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Chapter 29: Safety Measures

“Everybody wants to know how it feels”

“Everybody wants to know what its like” In one of the rooms in the male dormitory, the loud voice of a teenager of lanky build, and scruffy brown hair rang out.

The teenager was none other than Raphael. It had been three days since the year-1 elite division students were at the training ground, and during those last few days, Raphael did two major activities, one was going to classes and the other was getting his gadgets done.

“Get a piece of pie for your~!” Tapping his feet gently on the floor, Raphael jammed to the song he was listening to, with the earbud, he had on.

Standing in front of a construction table, Raphael was putting on a helmet, black apron, and in his hand was a welding torch. Several metals were placed on the table, but after he altered them into the form he wanted, Raphael would use the welding torch on them.

“Lets go, lets go~!” Raphael moved his hand and body, as he danced to the song he was listening to. He pointed his hand at the blue owl who was staring at him, and he went ahead to breakdance.

Suddenly, Raphael moved to the right side of the table and glanced at the micro engine he had built, and he couldnt help but place his hand on his chin.


“If Im able to turn this micro engine into a nano engine then I should be able to allow it to absorb more energy, making the attack force double of what was planned.”

“What do you think, Gus” Raphael asked the blue owl, who was also staring at the engine on the table.

Gus, however, remained silent when it heard Raphael, it stared at the engine for a few seconds before then turning towards Raphael. “Impressive right I know, Im a genius...” Raphael exclaimed.

To Raphael, his safety was of the utmost importance, which is why after seeing what those students in the elite division were capable of, Raphael decided to take matters into his hands. Even though none of them had shown any negative intent of making a move against him, he wanted to be prepared for any event.

Raphael began working on how to take care of each one of them after he got back to his room. And on the first day, he was able to create a gadget that would help him annihilate Mason if he were to ever cross-part with him.

The nape of a titan was regarded as its achilles heel and despite how extreme the regeneration ability of a titan was, striking that place would result in its death. And that was the first tool Raphael created.

“The nape cutter!” That was the name that Raphael had given to the tools which he created for Mason.

On the second day, Raphael worked on two tools, one was the bone buster, and the other was the meta sprayer. The bone buster was to be used against Melinda, and the meta sprayer was reserved for Bane.

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After what happened to Adrian, Raphael didnt want a mistake like that to even happen again. He didnt want to give room for any slip that might happen, and once he struck at his enemy, he wanted to finish them once and for all.

The third day was the most enjoyable as he wasnt going to be killing two birds with one stone, instead, he was going to be dealing with three birds. And once he was done, they wouldnt even know what hit them.

While the focus of the third gadget was to deal with Sean, Levi, and Xavier, the truth was among the first three he created, this was the one he loved the most.

Sean was a metahuman with supernatural speed and as for Xavier, he possessed the legendary cursed flame of hell. And to deal with both of them, Raphael chose to implement an ice-based power.

The piece Raphael created was the famous ice gun he had once worked on, but this gun was much more different from the one which was brought to him. He ensured that the guns ability to slow down molecules was top-notch so that within seconds, it would have the power to reduce Seans supernatural speed to a human level.

And for Xavier, the best way to deal with the cursed flame of hell was to involve something holy in between. Raphaels mother, Yvonne, had given him oil even before his trip, and he added a bit of that oil into the ice gun.


The loud sound of the metal that Raphael was melding together with the welding torch sounded.

However, Raphael didnt have to worry about the noise as he had already placed a soundproof system all over the room. That was the first move he made when he entered his room.


“Everybody dance now, dunn~!!!!!” Raphael danced to the song which was now playing on the earbud.

Once Raphael worked on a gadget or created one himself, he had no problem whatsoever recreating it again, in fact, it would be way easier for him. It was like having him prove Newtons law mathematically, which he was even able to do in his sleep.

So, building the ice gun was very easy for Raphael, he had all the equipment and even the blueprint stuck in his head, all he did was implement a few of his ideas into the gun.

