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Chapter 22: Elisa, Melinda, Becky

After Edgars class, about half of the students in the year-1 elite division went to their dormitories, while the others took part in one activity or the other on the campus.

In the year-1 female dormitory, room 402, two females sat on a bed, opposite one another and were talking to each other. One of them had light-brown hair which was tied into a bun with a red ribbon on it, and the other had short auburn hair.

They were both in their teens, but while the girl with that short auburn had an ample bosom, the girl in front of her was petite.

“Becky, theres no way Raphael wouldnt make it to the top five hottest guys in the year-1 divisions,” It was the girl with the short auburn hair who spoke, “He is just so charming!” A look of adoration could be seen on her as she spoke about Raphael.

Meanwhile, the girl in front of her shook her head, “Top five No, I dont deny that he isnt handsome, but I still think he should be in the top ten categories.” The girl with the long brown hair otherwise known as Becky exclaimed.

“Look, here is the list,” Becky said, placing a book on the bed, “We have Vernon, as number one, Jeremy, Victor, Sean...” Becky pointed her hand at the names which were written in the book as she spoke.

“Then after Sean comes Raphael.”


“We shouldnt also forget Dwayne. If we add Dwayne to the list, then Raphael would fall to sixth.” A look of certainty could be seen on Beckys face.

“I completely disagree, theres no way that Sean or Victor is much more handsome than Raphael.” The other girl refuted. “While Vernon and Jeremy are more hotter than Raphael, the rest are definitely below him.” She said.

The arguments had been going on between the two ladies for a while, and it still went on for another twenty minutes. It was, however, until Beckys voice rang out, that the two of them became quiet and stared at the figure who was in the room with them.

“Elisa, I want you to tell Melinda who you think is the most handsome between Victor, Sean, and Raphael.”

Elisa who was standing in front of the room mirror, combing her hair, smiled when she heard Becky. A few seconds later, she then turned saying, “Raphael, of course. And again, why are the both of you putting Vernon and Jeremy above Raphael, for me, Raphael is the hottest guy in the year-1 divisions.”

Whether it was Becky or Melinda, both of their mouths opened when they heard Elisa. They were not expecting that answer from Elisa, and seeing the blush which was on her face, the two of them raised an eyebrow.

“Elisa, you cant have fallen for him, right” Becky asked.

The blush which was on Elisas face deepened, she remained silent for a moment, before she then nodded her head, “I have... I think he is the one.” Elisa replied.

“Oh... My”

“You have to tell me everything right away. How did it happen, I thought you said that the both of you only spoke for about two minutes, so how could you feel this way towards him”

Becky and Melinda had leaped from the bed and were now standing in front of Elisa. The two girls placed their hands on Elisas shoulder as they spoke.

“Yeah, it wouldnt have been much longer if it hadnt been for that damn Aiden.” Elisa hissed.

The look on her face immediately turned cold when she remembered how Aiden had pulled Raphael away from her. However, a smile soon emerged back when Melindas voice sounded, “Forget about Aiden, I want to hear the full details.”

“Yes, Elisa.”

Elisa closed her eyes, and the smile on her face widened as she recalled everything that happened back in the classroom. “His blue eyes were so captivating that I found myself drawn to them.” Elisa suddenly giggled, “And when his hand touched mine, I felt an electrifying sensation all over my body.”

A second after Elisa spoke, she opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of both Melinda and Becky smiling at her.


Becky and Melinda hugged Elisa sooner after, “Who could ever imagine that the stone-cold Elisa could fall for someone, and its even love at the second sight which makes it even more romantic.” Melinda stated.

The girls then pulled away from Elisa, “Elisa, dont you think it best you tell him about how you feel. Raphael is both handsome, and powerful, there will be a lot of girls who would be approaching him really soon.”

“Yes, Elisa, its best you let the campus know that he is yours. You have to mark your territory before someone else does.”

Elisa stared at both Melinda and Becky before shaking her head. She then said, “Its too early... Im far too shy, and Im not even certain if what I feel for him is real or just an infatuation.” Elisa said.

“Are you sure about that!” Melinda and Becky werent overly convinced by what Elisa said.

“Yes, its too early. I barely know a thing about him, and if I go confess my feelings to him, I would probably seem like a creep, you know.” Elisa mumbled in a low voice.

“Alright then.” Melinda paused, “I do hope its not too late when you want to confess to him because I heard that vixen Serena is always with him.”

Elisa raised an eyebrow when she heard her roommate, “What are you getting at, Melinda Even if Serena is with him, they are probably just friends, Serena is a year-3 student, why would she want to have a relative with a year-1 student.” Elisa spoke in a not-so-friendly manner.

“Friends” Melinda jested.

“My dear friend, in case you havent heard the news on campus, someone in the male dormitory saw Serena walk into Raphaels room in the afternoon, and she didnt leave there until the next morning.”

“You mean” It was Beckys voice that rang out.

Melinda nodded her head, “I still dont have the full details yet, but I believe Serena and Raphael spent the night together.” Melinda said.

An expression full of disbelief immediately appeared on Elisas face, if it had been anyone, then she would have dismissed their words, but Melinda was different. And she couldnt think of any reason why Melinda would lie to her about this sort of incident.

“Ahem... So, what if they spent the night together, I still believe nothing happened between the both of them.”

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“Raphael wont lay a hand on her, Im sure of that.” Elisa shook her head as she spoke.

Melinda, who was in front of her busted into laughter, “Raphael is a man, so he must have his urges, but Im not basing this on Raphael. Even if Raphael can keep his hand away from Serena, do you think she would be able to do the same”

“Even I dont think I can.” Becky, who had remained silent suddenly, spoke. She could see the look which Melinda and Elisa had when she said those words, but she simply shrugged her shoulder.

Elisa clenched her hand into a tight fist, “She wouldnt dare!!!!” Elisas voice which was formerly soft immediately became cold.

“I...” Melinda was about to speak when a dark portal appeared in the room.

It had barely been up to a second after the portal emerged, and a head flew out. The head seemed to be heading towards Elisa and the rest, however before it could make contact with any of them, Melindas hand turned to a spear made of bones, and she struck it at the incoming head.


The instant the head came in contact with Melinda, it flew backward, and only stopped until it collided with the wall of the room.

“What the hell!!!!” Beckys voice suddenly rang out.

After seeing that there wasnt any sign of movement from the head, Elisa, Melinda, and Becky began walking gently towards it. “Isnt this Richard” Becky asked. She then turned towards Elisa and Melina who nodded their head, when they heard her, and her eyebrows furrowed.

“He had it coming, it was just a matter of time, and I would have been the one to rip his head off!” Melinda said, before then spitting on Richards head.

“Im actually delighted that those two brothers are died after the pestering. But what baffles me is why did his head got thrown to this place. It cant be that someone wants to frame us for their death, right”

Becky and Melinda then turned towards Elisa, “What do you think, Elisa” Melinda asked.

Elisa had a frown on her face, “All points suggest that someone is trying to frame us, actually. It best I inform my elder sister about this, I dont want to see Vincent or his minion knocking at my door in the morning.” Said Elisa.



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