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Give It to Me and the Person I Like

Her gentle gaze immediately expedited Huo Zhaos heartbeat.

For some reason, he felt that Yu Linlang was exceptionally charming today.

“Forget it. Stay away from His Highness Li in the future. If I find out that you have anything to do with him again, dont blame me for being rude,” Huo Zhao warned Shen Yaowei coldly.

Shen Yaowei only sneered in her heart.

Ignoring Huo Zhaos threat, she took out two very exquisite jade pendants from her wide sleeve and placed them on the table.

Yu Linlangs eyes widened when she saw the two blood-colored jade pendants.

This pair of jade pendants was called the Twin Blood Mandarin Ducks. Shen Yaoweis third brother had sent them over a while ago. They were peerless treasures brought out of a divine tomb.

The jade pendant was carved from natural thousand-year-old blood jade. The jade could warm a persons body in winter and cool him in summer.

It was a rare treasure.

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At that time, Shen Yaowei had said that the jade pendants were a pair, just like her and Prince Zhao, so she wanted to give one of them to Prince Zhao.

At the thought of this, Yu Linlang felt her throat dry up.

Why was this fool so lucky The entire Shen family wished they could bring all the treasures in the world to her.

She was clearly the woman Prince Zhao loved the most! That jade pendant should be worn by her and Prince Zhao!

Shen Yaowei felt the jealousy emanating from Yu Linlang behind her. The smile on her lips deepened, and there was a glint in the depths of her eyes.

Early this morning, she realized that she could feel the negative aura emitted by others.

For example, Yu Linlangs jealousy, and Huo Zhaos disgust and killing intent.

Huo Zhao was also attracted by the pair of jade pendants. Even though he had seen countless treasures, he had never seen such a perfect thousand-year-old blood jade.

“Your Highness, Yu Linlang, its been hard on the two of you to take care of me. I plan to give you this pair of jade pendants,” Shen Yaowei said slowly.

Yu Linlang and Huo Zhao looked at Shen Yaowei in surprise.

“Yaoyao, is what youre saying true Are you really going to give this jade pendant to Prince Zhao and me” Yu Linlang tried to maintain a reserved smile and asked Shen Yaowei, “But didnt you say that you and Prince Zhao should each have one”

She knew very well how serious Shen Yaowei was about Prince Zhao.

Even if she felt pleasantly surprised now, that didnt mean she wasnt rational.

She didnt dare accept it until she knew the reason.

“This pair of jade pendants is indeed very good, but I think Prince Zhao and I are worthy of something better. Ive already told my third brother. I asked him to help me find a thousand-year-old ice spirit jade. When the time comes, I want to personally carve a pair of jade pendants for me and the person I like!” Shen Yaowei thought of Huo Junhan and smiled brightly.

Yu Linlangs smile froze.

So she was looking down on this jade pendant.

“Sister Linlang, let me help you put on the jade pendant!” Shen Yaowei said as she picked up the jade pendant.

“Thats not good, I…” Yu Linlang pretended to refuse, but she heard Huo Zhaos faint voice. “Since its Yaoyaos good intentions, Linlang, let her help you put it on.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huo Zhao picked up another jade pendant and put it on his waist.

Seeing this, Yu Linlang did not refuse anymore. With a red face, she asked Shen Yaowei to help her put the jade pendant on her dress.

After Shen Yaowei helped Yu Linlang put on the jade pendant, her eyes suddenly widened. “Yu Linlang, I accidentally got oil on you!”

Yu Linlang looked down. Indeed, there was clear grease on the part of the dress Shen Yaowei had touched.

This was grease from the pastry that Shen Yaowei had just eaten.

Seeing Yu Linlang frown, Shen Yaowei raised her hand and said, “I didnt do it on purpose. You should change your clothes.”



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