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I Want to See This Look on Princess Baohuas Face

Shen Yaowei felt that the way they looked at Princess Baohua was even more profound than before. She raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes. “Princess Baohua, I know you like the Purple Shadow Flower. I wont eat it again.”

Princess Baohuas eyebrows twitched twice and she forced out a sentence through gritted teeth. “Why were you eating flowers for no reason”

Hearing Princess Baohuas question, Shen Yaowei tilted her head slightly and smiled innocently at her. “Because the Purple Shadow Flower is beautiful, so I wanted to try it.”

When the surrounding people saw Shen Yaoweis innocent appearance, they could understand her actions very well. After all, her mind was at most that of a seven or eight-year-old child.

They turned to look at Princess Baohua, who was treating Shen Yaowei so aggressively as if she was certain that Shen Yaowei had done something treasonous.

It was really too strange.

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Those strange gazes made Princess Baohua feel uneasy. She glared at Shen Yaowei indignantly.

For some reason, when she saw the bright smile on the girls face, she felt that something was wrong.

But she couldnt tell what was wrong.

In short, Shen Yaoweis timing was too good!

“Looks like this is a misunderstanding. Princess Baohua, you should apologize to Yaoyao,” Huo Yuntian, who had been silent, suddenly said.

When Yu Linlang heard Huo Yuntian say this, her gaze swept across Princess Baohua and Shen Yaowei. Her hands hidden in her sleeves curled into fists and then relaxed.

The Empress Dowager, who was sitting beside Huo Yuntian and fiddling with her prayer beads, looked up and signaled Princess Baohua with a side-eye.

When Princess Baohua met the Empress Dowagers gaze, she immediately said to Huo Yuntian, “Your Majesty, this alone cant prove Shen Yaoweis innocence! I beg you to see if Shen Yaoweis chastity sand is still there. As long as Shen Yaoweis chastity sand is still there, Im willing to apologize to her!”

With that, the scene fell silent again.

Shen Yaowei took in Princess Baohuas almost crazy appearance. A mocking look flashed across the depths of her dark and deep eyes, so fast that it was impossible to catch.

What she wanted was to see this look on Princess Baohuas face.

Only then could she teach Princess Baohua the most ruthless lesson.

“Chastity sand Thats not appropriate, is it” Yu Linlangs weak voice sounded. “Although the chastity sand is the best way to prove Yaoyaos innocence, Yaoyao is more timid. That will scare her…”

As she spoke, she walked towards Shen Yaowei.

“Yaoyao, where did you go just now Who did you meet Did someone bully you If someone really bullied you, the Emperor will definitely help you find out the truth and give you justice.”

Shen Yaowei looked at Yu Linlang.

Now that she was no longer blinded, she could clearly see the anxiety in Yu Linlangs eyes.

She wasnt anxious because she was worried about her.

Instead, she was anxious for her to admit that she had lost her innocence.

“Yaoyao, be bold. Where did you go just now” Huo Yuntian asked.

Shen Yaowei shook her head slightly and said, “No one bullied me. I just went to the bamboo courtyard to play games.”

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a strange silence.

However, in just a few breaths, someone could not help but laugh.

“Hahahaha, Shen Yaowei is really interesting. Does she know what kind of place the bamboo courtyard is She dares to say that shes been there!”

“Who was the one who said a fool cant lie I think she really cant lie. She cant tell a better lie.”

“Shell die if she steps into the bamboo courtyard, right Thats a forbidden area set by His Highness Li.”



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