.

He also knew Zi Yi stayed here because they had to find a way to get him inside.

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