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Chapter 218


The solemn atmosphere became heavier at the word “Expulsion”.

At that abrupt remark, the Vice-Chancellor opened his mouth.

“What makes Reinhardt the most guilty”

At the Vice-Chancellor’s urging, the teacher continued his explanation with a calm expression on his face.

“He tried to resolve a case of assault by punishing them privately, even though it could have been concluded by just reporting the incident to a teacher.” 

“During said private punishment, Lilka Aaron was seriously hurt with her internal organs rupturing, which is enough to interpret his actions as deliberate attempted murder.”

“Additionally, he asked Oscar de Gardias, the former duel’s organizer, to fight afterwards.” 

“And throughout the whole process, he used his supernatural powers that should never be used to ‘injure’ others.

There was also another risk factor called ‘Magic Body Strengthening’.”

“Taking all this into account, we can only say that Reinhardt bears the greatest guilt in all of this.”

“In cases or quarrels between students and the exacting of private punishments, according to the school rules, depending on the level of violence, we can hand out a wide range of disciplinary actions ranging from community service, definite suspension, indefinite suspension, and expulsion.”

“Therefore, we assert that Royal Class A-11 should be expelled.”

They were just interpreting things however they saw fit.

She’d wanted to faint, so I’d punched her with the intent of knocking her out, but they’d turned into an attempted murder.

The way I’d used my ability to strengthen myself became me using my supernatural power to actively try to kill my opponent.

They interpreted my use of Magic Body Strengthening similarly, I guess.

They were saying that I’d almost killed another student, and that I was the cause of all the fights.

Then they were saying that was why I deserved to be expelled.

The expressions of the Royal Class teachers, except for Mr.

Epinhauser’s, seemed rotten.

The Vice-Chancellor gave no opinion as to whether they should go with that punishment or not.

“Teachers of Royal Class, would you please speak about Reinhardt’s usual conduct.”

It seemed like he wanted to check how I usually acted.

“I-I… I’m Mustrang, the teacher in charge of Royal Class’ Year 1 Class B.

Reinhardt is an excellent and good student who holds a strong friendship with the others and values everyone equally.

This time, he just couldn’t stand his classmates getting bullied like that, so I want you to know that he didn’t do this with evil intentions.” 



While it’s good that you are on my side, that’s a lie.

I had the overly powerful urge to retort as I was listening.

“I-in this case, Reinhardt was just careless.

Originally, he was a good boy who wouldn’t hurt anyone…”


Even Mr.

Epinhauser, who had been silent, cut Mr.

Mustrang’s excessive statement off in the middle.

“Don’t lie, Mr.





Epinhauser intensely looked at Mr.

Mustrang as he spoke.

No, well, it’s true that he was very insensitive, but how could he outright say that what Mustrang said was a lie even though he was supposed to be on my side

The Orbis Class teachers were laughing and snickering at the ridiculous development as if they enjoyed seeing that sudden internal strife.

“I’m Epinhauser, the teacher in charge of Royal Class’ Year 1 Class A.

I’m Reinhardt’s teacher, so I should know the best about Reinhardt’s usual behavior out of all of us here.”

“His behavior… could never be called good by any means.”


You said I won’t be expelled!

“Reinhardt has been continuously causing bigger and smaller incidents since the first semester—from small fights between his classmates to picking fights with his seniors, and he even had a duel with a third-year student.”

Those comments seemed baffling to the Orbis Class and the faculty members of the general headquarters, as well as Lilka Aaron and Oscar.

That was the first time I realized what an absolutely random guy that dude was.

“It cannot be denied that he has caused small and big problems since then, but this is by far the biggest one.

He responded positively to minor disputes and didn’t have a very good reputation among his classmates.”

“Yeah, this isn’t the only time, so seeing what the student has done so far is more than deserving of expulsion or even more—”


Jaden, I’m not done talking.”

