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She Felt So Satisfied

Yu Linlangs face turned red from the pain, but looking at Shen Yaoweis innocent expression, she couldnt flare up at her either.

She bent down and rubbed her feet, then said to Shen Yaowei, “Yaoyao, please help me get some medicine, okay”

She was in too much pain to move.

Liuer was not in this carriage, so she could only get Shen Yaowei to help her take it.

This carriage was exclusive to Shen Yaowei and was custom-made. Although it was small, it had everything. There was a small cabinet specially for medicinal pills in the carriage that had been prepared by Shen Yaoweis fifth brother.

“Okay,” Shen Yaowei replied with a smile. “Wheres the medicine”

“Its in the third drawer on the left,” Yu Linlang said with extreme familiarity. “Theres a yellow bottle filled with pills.”

It was an excellent healing pill. 10 of it could be sold for a fortune on the black market, and Shen Yaoweis fifth brother had given her 100 of them, afraid that she would be injured.

Thinking of how much Shen Yaoweis brothers doted on her, Yu Linlangs heart burned with jealousy.

When Shen Yaowei saw that Yu Linlang was so familiar with the placement of the pills, the smile on her face widened.

In her previous life, she also knew that Yu Linlang had stolen her medicinal pills to sell, but because her mind was not clear, she had never fussed about it.

Hiding the slyness in her eyes perfectly, Shen Yaowei got up and went to the small cabinet. She opened the medicinal pill cabinet with her back facing Yu Linlang.

“Yaoyao, hurry up. It really hurts.” Yu Linlang felt that the injury on her feet must be severe. The pain was so intense that she was already breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Coming right up.” Calmly, Shen Yaowei opened the fourth drawer on the left and took out a yellow bottle. “Yu Linlang, is it from this yellow bottle”

“Yes,” Yu Linlang replied anxiously.

Shen Yaowei opened the yellow bottle and poured out a pill. She placed the bottle back in the drawer and closed it. Then, she turned around with the pill in her hand, only for Yu Linlang to snatch it away.

Yu Linlang hurriedly stuffed the pill into her mouth. Immediately, an indescribable bitterness filled her mouth.

Yu Linlang remembered very clearly that the taste of the medicinal healing pill was sweet.

“Cough, cough, cough…” She immediately wanted to spit out the pill, but it had already melted in her mouth and entered her throat. She started coughing crazily.

“Are you okay” Yaoyao asked Yu Linlang with a smile.

She was really not gloating at her misfortune.

She just felt that Yu Linlangs cough was a little funny.

Yu Linlangs bun was tilted to the side, and there was a sharp pain in her stomach.

She looked up at Shen Yaowei with difficulty and saw the young girls bright smile.

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In her impression, Shen Yaowei liked to smile so much. No matter what happened, she liked to smile.

Therefore, the girl in front of her was no different from what she remembered.

Could she be thinking too much Was everything that happened today really a coincidence

“You didnt give me a healing pill. Where did you get it” Yu Linlang asked, panting.

Shen Yaowei pointed slightly to where she had gotten the pill from. “There. Didnt you say it was a yellow bottle I took the pill from a yellow bottle.”

When Yu Linlang saw that Shen Yaowei was pointing at the fourth row, she almost vomited blood.

Indeed, there were also pills in yellow bottles on the fourth floor, but they were poison!

The pills name was “Defecating Into the Heavens and Earth”.

It was developed by Shen Yaoweis fifth brother, who said that it could help people lose weight!

“Cant you tell the difference between three and four” Yu Linlang gripped her skirt tightly and resisted the urge to slap Shen Yaowei.

Shen Yaowei tilted her head slightly and looked at Yu Linlang. “Why should I distinguish between three and four Whats the difference between three and four How should three and four and one and two be distinguished”

With every question she asked, Yu Linlangs expression turned even uglier, as if she was constipated.

Shen Yaowei felt so satisfied.



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