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Chapter 7: Trouble In The Cafeteria I

“This is really amazing,” Raphael exclaimed as he stared at the wristwatch in his hand.

“The ability to discern ones overall ability from merely being put on and even health, and growth status, this is incredible. I need to see whoever invented this watch, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask them.”

There was a different kind of glow on Raphaels face when he spoke about the watch that it made Devon and Aiden stare at him as though he were some weirdo. “Better luck with that, the person who created the M-watch is probably dead by now, its been a long time after all,” Aiden said.

“Yes, Raphael, theres no way the person who invented it would still be alive. The academy was only able to get the watch imprint the person made, and thats why they can create it.”

After leaving the class the trio went to the school cafeteria, it was there that Raphael was handed his watch and ever since then he kept on staring at it like it was the most incredible thing he had ever set his eyes on.

Raphael was so mesmerized by the M-watch, that he seem to have forgotten that he had an interspatial ring on his finger.

“But, if you are really that interested in the M-watch, then you should head to the academy tech lab.” It was Devon, Raphaels roommate, that spoke.


A bright smile appeared on Raphaels face the instant he heard Devon, and without any delay, he stood from his seat. He was about to begin walking out of the cafeteria, when Aidens loud voice rang out, “Y-You... The tech lab only opens during the weekend.”

“Oh” Raphaels mouth opened slightly, he couldnt help but appear disappointed. He, however, sat back on the seat and continued to stare at the m- watch.

“Damn, its no wonder why you were so confident. Youre edging close to B-rank, theres no way, Jackson would be able to defeat you.” Aiden said as he stared at the number which was shown on the watch in Raphaels hand.

When Devon heard Aiden, his eyes couldnt help but twitch, he then leaned, and seeing the number on the watch, he gulped, “25,450.” He mumbled the number out.

Raphael was about to stare at the number on Devons watch when he quickly double-tapped the watch screen. “Hahahaha! What is there to be embarrassed about, Devon is an E-rank metahuman, while Im a B-rank.” Aiden said with a smile on his face.

“As for Jackson, he is a C-rank.”

The topic soon changed among the trio, and they all began to discuss their lives. Raphael didnt have much to say apart from the city he came from, and his mother, and even though he didnt say it out loud, Aiden and Devon could sense his love for gadgets.

As it turns out, unlike Devon who had spent his entire life in the academy, Aiden had only just arrived in the academy three years ago, and the two of them had hit it off after an oddly first encounter.

Aiden was a genius among metahumans, having the ability to manipulate both space and time, the academy brought him the moment they saw him and Devon was even more terrific, his enhanced intelligence was so incredible that it made up for his other flaws.

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Both of them had a strong love for video games and reading comics book that it made Raphael want to experience what is it that they really enjoyed about those two activities.

When asked about family, Aiden refused to say anything and they decided not to dwell on the topic, and it was obvious that Aiden didnt want to talk about it, so the topic was changed quickly.

“What about Gus, how did you guys meet” It was Devon that asked the question.

Raphael stared at the owl who was on his shoulder, and a smile couldnt help but appear on his face. “When I was three. I had just finished my first book on material science when I stepped out of my house and saw him standing in front of my porch.”

“He was so little back then.” The expression which was on Raphaels face as he told the story of how he met Gus was simply priceless.

Meanwhile, Devon and Aiden couldnt help but stare at one another when they heard Raphael, “Was there a time when he wasnt little.” Aiden jested.

“What are you all laughing about!!!!!”

The trios conversation was put on pause, as they were surrounded by a group of people. They were all wearing the school uniform, implying that they were students of the academy, but the smirk which was on their faces suggested that they were here to cause trouble.

It was a teenager with orange spiky hair that spoke, and when Aiden stared at him, he stood from his seat, and walked in front of the teenager, “How is it any of your concern!” Aiden said in a spiteful voice.

The instant the five students surrounded Raphaels table, everyone in the cafeteria had eyes fixed on them. In the academy, words spread so fast, and without Raphael even realizing it, a lot of people on the campus knew him already.

And when they all saw those students walk into the cafeteria, they knew a battle was about to go down.

“Aiden, are you sure you want to mess with me after what happened last time.” The spiky-haired teenager said with a mocking expression on his face.

“Of course, I would, then maybe this time around I would shred those arms of yours completely.” Aiden took a step closer till he was standing very close to the teenager.

The atmosphere in the cafeteria became tense as everyone stopped whatever it is they were doing and were all staring at the fight which was about to unfold with great interest present in their eyes.