“Here we go!” Raphael muttered as the outer layer of the gun was created. He then placed it on the far ahead of the table and was about to move towards the micro engine beside him when the door was blasted open.

Raphaels eyebrows furrowed, and he turned towards the door with a deep frown on his face. But the instant he faced that side, the frown disappeared, and it was instead replaced with a rather curious look.

Standing in the room, with a body soaked in sweats, were Aiden and Bane. And as the duo stood behind the door, their bodies shivered, with fear and panic written all over their faces.

Raphael was about to speak when Aiden suddenly placed his index finger on his lips and then shook his head.

This made Raphael wonder what exactly was going on. Suddenly, he shrugged his shoulder and wanted to continue with the work he was doing when he heard a loud voice reverberate through the whole dormitory.

“I will shred both of them into pieces!!!!”

“Aiden!!! Bane!!! The both of you are going to regret that you were ever born!!!” It wasnt just one persons scream that sounded, after the first came, numerous followed after, and each one of them was simply full of hatred.

Now, Raphael couldnt continue to work when he heard that voice. He turned towards Bane and Aiden, and a questioning look could be evidently seen on his face.

Aiden and Bane flashed a rough smile when they saw the look on Raphaels face. As they locked the door of his room, they began walking toward him.

“What the hell is going on!” Raphael asked.

Aiden and Bane glanced at each other before they gulped. “They are some bunch of crazy women out there... I have no idea why they are after us, they just kept chasing us all around the campus.” Bane said.

“Really” Raphael raised an eyebrow when he heard Bane, “Cut to the chase, theres no way Im believing that.”

“We need your help, Raphael!” Aiden exclaimed.

With that said, Aiden raised his leg slightly and revealed a guard which was wrapped around his ankle. When Aiden showed the guard which was on his ankle, Bane also did the same, but he, however, raised his sleeves.

“Wow!” Raphaels mouth opened slightly when he saw the guard that the duo had on. He stared at it hard for a few seconds before then saying, “Wait, the both of you are unable to use your powers because of this guard” Raphael asked in a curious voice.

Aiden and Bane immediately nodded their head when they heard Raphael. “Can you hurry and help us get rid of this,” Aiden cried out

“Damn!! What exactly did you guys do” As Raphael spoke, he removed the glove which he had on and crouched gently.

As it turns out, about forty minutes ago, Aiden and Bane planted an insect in the female dormitory bathroom and were watching the clips through the tiny camera which they placed on the insect.

But after watching it for a couple of minutes, the duo became dissatisfied with it and wanted to see them live, or in the term face to face. Aiden created a portal that led to the female dormitory, and he and Bane hurried into the dormitory without a second thought.

“Come on!!” Raphael shook his head, as he heard Aiden tell him about what happened.

Aiden, however, heaved a deep breath before he then continued.

He and Bane had actually been to enter the female dormitory without anyone realizing it, and they had even been able to venture into the bathroom. But a few seconds after they began peeping in the bathroom, they were caught by one of the girls who screamed.

That scream wreaked everything, and before the two of them could even get a grip of themselves, they were ladies all over them.

Aiden was quick to create a portal, but before the portal was even completed, one of the girls in the bathroom at that moment was a student of the tech division. She quickly threw the guard at Aiden and Banes bodies.

The guard disabled their powers, and before the portal could vanish because of the disruption, Aiden, and Bane hurried into the portal, which in return took them only halfway to the place they intended to go.

“So, let me guess, apart from the guards ability to disable your powers, they also exist a tracker in it,” Raphael muttered.

Aiden nodded his head, “Those damn tech division students, they are really making life difficult for us.” Aiden complained.

“Not really, if you had just dipped this into the water, it would have been destroyed, but you didnt.” As Raphael crumbled the guard which was placed on Aidens ankle, he stood and moved towards Bane.

“You mean, water would have destroyed it...” A look of dismay could be seen on both Aiden and Banes faces.


Suddenly, the door to the room was slammed open and several figures walked inside, with each of them having a furious expression.



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