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Did Daddy Scare You

When Yu Linlang heard Shen Yaowei fart so freely, she felt that she must have been crazy to suspect that Shen Yaowei had done these things on purpose!

If she wasnt a fool, how could she say such an embarrassing thing so naturally!

On the other side, Liuer also got out of the carriage behind and went forward to support Yu Linlang.

Yu Linlang was almost driven crazy by the urge to relieve herself. After Liuer helped her out of the carriage, she ignored her aching feet and ran to the Shen residence at a hundred-meter sprint.

Seeing Yu Linlang run without a care for her image, the guards guarding the door revealed disappointed expressions.

Shen Yaowei looked at the guards expressions and smirked.

What Yu Linlang cared about the most was her otherworldly image.

Since that was the case, she would destroy what Yu Linlang cared about the most first.

Just as Shen Yaowei was about to enter the residence, Uncle Jiang, the butler of the Shen residence, rushed out.

“Eldest Miss, Master and Young Master are back. Theyre waiting in the front hall,” Uncle Jiang said to Shen Yaowei with a smile.

Shen Yaoweis heart skipped a beat. She immediately picked up her skirt and ran into the Shen residence like a gust of wind.

She arrived at the front hall as quickly as possible. Before she could steady herself, she was scooped into someones arms.

Shen Liuan picked her up easily, just like when she was young. “Hahahaha… Yaoyao, are you happy that Daddy suddenly came home”

Shen Yaowei looked at Shen Liuan affectionately.

Although the middle-aged man in front of her was already in his 40s, he still looked very young. He was burly, his skin was wheat-colored, and his facial features were deep and handsome.

The last time she saw her father in her previous life appeared in her mind.

At that time, Huo Zhao had just ascended the throne. In order to stabilize his power, he had used her to threaten her father to bear the crime of rebellion. In order to protect her, her father had no choice but to submit and be sentenced to death.

Huo Zhao had even brought her to the execution site to see her father being punished.

The last thing her father said to her was, “Yaoyao, dont be afraid. Daddy will be by your side in another way.”

At the thought of this, tears suddenly fell from Shen Yaoweis eyes.

When Shen Liuan, who was originally smiling, saw Shen Yaowei cry, he was shocked and quickly put her down.

“Yaoyao, why are you crying Did Daddy scare you” Seeing Shen Yaowei covering her face and crying, Shen Liuan, a burly man more than 1.8 meters tall, was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. His face even turned red from anxiety.

“Yaoyao, did someone bully you” Shen Yifeng, who was sitting at the side, quickly got up and walked over. His handsome face was also filled with anxiety. “Dont cry first. Tell me who bullied you. Ill help you teach him a lesson! Was it Huo Zhao!”

When Shen Yaowei heard Shen Yifengs voice, she quickly looked at him and called out softly, “Big Brother…”

Her brother looked the same as she remembered.

His white clothes were spotless, and his handsome face looked like it had been carved out of jade. He was gentle and elegant.

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He was clearly like an immortal, but in the end, he was framed by Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang and died in the dirtiest swamp.

When Shen Yifeng saw that Shen Yaoweis eyes were as red as a rabbits, his aura turned extremely cold.

He had always been gentle to others, but Shen Yaowei was his Achilles heel. No one could touch her.

“Yaoyao, did someone bully you at the palace banquet again Tell me, who did it!” Shen Yifeng asked coldly.



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