Whenever a battle was to occur in the academy it was bound to be bloody because apart from the rules which forbid students from leaving the campus or making contact with any outsiders including family members, that were no other rules in the academy.

Human slaughter and any other activities were well allowed in this place.

“In due time I will have your blood covered in my hand, Aiden, but today is not the day. I am here for him instead.” The teenagers eyes moved away from Aiden and he stared at Raphael who was still seating on the chair.

Aiden, however, shook his head when he heard the teenager, “Thats the problem, Richard. He is with me!!” Aiden declared without even a glimpse of fear or panic in his eyes.

Richard was the teenager with orange spiky hair, he clenched his hand into a tight fist and was about to speak when a voice suddenly rang out in the cafeteria. “Oh really!!”

It was merely the voice that Aiden heard, and he took a step back. A deep frown appeared on his face sooner after.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind Aiden, “It seems to me like you have forgotten who runs this place, Aiden.” Aidens body shook when he felt a hand touching his shoulder.

The figure who had just appeared was also putting on a school uniform like the rest of the students in the cafeteria. His hair was spiky just like Richards, and apart from his height which was 6,1, he had a similar appearance to Richards.

This student who had come into the cafeteria was, in fact, Richards elder brother.

Raphael, who hadnt taken Richard and the others seriously, stood from his seat when he saw the student who had just appeared. His acute sense made me perceive a threat coming from this person that had just arrived.

“Devon, now!!!!!!”

As Aidens loud voice rang out, Devon, who was standing close to Raphael held him and rushed into the dark portal which had just been created in the cafeteria.

This clearly didnt seem to be the first time that both Aiden and Devon would be encountering this sort of situation, and with much luck on their end, the three of them were able to enter the portal.

However, before the portal could close, a hand from the cafeteria suddenly stretched inside it, “Hehehehe. Not so fast.” It was Richards elder brother, Adrian, that made a move.

A purple mist wrapped itself around Adrians left hand which went into the portal, and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“Aaaarrrrrghhhhh!!!!” It was barely up to a minute when a loud scream rang out from inside the portal, and soon after, three teenagers were thrown out of the portal.

It was Raphael, Devon, and Aiden. They stood from the ground, and glared at Adrian, “Do you want to die!!!” The voice of Raphael who had remained quiet the entire time suddenly sounded.

His words caused Devon and Aiden, who was standing beside him, to stare at him with panic written all over their face, “Shhh! We are the ones who are going to die this way. Adrian is a year-2 student, hes far stronger than you can imagine.” Devon mumbled.

Aidens eyes twitched when he heard Raphael. If it was Richard, then he had no problem facing him, but it was his elder brother, call him a coward if you want, but he would choose to flee rather than face this daredevil.

But now that Raphael had said those words, that was impossible to do now.

Adrian took a step, and appeared in front of Raphael, “What did you say” He spoke in a voice that seemed to have come from the depth of purgatory.

Everyone in the cafeteria felt a pressure placed on them when Adrians voice rang out.

“Do you want to die!”

Raphael took a step closer to Adrian as he uttered those words. Despite learning that Adrian was a year-2 student, there wasnt even a bit of concern on his face, as he stood in front of him.

“This is my first time seeing a year-1 student standing against a year-2 student in the academy. I dont know if I should find your action courageous or foolish.”

“I dont like being intimidated! If a fight is what you seek, Im more than willing to give you the beating of your life, if not get the ** out of my front.” Raphael said.

Whether it was Devon, Aiden, or the rest of the people in the cafeteria, everyone had their mouths wide open when they heard what Raphael had just said. Though they were not aware of his power rank, it was with the certainty that he was no match for Adrian.

“Im going to kill you!!!!!”

Raphael took a battle stance as Adrians eyes shimmered with killing intent. And when Adrian struck a fist at him, he replied it with a punch of his own.

But before both fists could collide with one another, something strange occurred.

Raphael and Adrian were back a few seconds before they both sent a punch at one another.

A dazed look appeared on Raphaels face, he was about to turn towards Devon, when a loud hand clap suddenly sounded in the cafeteria, “Its no wonder why, Serena never stopped praising you. You do have some balls after all.”

A white-haired youth with achilles gold hair appeared before Raphael. Staring at the youth who was wearing the academy uniform, but without the blue blazer, the word imperfect didnt seem to exist to him.

The females in the cafeteria were blushing when this youth appeared. Their faces turned, and they soon began to show their redeeming qualities.

However, when Adrian saw the youth, he gasped, “What are you doing here!” He said in a trembling tone.”

“I should be the one asking you that. Because it seems to me like the murderer division wants to start a war with my elite division.”



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