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Making Money

“How can you be so calm!” Lin He emphasized again, “I made 500 Yuan in one go!”

500 Yuan was almost as much as the average monthly income of Jiang City at that time.

Recently, Qu Zhi had not been sleeping well at night and was always a little listless in the morning. She could roughly understand Lin Hes excitement. “Oh, Ive made money.”

After a rough calculation, Qu Zhi had earned about 1500 to 1600 Yuan.

“Aiya! Youre really quite calm!” Lin He wished she could run to Qu Zhi and shake her shoulders.

Five hundred! She had been to so many so-called “stock exchange centers”, but none of them had offered such a high-interest rate!

Qu Zhi was really something.

If it wasnt for her anxiety, Lin He would have attended financial training with her.

“Are you going to sell it or not” Lin He probed, “Im afraid itll fall off immediately.”

Qu Zhi felt that the price would not fall too far, for the time being, so she told him to wait.

“Im going to cook something to eat.” Qu Zhi was in a hurry to go to class. Not eating was not good for the baby.

“Dont, dont, come out, Ill treat you to the Mountain Sea Pagoda.”

Mountain Sea Pagoda was the most famous breakfast shop in Jiang City.

Other breakfast shops were still pushing small carts along the road, but this one was already a two-story shop with exquisite decorations that were even more elegant than a teahouse.

Qu Zhi had never eaten at the Mountain Sea Pagoda before, but just by looking at the exquisite decorations, she knew that it was not a place for ordinary people to have their breakfast. However, she had heard that their crab roe soup dumplings were very expensive. They cost eight yuan each, but they were only the size of a palm.

Lin He had said that the skin of the bun was as thin as paper, and the soup was as fat as cream. One mouthful was enough to make ones teeth drop.

“Theres an entire crab in one bun!” Qu Zhi remembered that Lin Hes eyes were shining when she said this. It did sound delicious.

Qu Zhi thought about it and agreed.

It was good to go out once in a while to change her appetite. She only had enough time to eat two eggs in the morning and was already tired of them.

Besides, Lin Hes treat was something new.

As soon as Qu Zhi went downstairs, she saw Lin He waving at her enthusiastically in the taxi, “Over here!” She patted the back seat and pulled Qu Zhi over to read the newspaper with her.

“Look, look at this!” She pointed at the number on the newspaper, her eyes narrowed into slits.

Qu Zhi saw it. It had indeed increased by a lot, but it wasnt enough.

She planned to double her capital.

Lin Hes eyes widened when she heard that. “You cant be greedy for stocks.” She didnt expect such a conservative person like her to be so ambitious.

“I have to take a gamble!” Qu Zhi smiled.

“Thats right,” Lin He unconsciously agreed with her, “You cant catch a wolf without giving up the child!” Lin He saw that she was more carefree than any other shareholder and suddenly felt that she was reliable and trustworthy.

The car stopped in front of Mountain Sea Pagoda.

“Id like two crab meat buns and two bowls of green pepper shredded meat noodles!” Lin He called out to the waiter with great familiarity.

Then, she picked a corner seat by the window and squeezed to Qu Zhis side with the newspaper in her hand. “Take a look again and see if theres anything else you want to buy. Please give me some advice.”

Qu Zhi waved her hand. “Those few are more reliable. Theres no need to look anymore.”

She only remembered those few stocks. She wasnt familiar with the others, and she might lose money if she chose them.

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Lin He was so excited that she immediately boarded the heavy warehouse.

Qu Zhi knew that she had complete trust in her. She laughed and teased her, “Arent you afraid that Ill make you get a loss”

“Im not afraid!” Lin He was very smart. Even if it was a sum, she didnt spend all her money, so what was there to be distressed about

The steamed buns and noodles were served.

The steamed bun was just taken out of the pot, and it looked really attractive. It was crystal clear, and the crab roe inside could be clearly seen. It smelled fresh and fragrant.

The noodles were also hot, and the aroma of the meat was appetizing.

Lin He taught her to first turn the bun gently to the side, then take a small bite to suck the soup dry, and then bite the bun. This way, she wouldnt burst all over with juice.

Qu Zhi glanced at the clock. The business was booming at this breakfast restaurant, so she was afraid that she would be late if they were slow.

She felt that it was too troublesome to eat like this, so she simply took a small bowl from the side, poked the bun, and ate it in big mouthfuls, then drank the soup.

She had a good appetite today.

After eating the buns and a full bowl of noodles, she felt full of energy. After saying goodbye to Lin He, she hailed a taxi and went to the training center.



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