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What Gave the Shen Familys Fool the Right to Enter

As Huo Junhans voice fell, the scene fell into a strange silence again.

Princess Baohuas face was as pale as a ghost as she looked at Shen Yaowei and Huo Junhan in disbelief.

She would never believe that Shen Yaowei had gone to the bamboo courtyard, but if Shen Yaowei was lying, why was His Highness Li targeting her now

The others were no less shocked than Princess Baohua.

After all, no one in the palace dared to enter the bamboo courtyard that was filled with traps.

What gave the Shen familys fool the right to enter

The Empress Dowager narrowed her eyes at Shen Yaowei, who was still standing beside Huo Junhan. “Your Highness Li, did Shen Yaowei really go to the bamboo courtyard”

Huo Junhan glanced at Shen Yaowei.

Shen Yaowei seemed to be staring at him. The moment their eyes met, she immediately gave him her sweetest smile.

If Shen Yaowei really had a tail, she would be wagging it happily now.

“So what if she did” Huo Junhan slowly said, his lowered eyes flowing with an untouchable dark light.

He had made too many exceptions for this little fool today.

This would be the last time.

Princess Baohua almost fainted when Huo Junhan unexpectedly admitted it. She couldnt care less about her pride and immediately broke down. “Thats impossible! Could it be…”

Before Princess Baohua could finish, the Empress Dowager glanced at her sharply.

“Princess Baohua, it seems that you have indeed misunderstood the girl from the Shen family,” the Empress Dowager said slowly in a dignified tone. “Someone, bring Princess Baohua away and punish her to reflect on her mistakes for three months!”

“Aunt!” Princess Baohua looked at the Empress Dowager indignantly and even called her intimately. “You cant do this to me!”

There were still two months until Shen Yaowei and His Highness Zhous wedding.

She could not let that fool marry His Highness Zhou!

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Without sparing Princess Baohua a single glance, the Empress Dowager waved at the eunuchs.

Immediately, a few strong-looking eunuchs dragged Princess Baohua down.

As they listened to Princess Baohuas indignant cries gradually fade into the distance, the onlookers, who had originally been watching the show, now felt a chill run down their spines.

However, Princess Baohua deserved it.

No one noticed that Yu Linlangs face was paler than before.

She watched as Shen Yaowei leaned against Huo Junhan, her mind filled with question marks.

When had this fool hooked up with His Highness Li

“Little fool, return to your seat.” Huo Junhans tone was firm.

Shen Yaowei looked at Huo Junhans perfect profile and felt a cold aura from him.

Knowing that haste would not get her anywhere, she could only get up obediently and sit down at her seat.

Her gaze returned to fixate on Huo Junhan.

Under Shen Yaoweis scorching gaze, Huo Junhan lowered his eyes and picked up his wine glass.

The guard behind him could not help but look surprised.

His master was not in good health and had never liked to drink. What was up with him today

After this small episode, the atmosphere of the banquet had become very strange. In order to reconcile the atmosphere, Huo Yuntian smiled and said, “Its rare for Junhan to come to the banquet today. Bao Fu, let the dancers come out to entertain him. Everyone, please make yourselves at home and enjoy yourselves.”

As Huo Yuntian finished speaking, Yu Linlang and Huo Zhao returned to their seats.

Yu Linlang sat down beside Shen Yaowei. Seeing that she had been looking at Huo Junhan, she couldnt help but frown. “Yaoyao, tell me the truth. Did you really go to the bamboo courtyard”



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