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Chapter 15: Meeting The Number One Student In The Division I

As one of the most heavily invested places in the villain academy, the tech division was incredibly glamorous.

The academy didnt hold anything back when it came to developing the tech division, and they made sure that the division was equipped with whatever materials or machines that the students needed.

Whether it was the tech division year-1, year 2, or even the graduating student classrooms, the academy offered them the best of the best resources.

As Raphael stared at the room which was tiled with glasses, he was in a state of shock from all that he was seeing inside. The room was white similar to the waiting room, but this was, however, equipped with glass materials only.

They were over fifty students inside the room, all of which were standing in front of a glass table, and when they saw Serena come into the room, they gave a slight nod, before continuing with the project in front of them.

“I told you, this place was going to blow your mind. Now, you see why the villain academy is the place you belong to.” Serena said with a smile on her face.

Raphael remained silent, but the expression which was on his face affirmed what Serena said. He stared at the drones, infrared sensors, lasers, and even robots that were all over the place, before then turning towards the other side of the classroom.


Apparently, the classroom was divided into two parts, one of which some students handled the hand tools, and a few electronics, while the student in the other part focussed mainly on the machines.

“The machinery aspect of the gadgets are being made over here. If you want to go check them out, you can, but make sure you use a noise canceling bud because its very noisy in there.” Serena exclaimed.

Raphael was about to ask for the buds when he felt Serena putting them into his ear, “I will go inform that person that we are here,” With that said, Serena walked past Raphael.

“Devon, four oclock!” A few seconds after Serena left the trio, Aidens voice rang out.

Devon swiftly turned towards the direction in which Aiden was referring to, “Evelyn Manchester.” He then paused, “Sadly, we cant go after her, I heard she is in a relationship with one of the year-2 students.” Devon muttered.

“I assumed they had broken up already after they were rumors that she caught him cheating with her best friend.”

Aiden sighed inwardly, “These ladies wont pick us, instead they would go for those suckers who would cheat on them. So dumb!” Aiden shook his head in disgust.

“I know right ”

“Look at the blonde one beside her, she isnt bad.”

A different kind of glow appeared on Devon and Aidens faces as they stared at the blonde girl who was standing beside Evelyn. “Blonde, slim waist, brown eyes, average height, this is the kind of lady, my mother said I should bring home,” Devon murmured.

While Devon and Aiden continued to stare at the female students, Raphael advanced toward the glass cage in the classroom.

The glass cage occupied at least half of the massive classroom, as it was where the students who were working with machines operated. Raphael hadnt entered the cage yet, but he could tell that it was soundproof and smash-proof.

As he got in front of the cage, he pushed the door opened and walked in. The students stared at him for a while, before they returned back to their work.

Raphael stared at the appliances they were using, and the only ones he could express his knowledge on were the lead iron furnace, melting pot, the lathe machine, and a few others out of the devices in the cage.

The student who was working on the melting pot and the lathe machine were making bullets. They poured molten metal into a mold, and when the mold had partially cooled, they poured another molten metal into the mold.

But this time around they allowed the mold to become completely solidified, and once that was accomplished, they began the cold forming process, which involved shaping the metal without heat.

“Hmmm” Raphael and Gus watched as bullets were being created.

Raphael was, however, surprised to see that whenever a bullet was created, the student would dip it inside a blue bowl, which would then change the color of the bullets.

It went from black to red.

As for the rest of the machines which the other student were using, it wasnt that Raphael wasnt familiar with them, but instead, the academy had evolved these machines into something that he would have to access properly before he could understand them completely.

A few seconds later, Raphael moved his eyes away from the students. He began walking towards the glass display cabinet in the glass cage.

With his hands then folded across his chest, Raphael stood in front of the display cabinet, staring at the gadget which was placed inside.

“What do you think of it!”

As Raphael stared at the gold gloves that were in the cabinet, he suddenly heard a feminine voice beside him. He could tell that the person was speaking to him, but he chose to remain silent and kept looking at the gloves.

“A gadget that can neutralize both fire and ice,” It was only until a few minutes that Raphael spoke to the woman who was standing beside him.

He didnt glance at her, as his eyes were still glued to the gold gloves.

“The thoughts behind the creation arent all that bad,” Raphael paused, then placed his hand on his chin, “But the creation itself is full of flaws!” Raphael exclaimed.

“May I” Raphael asked.

It was now that he stared at the person who was beside him and seeing, the average height slender woman with fair skin, Raphael kept a straight face. He pointed his hand at the glove in the cabinet as he spoke.

The girl beside him had black hair which was tied in a ponytail fashion and blue eyes. She was putting on a white tank top, with the tech division coverall worn, while the two arms of the coverall tied around her waist.

“Here!” A second after Raphael spoke, she opened the cabinet for him.

Raphael nodded his head then, with a smile on his face, he took the gold gloves out. The gloves were a little heavy, but he quickly tightened his grip on them, and after staring at them for a few seconds, he wore them.

“I was right, the gloves are indeed full of flaws.” Said Raphael.

“Can you tell me which flaws are present in the gloves” The girls voice rang out, soon after Devon spoke.

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Raphael was about to speak when he suddenly felt everyone in the cage staring at him. They had stopped all that they were doing and were now staring at him, seemingly dazed from what he had just said.

Raphael decided not to think too much about it, and he placed his attention back on the gloves in his hand, “The electromagnetic pulse which was used to create the gun to deal with flames is too weak.” Raphael raised his index finger, “Two, The glove can only withstand four full blasts from meta humans with either fire or ice power.”

“Three, the life battery of the glove is almost done for. If any of you is to use the glove, it would explode.”

“Four...” Before Raphael could speak, the voice of the girl beside him suddenly sounded, “How are you able to determine all this from just glancing at it.” She said.

“Simple because I have tried creating a similar gadget just like this.” Raphael replied, “I would have shown it to you, but it is in my room. It was also a glove, but sadly, I failed. It was of course much better than this because the only reason I failed was that I wasnt able to get my hand on one single item.”

There was disappointment written evidently on Raphaels when he spoke about the glove he had also created.

“To cut the long story short, this is a waste of tools,” As Raphael spoke, he took off the gloves and placed them back into the cabinet, “I would say not to take that glove out in the field but it is none of my business.” He said.

“Damn! I cant believe that with this much machine and resources, you people are still making so many mistakes.” Raphael shook his head at the students, who were for some reason staring at him.

He was about to move towards the other cabinet, when he heard Serenas voice, “There youre.” She said, then a few seconds later she appeared in front of him.

Serena suddenly paused, she stared at the girl beside Raphael, and back at Raphael, “I see the both of you have met. Raphael, this is the person I wanted you to meet in the tech division.”

“I have heard great things about you from sister Serena. Hi, Im Aurora, its a pleasure to meet you, Raphael Queen.” The girl said, then extended a handshake to Raphael.

Raphael raised an eyebrow, he stretched his hand forward also, “Its nice to meet you too.” He said.

“And, about the gloves, I didnt fail, in fact, I succeeded. The glove in your hand is what I created on the first time.



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