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This Fool is Deliberately Annoying Him

Amidst the chaotic laughter, Princess Baohua was the most exaggerated. She raised her hand and pointed at Shen Yaowei, laughing until her entire body was trembling. “Hahahaha… Do you know what kind of place the bamboo courtyard is Thats His Highness Lis territory. Why Did you go to the bamboo courtyard to play games with His Highness Li Youre really daydreaming…”

Faced with everyones mockery, Shen Yaowei stood rooted to the ground and pursed her lips. Her expression looked very stubborn. “Im not lying! I went to the bamboo courtyard and played games with my Ninth Imperial Uncle!”

On the other side, when Huo Zhao heard the words “Ninth Imperial Uncle” from Shen Yaowei, his handsome face darkened.

He had already told this fool that he did not want to hear the wordsNinth Imperial Uncle from her.

Was this fool deliberately angering him

“Yaoyao… dont talk nonsense,” Yu Linlang said. She reached out to Shen Yaowei and tried to grab her hand. “Yaoyao, I know youve never been good at lying, so just tell the truth. Where did you go What did you do”

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Before Yu Linlang could touch her, Shen Yaowei reached out and pushed her away.

A seemingly casual push actually pushed Yu Linlang a few meters back.

Yu Linlang staggered and fell heavily on the ground.

Shocked, her eyes widened and she stared at Shen Yaowei.

Shen Yaowei was surprised that her casual push had pushed Yu Linlang so far. She looked down at her small hand.

What was going on

Her body was notoriously weak and she could not even lift a chicken.

Now, she clearly felt as if a force was gradually awakening in her body…

“Shen Yaowei! You dont know whats good for you!” As Huo Zhaos furious voice sounded, he hurriedly walked to Yu Linlang. Ignoring the surprised gazes of the surrounding people, he helped Yu Linlang up from the ground. “Linlang, are you alright”

Yu Linlang quietly pulled her arm out of Huo Zhaos hand and deliberately took a step back to distance herself from him. “Thank you, Your Highness, Im fine. Yaoyao didnt do it on purpose. Please dont blame her,” she said in a gentle voice without a hint of anger.

Huo Zhao looked at Yu Linlang deeply, his eyes burning. “Linlang, you dont have to always speak up for Shen Yaowei. She made a mistake, so she naturally has to bear the consequences.”

The others looked at Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang and felt that the young man and woman in front of them were a match made in heaven.

Poor Shen Yaowei. This fool was probably destined to be unfavored by Prince Zhao.

Shen Yaowei glanced at Huo Zhao and then at Yu Linlang. The ambiguous aura between them circulated the air and made her feel like an outsider.


Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang were really a heartless scumbag and a hypocritical bitch.

They were indeed a match made in heaven.

She had to work hard to matchmake them and make them live and die together!

Princess Baohua took another step closer to Shen Yaowei with all her attention focused on her. “Shen Yaowei, no one will believe your lie. Now, your innocence can only be proven with the chastity sand.”

Seeing Princess Baohua approaching her step by step, Shen Yaowei couldnt help but step back and clench her fists. “Im not lying. Princess Baohua, why must you bully me”

As her last word fell, a few black-clothed guards happened to carry a golden carriage into the imperial garden not far away.

From Shen Yaoweis angle, she could see the golden carriage.

A light lit up in the depths of her eyes.



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