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Do You Really Not Know What You Were Doing With Me Just Now

Shen Yaowei stiffened and glanced at the hand on her neck.

His fair hand had distinct finger bones, and green veins could be clearly seen on the back of his hand.

It was this perfect hand that had brought her extreme joy just now.

But now, it was strangling her.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, it hurts…” Shen Yaowei reached out and grabbed Huo Junhans wrist. She looked at him like a frightened deer and asked aggrievedly, “Did Yaoyao do something wrong Why is Ninth Imperial Uncle angry”

“Little fool, do you really not know what you were doing with me just now” Huo Junhan asked word by word.

Shen Yaoweis heart was clear, but at this moment, she chose to play dumb. She blinked her misty eyes and smiled shyly. “I dont know, but Im very happy. Im usually happy when I play games.”

There were many things in her previous life that she had yet to understand. She could not let anyone know that she had returned to normal.

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However, this conversation was too embarrassing.

It was not easy to be stupid in her previous life, but it was not easy to play dumb now!

Seeing Shen Yaoweis bright and innocent smile, Huo Junhan bent down and leaned his handsome face close to her. “Game Then do you still want to continue playing this game with me in the future”

Shen Yaowei had never seen Huo Junhan like this. He had always been cold and terrifying, but was charming and seductive now.

That low and charming voice made Shen Yaoweis heart speed up a little. She shamelessly pretended to be obedient and nodded sweetly. “Okay.”

The mans eyes flickered as he released his grip on her. “But youre just a little fool. Little fools dont keep their promises.”

Shen Yaowei was stunned and understood what Huo Junhan meant.

This man probably thought she didnt know anything and had only come to him because she was drugged.

Shen Yaowei pouted and said seriously, “Daddy and my brothers said that Im not a fool.”

Huo Junhan sneered softly and turned around. “Someone, help Miss Shen bathe and change her clothes.”

After taking a shower and changing her clothes, Shen Yaowei was brought to another hut by the maid.

The cabin was filled with the faint smell of blood.

Shen Yaowei had just steadied herself when her gaze was attracted by the person kneeling in the middle of the hall.

It was a beautiful woman with a graceful figure. She was kneeling upright in the middle of the hall. Her hands were pierced by the chains hanging from the roof and were fixed in midair.

Her body was covered in injuries, but her exposed back was smooth and flawless, like beautiful jade.

Huo Junhan was sitting at the desk, holding a pen between his slender fingers. Yan Bei was standing by the table to help him study the ink.

“Come here.” Huo Junhan looked up at Shen Yaowei.

Shen Yaowei walked slowly to Huo Junhans side and saw the white and thin leather paper on the table. At this moment, the outline of a woman had been drawn on the leather paper.

“Little fool, how about I skin that female assassin and paint her” Huo Junhan raised Shen Yaoweis chin with the pen in his hand and asked with a faint smile.

When Yan Bei heard Huo Junhans question, his heart trembled.

What was his master up to

He had clearly saved Miss Shen, and now he was scaring her.

It was rumored that his master liked to use beautiful skin to paint, but it was actually nonsense.

However, his master did not care about those rumors and simply ignored them.

Shen Yaowei glanced at the frightened female assassin not far away and couldnt help but shiver.

Without waiting for Shen Yaowei to answer, the smile on Huo Junhans thin lips deepened, but there was no smile in his eyes. “Since youre afraid, youd better learn to stay away from danger in the future, especially from me. If you dare to barge into my forbidden area again, Ill break your neck, understand”



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