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Yu Linlang, You Have to Keep Your Promise

“Do you believe Princess Baohua and not me” Shen Yaowei turned to look at Yu Linlang, her dark eyes bottomless. “Didnt my father and brothers say that they wanted you to protect me outside Why didnt you help me when Princess Baohua bullied me Hmph, when my father and brothers come back from South City, Ill definitely tell them!”

Seeing that Shen Yaowei had puffed up her cheeks angrily, Yu Linlangs eyes narrowed.

“Yaoyao, what happened today isnt as simple as you think,” Yu Linlang said as she picked up a pastry and fed it to Shen Yaowei. “Ill explain this to Uncle and the others personally when they come back. Yaoyao, just let me talk about it. Ill give you sugar pills when we get back, okay”

Hearing the word sugar pill, the corners of Shen Yaoweis lips curled into a smile. “Will you really give me sugar balls”

She sounded full of anticipation.

Seeing that Shen Yaowei had been easily coaxed like this, Yu Linlangs eyes were filled with disdain, but she still said softly, “Of course, Ill give you two sugar balls this time. How about that”

Shen Yaowei rubbed her hands happily. “Okay, Yu Linlang, you have to keep your promise.”

When Shen Yaowei called her by her full name again, Yu Linlang suppressed the dissatisfaction and disgust in her heart and nodded with a smile.

As the dancers appeared to perform, the atmosphere of the banquet gradually warmed up.

At the end of the banquet, Huo Yuntian rewarded Shen Yaowei with some things to appease her.

While Shen Yaowei was thanking him, Huo Junhan left the banquet.

When she turned around to look for Huo Junhan, the man was already gone.

Under the envious gazes of everyone, Shen Yaowei boarded the carriage and left the palace with a pile of rewards.

When Yu Linlang saw Shen Yaowei snuggle up and rest with her eyes closed, the scene of Shen Yaowei pushing her at the banquet involuntarily appeared in her mind.

At that time, the strength Shen Yaowei displayed was definitely not that of a weakling.

“Yaoyao…” Yu Linlang said softly.

Shen Yaowei looked up at her lazily.

“This thing bestowed by the Emperor is very beautiful. I think Uncle will definitely like it.” Yu Linlang took out a solid golden toad from the treasure chest beside her.

The golden toad looked exquisite, but it weighed 10 catties.

“Take a look at it.” Yu Linlang handed the golden toad to Shen Yaowei.

“Its indeed very exquisite.” Shen Yaowei took the golden toad from Yu Linlang.

Yu Linlang looked at Shen Yaowei holding the golden toad with one hand and couldnt help but frown.

Noticing the subtle change in Yu Linlangs expression, a cold smile flashed across Shen Yaoweis dark eyes, and her small hand holding the golden toad started to tremble. “But its so heavy. I cant hold it anymore…”

With that, her trembling hand let go of the golden toad.

Bam —

The 10-catties golden toad happened to land on Yu Linlangs feet.

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Yu Linlang looked at Shen Yaowei in a daze, then at her feet.

The next moment, she screamed uncontrollably.

Shen Yaowei seemed to be shocked by her scream, which could almost flip the roof of the carriage. Her small body cowered, and she moved back to distance herself from her. “Yu Linlang, I didnt mean to… Why did you hand me such a heavy thing”



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