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How Dare You Call Huo Junhan an Adulterer

Immediately, everyones eyes gathered on Princess Baohua.

Shen Yaowei watched as Princess Baohua slowly got up from her seat and walked toward her. Finally, she stood beside her.

Then, Princess Baohua threw a disdainful look at her.

Shen Yaowei took two silent steps to the side.

She felt that the strong smell of rouge on Princess Baohua could not hide her overwhelming fox smell.

Seeing Shen Yaoweis actions, Princess Baohua smiled proudly and said to Huo Yuntian, “Your Majesty, I want to expose Shen Yaowei for committing adultery in the palace!”

She was sure that Shen Yaowei had definitely relied on a man to resolve the aphrodisiac on her. Those red marks were evidence!

No one else from the Shen family came to the banquet today. She wanted to see who could protect this fool!

Shen Yaoweis eyes widened as she looked at Princess Baohua.

She looked like she was shocked by her words.

Actually, she just felt that this woman was brave.

She actually dared to call Huo Junhan an adulterer.

In this world, only Princess Baohua had the courage.

Looking at Shen Yaoweis expression, Princess Baohua thought that she was stunned from fear. The smile on her lips became even more smug.

The scene fell into a strange silence. Almost everyone was shocked by Princess Baohuas words.

Huo Zhao looked like he had swallowed a fly and crushed the cup in his hand.

This damn fool actually dared to cheat on him!

When Yu Linlang saw this scene, a satisfied smile appeared on her lips.

Shen Yaowei took in their expressions and her lips quickly curled up playfully.

“You cant talk nonsense. Baohua, do you have any evidence” Huo Yuntian frowned and asked Princess Baohua.

“Your Majesty, we only need to check if Shen Yaoweis chastity sand is still around to confirm if what I said is true,” Princess Baohua said firmly.

Shen Yaowei subconsciously touched the spot where the chastity sand was. Unable to stop herself, she thought of the ambiguous scene in the bamboo courtyard just now and her earlobes turned red.

Seeing Shen Yaoweis actions, Yu Linlangs eyes lit up and she slowly stood up.

“Princess Baohua, is there a misunderstanding Yaoyao just got engaged to Prince Zhao. Its impossible for her to do such a thing.” Yu Linlang walked forward and frowned at Princess Baohua. “Besides, Yaoyao is just… just a…”

After saying that, she looked like she couldnt bear to continue.

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But who wouldnt understand that she was about to say the word “fool”

She was a fool who had just gotten engaged to Prince Zhao, but she had lost her innocence.

As expected, as soon as Yu Linlang said this, the anger on Huo Zhaos face only increased. He looked at the ministers who were discussing in low voices and glared at Shen Yaowei as if he could kill her.

Seeing that Yu Linlangs eyes were red with anxiety, Shen Yaowei sneered in her heart.

It had been like this in her previous life.

Every time she got into trouble, it was Yu Linlang who secretly facilitated it. However, Yu Linlang could always jump out at the right time to “solve” the trouble for her and gain the favor of many members of the Shen family.

Yu Linlang sensed Shen Yaowei looking at her and turned to look at her.

She happened to gaze into a pair of deep black eyes.

For a moment, Yu Linlang seemed to see a cold emotion in Shen Yaoweis eyes that shouldnt have appeared, like a little beast in the dark.

She couldnt help but blink. When she looked again at Shen Yaowei, she was smiling brightly at her.

The smile on Shen Yaoweis face was especially bright and innocent, as if she didnt know that she was in a dangerous whirlpool.

Yu Linlang immediately felt that she might have been annoyed by Shen Yaowei and Huo Zhaos engagement and was hallucinating.

“Yes, shes just a fool, so she doesnt know what etiquette is. Shen Yaowei, tell me, can you explain the red mark on your neck” Princess Baohuas voice sounded again.



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