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Im On Shen Yaoweis Side. A Fool Doesnt Lie

“I dont know either.” Shen Yaowei frowned aggrievedly.

“You dont know” Princess Baohuas tone rose a few degrees as she approached Shen Yaowei. “Alright, tell me, where did you go just now and who did you see You should know that, right”

Seeing Princess Baohuas hand reaching for her, Shen Yaowei quickly dodged to the side like a frightened rabbit. “I dont want to tell you. Youre a bad person. Dont touch me!”

Princess Baohua originally wanted to grab Shen Yaoweis shoulder to pressure her, but she happened to tug at her sleeve.

With a tearing sound, her sleeve was torn apart.

Shen Yaoweis slender arm was exposed to everyone, revealing more red and purple marks on her arm that contrasted against her fair skin. It looked as ambiguous as it could be.

Shen Yaoweis eyes turned red as she trembled and looked at Princess Baohua. “Why did you tear my dress My brother said that my dress is worth a lot. You, compensate me!”

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Shen Yaowei was actually concerned about her clothes.

The surrounding onlookers could not help but reveal indescribable expressions.

When Princess Baohua saw the red marks, the smug smile on her face deepened. “Answer everything I asked you just now, and Ill compensate you for the dress. Tell me, whats with the red marks on your body”

“Yaoyao, what happened to you Who did this to you” Yu Linlang looked at Shen Yaowei in shock.

On the other side, Huo Zhao couldnt stand it anymore. He slapped the table and stood up, then pointed angrily at Shen Yaowei. “Shen Yaowei, tell me clearly whats going on!”

Shen Yaowei glanced at Huo Zhao and then at Princess Baohua. She pursed her lips and tears began to fall. “I told you I dont know. Why dont you believe me…”

With that, her tears surged even more.

Although Shen Yaowei did not cry out loud, the way she cried silently now was like a little cub being bullied. She was indescribably pitiful and innocent.

Everyone present looked at Princess Baohua with subtle expressions.

“She clearly knows that Miss Shen is not in a clear mind, but she still keeps asking. Princess Baohua seems to know something.”

“No matter what Princess Baohua knows, what can a fool know A fool cant lie.”

“Im on Shen Yaoweis side. A fool doesnt know how to lie. Princess Baohua is clearly bullying a fool. Besides, she usually bullies Shen Yaowei a lot.”


Listening to the surrounding discussions, Shen Yaowei quietly observed Princess Baohuas expression.

As expected, Princess Baohuas face instantly darkened. “Shen Yaowei! Dont you dare cry again! Do you think you can hide from me by crying If you dont give me an explanation today, where will the reputation of the royal family be Do you know that you should be punished for disturbing the palace!”

“I dont understand what you mean. I didnt do anything wrong!” Although tears kept falling, Shen Yaoweis expression was still stubborn and her eyes shone with clear innocence.

Those who were sympathetic only felt that Shen Yaowei was even more pitiful.

“Princess Baohua, I think the red marks on Miss Shens body seem to be an allergy.” At this moment, Wen Rujues voice slowly sounded.

As soon as he said this, everyones eyes gathered on the young man standing up in the crowd.

Wen Rujue had a faint smile on his handsome face. He ignored Princess Baohuas almost murderous gaze and walked towards Shen Yaowei. “Miss Shen, did you accidentally touch a purple-red flower”

Shen Yaowei nodded slightly. She raised her hand and pointed at the Purple Shadow Flowers in the nearby flower bed. “I just ate this.”

Wen Rujues smile widened. “Thats right. The pollen of the Purple Shadow Flower is poisonous. If a person accidentally eats it and touches it, its very easy to develop a purple-red rash. Everyone, take a closer look. Doesnt this rash look like the petals of the Purple Shadow Flower”

Hearing this, the surrounding people looked at Shen Yaoweis arm carefully.

It really looked like the petals of a Purple Shadow Flower.



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