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You Should Look For Your Fiancé After Being Drugged

Beside him, Yan Bei gasped and his head almost exploded.

What… What… What was going on!

His master, who hated physical contact with others the most, was actually hugged by the foolish Miss Shen!

“M-Master, Miss Shen looks like shes drugged. Ill take her away now…”

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Yan Bei mustered his courage and said to Huo Junhan. He was worried that his master would kill him to silence him if he was unhappy.

Huo Junhan waved his other hand casually. “Its fine.”

Yan Bei was stunned on the spot.

His light eyes looked indifferently at Shen Yaowei, who kept rubbing her face against his arm. Huo Junhan raised her chin. “Little fool, do you know who youre holding now”

“Yaoyao feels uncomfortable…” Shen Yaoweis eyes were already blurry, but her intermittent words were extremely clear in the mans ears. “Its so comfortable to hug you, Ninth Imperial Uncle. Yaoyao likes it…”

Shen Yaowei seemed to have lost her reason. Her discomfort eased when she hugged the mans body.

Huo Junhan looked down and suppressed the inexplicable emotion that flashed across his eyes. He struggled to get his arm out of Shen Yaoweis arms bit by bit and looked at her coldly. “You like it Shen Yaowei, His Majesty just arranged a marriage for you and your favorite Huo Zhao. Have you forgotten You should look for your fiancé after being drugged.”

Unexpectedly, just as he pulled his arm out, Shen Yaowei pounced on him again.

This time, Shen Yaowei simply hung onto Huo Junhan like an octopus and hugged him tightly.

She rubbed her face against Huo Junhans body hard. The corners of her eyes turned red, and she said in an aggrieved tone, “I dont want Huo Zhao. I want Ninth Imperial Uncle…”

In her previous life, although she kept her innocence, the medicine she was drugged with was not cured.

After Huo Zhao was called over by Princess Baohua to catch her in the act, he threw her into the ice cave.

She endured for three days and three nights before she finally succumbed to the drug effect. Her body fell into even worse condition.

Huo Zhao clearly knew that she was still innocent, but he had never explained anything to her. He even felt that his fiancées stupid and shameless reputation had embarrassed him. Ever since then, he hated her even more.

This was the first time Huo Junhan had seen Shen Yaowei so clingy. He couldnt help but think of the disgust and fear Shen Yaowei had shown when she saw him last time in Huo Zhaos residence.

Yan Bei held his breath and looked at Shen Yaowei and Huo Junhan.

If he could, he didnt think he should be here. He should be underground.

His master hated it when others pestered him, especially when anyone touched his body. He still remembered the last time Princess Liuli, who was deeply doted on by the Emperor, wanted to touch his master. In the end, she was kicked flying by his master and lost half her life.

Unable to figure out what Huo Junhan wanted to do, Yan Bei still made a bold guess. “Your Highness, Ill go find the antidote now. Please hand Miss Shen to me!”

“Lets go to the bamboo courtyard.” Huo Junhan pulled Shen Yaowei into his arms with one hand.

There was no time to find an antidote. If he did not resolve the poison in her body soon, she would die from ruptured meridians.

When she was placed on the bed, Shen Yaowei still held one of Huo Junhans arms tightly and refused to let go.

As if she was afraid that if she let go, he would disappear.

Her body was shockingly hot. Her originally fair face seemed to be dyed with beautiful rouge, and even the corners of her eyes were dyed red. Shen Yaowei opened her eyes slightly and stared at Huo Junhan. “Ninth Imperial Uncle, I feel so hot.”



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