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What Were You Two Conspiring Just Now

Shen Yaowei stood at the door against the light.

She looked at Yu Linlang and Song Lingyun with dark eyes.

“Yaoyao, why didnt you knock” Song Lingyun wasnt sure if Shen Yaowei had heard their conversation just now, so her expression was a little unnatural.

Zi Yun followed behind Shen Yaowei and looked at Song Lingyun calmly. “Madam Song, my master said that the Shen residence belongs to my lady. My lady can go to any room without knocking.”

The smile on Song Lingyuns face stiffened even more, and she was speechless for a moment.

Shen Yaowei strode into the room and sat down at the tea table. Her gaze swept to Song Lingyun and Yu Linlang. “What were you two plotting just now”

Hearing Shen Yaoweis question, Song Lingyun and Yu Linlang were shocked.

“Zi Yun, wait for me outside,” Shen Yaowei said to Zi Yun.

Zi Yun looked at Shen Yaowei worriedly, but she had never disobeyed Shen Yaoweis orders, so she had no choice but to leave the room.

“Were not plotting anything, Yaoyao. Youre thinking too much.” Yu Linlang looked at Shen Yaoweis dark and shining eyes and felt inexplicably uneasy.

For some reason, she felt that Shen Yaoweis eyes were like a deep spring that she could not understand.

“Are you plotting to eat sugar balls behind my back” Shen Yaowei suddenly pouted, looking dissatisfied.

Yu Linlang and Song Lingyun exchanged glances and heaved a sigh of relief.

They had been frightened out of their wits.

They thought Shen Yaowei had heard something.

It seemed that all this fool cared about were the sugar balls.

Shen Yaowei took in Yu Linlang and Song Lingyuns expressions and played with the tassels on her dress.

It felt good to play dumb with this pair of mother and daughter.

“There are very few sugar balls, and theyre very precious. Linlang and I cant bear to eat them.” Song Lingyun smiled at Shen Yaowei and said, “I heard from Linlang that you were frightened in the palace today. Ill give you two sugar balls today to help you calm down, okay”

“Okay.” Shen Yaoweis smiling eyes curved in a seemingly happy manner. “Then bring the sugar balls over quickly!”

Song Lingyun gave Yu Linlang a look. Yu Linlang immediately took out a small box from under her pillow. After opening it, she deliberately held her breath and took out two milk-white medicinal balls.

She walked over to Shen Yaowei and said, “Yaoyao, this sugar ball can strengthen your body and is very good for your body, but its very precious. Dont tell anyone that youve eaten this, or theyll snatch it from you. You dont want to share this with anyone else, right”

Shen Yaowei had to listen to Song Lingyun say this a few times a month.

She looked down at the sugar ball in Song Lingyuns hand, a cold light flashing in the depths of her eyes.

It was this sweet and fragrant thing that had poisoned her brain without her knowing.

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She raised her hand and took the sugar ball from Song Lingyun. Then, she looked up and smiled brightly at Song Lingyun. “Actually, Yaoyao has always wanted to share such a good thing with someone.”

Song Lingyuns heart skipped another beat. She tried her best to maintain a gentle smile. “Oh Who does Yaoyao want to share it with Prince Zhao”

Yu Linlang frowned and looked at Shen Yaowei. “Prince Zhao doesnt like sweet things. Yaoyao, dont make Prince Zhao unhappy.”

Shen Yaowei couldnt help but raise her eyebrows.

She was unaware that Huo Zhao did not like sweet things.

It seemed like Yu Linlang had already hooked up with Huo Zhao at this time. Otherwise, she wouldnt know Huo Zhaos small habits so well.



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