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Prince Zhao is Waiting

“Master, Im willing to go to the dark room to receive my punishment,” Yan Bei said consciously.

His hands were trembling on purpose just now because he wanted his master to see what gift Miss Shen had carefully prepared.

The result was an ugly sachet.

If he could, he would dig a hole and bury himself in it now.

“Get lost,” Huo Junhan said.

Yan Bei immediately left.

Huo Junhan was the only one left in the huge study.

After Yan Bei left, he immediately stood up and walked to the charcoal pot.

Ignoring the dirty charcoal dust in the charcoal brazier, he fished out the sachet with his bare hands. Then he took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped the dust off the sachet.

The light in his lowered eyes was not as cold as before. After Huo Junhan wiped the sachet clean, he raised it to his eyes and looked at it carefully.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that Shen Yaoweis name was embroidered on the sachet.

The words were also crooked. If one did not look carefully, they would not be able to tell what they were.

He placed the sachet between his thin lips, kissed it gently, then kept it expressionlessly. With a snap of his fingers, a cluster of reddish-gold flames appeared in his palm. He casually waved his hand and the flames leaped into the charcoal pot to ignite the remaining charcoal inside.

The carriage stopped steadily at the entrance of Prince Zhaos residence.

With Liuers help, Yu Linlang got out of the carriage first, then reached out to Shen Yaowei, who was about to alight.

Shen Yaowei ignored her hand and jumped out of the carriage.

Following her actions, the little rabbit hairpiece on her round bun swayed gently twice, making her look even more lively and cute.

Yu Linlangs hand stiffened for a moment before she retracted it and glanced at Shen Yaowei.

“Lets go, Yu Linlang. Prince Zhao is waiting,” Shen Yaowei said with a smile.

Seeing that Shen Yaoweis smile was normal, Yu Linlang suppressed the strange feeling in her heart and nodded.

For some reason, she felt that Shen Yaowei was deliberately distancing herself from her.

Could it be that this fool was still angry about the palace banquet

Under the guidance of the butler, Shen Yaowei and Yu Linlang entered the residence and arrived at the reception hall where Huo Zhao was.

Stepping into the flower hall, Shen Yaowei glanced at Yu Linlang from the corner of her eye.

Seeing Yu Linlang look affectionately at Huo Zhao, who was standing by the window, her lips curled into a faint smile that disappeared in an instant.

The black-robed man, who had been standing facing the window, slowly turned when he heard footsteps behind him.

His handsome face entered Shen Yaoweis line of sight.

In her previous life, she had fallen in love at first sight with such a face.

Now that her mind was clear, she realized that Huo Zhaos lips were especially thin, his eyebrows were too thick, and his eyes were shallow. It was obvious that he was heartless.

Furthermore, the area beneath his eyes was very weak. It was very likely that he would jinx his wife and children in the future.

She would leave such a man to Yu Linlang.

Yu Linlang led the way and bowed to Huo Zhao. “Greetings, Your Highness.”

Huo Zhao looked at Yu Linlang deeply.

Her light purple muslin dress, exquisite hair bun, and light makeup perfectly accentuated Yu Linlangs clear and beautiful temperament, making her look lovable.

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“Linlang, theres no need to be so polite.” Huo Zhao reached out and held Yu Linlangs arm.

Feeling the hot temperature of the man on her arm, Yu Linlangs pretty face turned red. She could not help but look up at Huo Zhao tenderly.



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