After cutting off the Orbis Class teacher’s words who wanted to bite into me, Mr.

Epinhauser continued.

“It was only in the first semester that his reputation was very bad.

This is a report from the officer on-duty of the recovery room.

The on-duty officer of the recovery room

What does that person even have to report


Epinhauser presented some papers he had prepared beforehand to the faculty members of the general headquarters.

“Both students of Class A and B visited the recovery room at least once.

Also, a significant number of students, seniors included, often came to take care of Reinhardt.”

The priest on duty…

They hadn’t just guarded the recovery room, they’d also recorded all the students who’d come by to visit me.

However, it sure was amazing that even those that weren’t close to me came to see me at least once.

Did some of them come by when I was unconscious or sleeping

“In the first semester, as well as at present, Reinhardt’s behavior can’t be said to be good, but I believe it has to be said that his reputation among the other students has improved a lot.” 

My conduct was still bad…

However, my classmates as well as my seniors liked me.

—That was the message Mr.

Epinhauser wanted to convey.

My conduct was bad, and my personality was bad as well, but in the end, I was still doing well in my daily life at Temple

Damn, I almost thought that Mr.

Epinhauser was throwing me under the bus.

Although I was behaving badly, my reputation was good.

Maybe because the report contained more information, the Vice-Chancellor read it thoroughly and nodded. 

“Apart from his conduct, it can be confirmed that he has very healthy relationships with his friends.”

“Wh-what is so important about his usual conduct and relationships! In the end, it doesn’t change the fact that Reinhardt violated numerous school rules to a great extent! Temple’s school rules! Those are Temple’s laws! That student has violated more than enough of them!”

That Orbis Class teacher with foam at his mouth seemed to try his hardest to get me kicked out of the school.

However, Mr.

Epinhauser just continued his statement with an expressionless face.


“I understand the importance of the rules, and all the faculty members and students should also be well aware of these facts.”


Jade, were you aware of the following rule within Temple”

“Article one, paragraph one of Temple’s rules: Every Temple student is to be treated equally regardless of status and is to be granted the same educational opportunities.”

His words completely chilled the atmosphere in the hall.

“Temple’s school rules deny the existence of instances such as the Orbis and Royal Class to begin with.”

While he didn’t say such things there in Temple’s general headquarters, what he meant to say was “What rules are you ranting about when Temple never even followed article one, paragraph one”

Those words seemed to make both the Orbis Class’ teachers and the faculty members of the headquarters as well as the Royal Class teachers uncomfortable.

However, Mr.

Epinhauser was completely calm.

“The purpose should come first, not the rule.”

“Temple’s purpose is nurturing talented people to allow them to contribute to the Empire’s society and elevate the value of mankind as a whole—that was the purpose behind the establishment of Temple.”

“The school rules are only meant to support that purpose, and if they are consistent with said purpose, then they are only secondary—that is what I think.”

“That’s why, regardless of status, regardless of the school rules, Temple enrolls a chosen few students in the Royal and Orbis Class and offers them special treatment.”


Epinhauswer was talking about Temple’s purpose, not the rules.

Hearing those words, the Orbis Class teacher Jaden, who kept on arguing, exclaimed.

“What does that have to do with this case”

“At the time of his admission, Reinhardt wasn’t a supernatural ability user.”


“While Reinhardt had no talent, and was rather lacking in physical strength, he was gifted with infinite aptitudes, so he was granted special admission into the Royal Class on his potential alone.

He was an exception.”

“It’s a bit too late to go more in detail about this, so I’ll just give you the gist of it.”

“At the time of admission, Reinhardt was a below-average student with no talent.”

“In his first semester, Reinhardt awakened his supernatural ability during the duel with the aforementioned third-year, Mayarton.

Additionally, a bit after that, he awakened the talent Mana Sensitivity.”

“Reinhardt is enthusiastic about all of his classes and training, and to this point, he has repeatedly trained with A-2, Ellen, an exceptional student, every day.”

