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Didnt You Say You Played a Game with His Highness Yesterday What Kind of Game Was It

On the other side, Shen Yaowei watched Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang exchange glances and raised her hand to rub the goosebumps on her arm.

“Shen Yaowei, youre here.” Huo Zhao finally moved his gaze away from Yu Linlang and looked at Shen Yaowei. His tone was much colder.

Shen Yaowei nodded slightly. As before, she walked to a nearby table and sat down, glancing at the pastries on the table.

Every time she came, Huo Zhao would prepare a big table of delicious food for her.

Of course, it was not because she liked to eat these, but because every time Huo Zhao called her to the residence, he wanted to create an opportunity to be alone with Yu Linlang.

Huo Zhao also walked to the table and sat down. He looked at Shen Yaowei coldly and said, “I have something to ask you.”

This straightforward attitude was like an interrogation of a criminal.

Shen Yaowei stared at Huo Zhao with her dark eyes and grinned. “Your Highness Zhao, Ill definitely tell you everything I know.”

Seeing that Shen Yaowei was smiling so innocently and without any schemes, Huo Zhao snorted coldly in his heart. “Shen Yaowei, what happened at the palace banquet yesterday Why did you go to His Highness Lis bamboo courtyard”

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Yu Linlang walked behind Shen Yaowei and stood still, waiting for her answer.

She guessed that Huo Zhao was going to ask her this. Shen Yaowei picked up a piece of red bean pastry and placed it in front of her mouth. After taking a bite, she replied with a smile, “I was feeling unwell and was wandering around the bamboo forest when I met Ninth Imperial Uncle. He brought me to the bamboo forest courtyard.”

Hearing Shen Yaowei call him Ninth Imperial Uncle, Huo Zhaos handsome face darkened. “Didnt I say that youre not allowed to call him Ninth Imperial Uncle”

“Why are you so fierce” Shen Yaowei shrunk her neck and looked at Huo Zhao with her big eyes. She was like a frightened rabbit. “But I think calling him Ninth Imperial Uncle is much better than His Highness Li.”

She did not like the name of His Highness Li.

Therefore, she did not want to call him His Highness Li.

Huo Zhao knew that Shen Yaowei was very difficult to deal with when she was stubborn in a certain aspect. His expression darkened again. Just as he was about to flare up, Yu Linlangs gentle voice sounded. “Its just a form of address. Prince Zhao, Yaoyao can call him whatever she wants.”

The anger in his heart seemed to have been extinguished.

Telling himself not to take a fool seriously, Huo Zhao took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “Then what did you and His Highness Li do in the bamboo forest”

Shen Yaowei looked at Huo Zhao with pure eyes and smiled, revealing her white and neat teeth. “I cant remember.”

“You!” The veins on Huo Zhaos forehead bulged. “Cant you remember what happened yesterday”

Shen Yaowei made an innocent sound. “Do I have to remember what happened yesterday”

Huo Zhao: “…”

These words from a fool could indeed make him speechless.

“Yaoyao, think about it carefully. Didnt you say you played a game with His Highness Li yesterday What kind of game was it” Yu Linlang said softly.

Shen Yaowei still shook her head. “I cant remember. Dont ask anymore. My head hurts.”

With that, she raised her small hand and gently rubbed her forehead. She looked like she had a real headache.

“Your Highness, since Yaoyao doesnt want to tell us, lets not ask anymore. Shell feel uncomfortable if shes too anxious.” Yu Linlang turned to look at Huo Zhao.



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