“During their summer vacation, the students named Ellen and Reinhardt went to the Darklands.

There, they cleared an S-Rank Mission, raising their adventurer rank from F to B.

During their travels, they acquired a magical artifact.

While I can’t go into detail about it, it can be said that it was a very important find.”

“Now, in his second semester, Reinhardt managed to use Magic Body Strengthening on his own, although he lost his duel with the fourth-year Oscar de Gardias as a result.

In addition, it has been confirmed the talent Mana Control has blossomed within him.”


Epinhauser looked at Jaden with calm eyes.

“Put in simpler terms…”

“Reinhardt, who was deemed incompetent at the time of his admission, won a duel against a third-year in his first semester.”

“During his vacation, he put his life on the line to save at least 50 people, uncovered the truth behind the devastation of some villages, and repelled more than a hundred zombies during which he recovered magical artifacts.”

“And in his second semester, while he didn’t win his duel with this Orbis Class senior, he also didn’t lose.”

“I shall tell you once more.

Temple’s Purpose…”

“Excellent talent.”


Epinhauser looked at Vice-Chancellor Assyria Walken that time.

“Reinhardt is the most talented person within Temple.”


Epinhauser valued me higher than Ellen.

Depending how one put it, the circumstances of the incidents may change.

The Orbis Class teacher wanted to frame it as a case of intenional attempted murder.

However, Mr.

Epinhauser put it into a different perspective.

I was admitted as an incompetent bum, then fought and won against a third-year during my first year, and then, in my second semester, I did something as ridiculous as fight with a fourth-year resulting in a draw.

Would they expell such a talented person just because he’d violated a few school rules

Had they forgotten Temple’s real purpose

When I asked Mr.

Epinhauser whether I’d get expelled or not, he said that it wouldn’t turn out like that because I was a student of Royal Class.

* * *

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* * *

However, depending on what the disciplinary committee decided, there still was a good chance that I might’ve gotten expelled.

That was when he said that he wouldn’t let me get expelled from school.

“Reinhardt’s rapid growth also proves that Temple’s education is very advanced and effective.

Reinhardt knows his shortcomings and always asks for guidance from students who are superior to him.

This could be called the real function of these special classes.”

Ellen entered that school with masteries in many fields while I had nothing.

The reason why I became so strong was because Temple’s education was excellent.

What if it wasn’t just Ellen who’d made me stronger

It was the synergy effect because of the excellent talents who had been gathered there—that was also something Temple did well.

He offset his remarks about ignoring the school rules with praise about things Temple implemented well.

The VIce-Chancellor was looking at me.

In the end, Temple’s purpose was to cultivate excellent talents, so if I was a person who matched that purpose, he seemed to be thinking about lowering my punishment.

I could clearly see that the thought of expelling me had completely disappeared from his head.

However, the eyes of Jade, who wanted to expel me no matter what, were still burning.

“From what Mr.

Epinhauser said, Reinhardt certainly seems like a great talent, but his abilities aren’t everything.

The personality to go along with it is also important, and students who constantly cause trouble even though they are still in the lower years are not excellent talents, but dangerous talents.

Continuing to support and educate a person such as him is dangerous! If Reinhardt had attacked her any more, Lilka Aaron might have died!”

Attempted murder…

That bastard seemed like he really wanted to continue pushing that narrative.

The Vice-Chancellor’s expression seemed to indicate that he couldn’t just ignore that.

“No, that’s not the case.”

However, Lilka Aaron, who had been silent up to then, suddenly opened her mouth.

At that sudden remark, everyone’s attention was focused on Lilka Aaron.


Why did she suddenly speak up

“I wanted him to do that.


Hearing Lilka Aaron’s words, Oscar’s as well as the teacher’s expressions hardened.

She then looked at me.

“I didn’t want to get up anymore.

Although I didn’t convey that to him verbally, Reinhardt still tried to make me stay down because he understood what I thought—that is what I believe, at least.”

“Wha… What”

Lilka Aaron, who was supposed to be the victim, suddenly defended me.

To that, Mr.

Jaden’s expression turned rather dark, as did the other teachers’ expressions.

Lilka Aaron looked at me with calm eyes.


She was correct.

Of course I knew.


Lilka Aaron didn’t want to get up anymore, so she begged me with her eyes to make her faint.

That was why I did that.

However, I never imagined that the girl would admit that there.

The Vice-Chancellor stared at Lilka Aaron.

“I don’t quite understand.

You intentionally wanted to be attacked so hard that you would faint, and Reinhardt only complied with that wish”


“A defeat is just a defeat.

It would have been fine to simply surrender, why didn’t you do that”

Oscar’s eyes widened at that moment when Lika Aaron suddenly rose from her seat.

“Wait just a moment, excuse me.”

She started doing something no one expected from her.


She started to unbutton her school uniform blouse out of the blue.

“Wh-what are you doing, Lilka!”

“I have something to show you.”

While all the teachers were completely speechless, Lilka Aaron suddenly took off the blouse.

No, they couldn’t help but know what she was trying to show them even before she took it off.

She took off all her clothes, wearing nothing but her underwear.

Everyone was appalled.

Not because she suddenly took off her clothes, but because of a different reason…

Her shoulders, arms, abdomen, sides, and so on…

Her whole body was covered in bruises.

“Reinhardt! Lilka is still so badly hurt! Just how severely did you-…”

“It wasn’t Reinhardt.”

Lilka Aaron looked at her homeroom teacher, Mr.

Jaden, and spoke.

“I got hit by my seniors.”

“You asked why I didn’t just surrender I thought that my seniors would treat me harshly if I lost.”

“Furthermore, if I actually surrendered myself, I believed that my seniors might’ve killed me.”

“I fainted, but I still got beaten this badly.

Under no circumstances are we allowed to give up the fight if we don’t pass out.

If I had given up, they might have hit me even harder.”

“So, I wanted to get knocked out on purpose—that was why Reinhardt did this.”

Lilka Aaron finally broke and shed tears.

“What Reinhardt did to me was attempted murder He should be expelled because of that Then… Then…”

She glared at Oscar de Gardias, her face stiff as she sobbed.

“Shouldn’t all the seniors of the Orbis Class get expelled So why are you so angry about such trivial things You all know what is going on.

All the teachers know what the seniors are doing to us.

The teachers even want them to do it, saying things like, ‘It seems like the kids aren’t trying hard enough.

It looks like they have become lazy,’ that’s how they make them hit us.

You did that… Knowing everything that would happen…”

Lilka Aaron shouted out to the Orbis Class teachers with a stern expression on her face.

“If he gets expelled because of something like this, shouldn’t all students and teachers of the Orbis Class just quit It’s completely true that the Orbis Class should be abolished sooner rather than later.

I’m more frightened and terrified of getting hit by my seniors and the teachers pretending not to notice then of getting a bit hurt in a fight with this boy.”

“I heard that Reinhardt fought with my senior because of that.”

“Everyone is scared, but no one can speak up.

Everyone hates this situation, but if we complained or said something against them, we would only get hit harder.”

“We knew that nothing would happen, even if we told the teachers.”

“Reinhardt told us that we should just call things **ty if they are **ty—that’s why I’m saying this here.”

“The Orbis Class is a **ty and disgusting place.

It’s a place that turns people into monsters driven mad by feelings of inferiority, and the ones that were victims before just turn into the same kinds of monsters to torment others.”

Lilka Aaron went to the disciplinary committee meeting with a completely different purpose: It was to reveal the true nature of the Orbis Class.

The reason why she’d seemed so uncomfortable since the beginning of that meeting was because she was in pain and hadn’t gotten treatment from a priest on duty after getting seriously injured.



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