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The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Collapsing Lightning Military Academy Ranking

All the cadets gathered outside the Tier 0 Danger Zone and formed orderly following Vice-Captain Josefs instruction. Even Zamir was not an exception, as the scion was terrified of what would happen if he disobeyed again.

Vice-Captain Josef glanced at the cadets and nodded as he saw how the eyes of many had lost their original naivety.

“Normally, the first three months in the Imperial Military Academy involve an intense program of martial arts, physical exercise, and Wave Cultivation, but you took the route of the secret trial. However, from now on, you will be together with the rest of the cadets. You will only have three classes for the next three months. They are Military Tactics, Dark Race Assassination, and Wave Mastery. The schedule and other miscellaneous information should have already reached your A.I. Chips.”

Seeing how Vice-Captain Josef made a slight pause, the cadets acceded their A.I. Chips and saw all that information.

“Now, you have access to the Imperial Military Academy Network. You can find our armory, stores, missions, and many other things in it. You can also use it to monitor your Imperial Military Credits.” Josef paused again. He even signaled the cadets to enter the Imperial Military Academy Network this time.

Cain was excited thinking about all the treasures that the Imperial Military Academy Network might have and immediately accessed it. He wanted to head into the stores directly, but a message appeared when he entered the network.

[Welcome Cadet Cain Laurifer to the Imperial Military Academy Network. Please select a code name that will work as your online I.D.]


Cain frowned as he heard that message. There was no real problem with it, but what bothered him was that he had always sucked at creating names.

It was only after almost a minute of contemplation that Cains eyes glowed as a name came to his mind, one he was sure was awesome.

Saint of Killers.

As soon as Cain chose that name, the robotic voice appeared again in his mind.

[Welcome, Saint of Killers, to the Imperial Military Academy Network.

Primary Interface:

-Personal Information




Imperial Military Credits: 282]

Cain took a moment to review the information in the Imperial Military Academy Network. After seeing the Wave Artifacts, he was surprised by their variety and price.

The military credits obtained by killing all those Wave Beasts and Dark Race Warriors in the Military Academy Secret Military Trial were multiplied by a factor of ten, meaning what he gained in those three months of killing was just 28.2.

And the cheapest Wave Artifact that Cain could find in the stores was worth thirty Imperial Military Credits. Out of curiosity, he looked for his Kinetic Gauntlets. To his shock, they were worth 950 Imperial Military Credits!

To buy them through the store, Cain would have to kill thirty times the amount of Dark Race Wave Warriors he did inside the Military Academy Secret Trail.

No wonder commoners find it almost impossible to get Wave Artifacts. They are incredibly expensive.

“Brat, why did you choose the word Saint for your I.D.”

Apexs voice woke Cain up from his thoughts, and that question made him frown.

Cant you read my thoughts

“I can, but there is a moment when an idea comes into birth, and even I can not reach that level of precognition. I want to know what impulsed or inspired you to use that word. Was it a feeling or something else”

Cain felt a level of seriousness in Apexs words that confused him greatly.

The Absolute Life Form System seemed to be a miracle of the universe, and as the System Spirit, Apex was also a unique entity. For him to act this way due to a word was strange.

Although Cain was curious about the reason behind Apexs reaction, he was sure the System Spirit would not reveal that information. So, he chose just to tell the reason.

Honestly, it just sounded cool.

“I see.”

Apex only said that before remaining silent, leaving Cain full of questions.

Cain kept exploring the Imperial Military Academy Network when suddenly, a new message appeared.

[Saint of Killer, upload all the documentation regarding your killing inside the Military Academy Secret Trial.]

Cain followed the instructions, uploading all the videos and pictures to the Imperial Military Academy Network. Of course, he only showed the final blow. There was no need to reveal any more of his abilities.

The [A.I. Chip Module] uploaded the videos extremely fast, and less than a minute later, Cain saw a new section appear in the Imperial Military Academy Network.

[Collapsing Lightning Military Academy Ranking]

Cain selected it, and a screen with several names appeared.

[Collapsing Lightning Military Academy Ranking:

-1. Blood Inferno (864)

-2. Ice Lotus (856)


-9. Saint of Killers (282)

-10. Beasts Master (264)]

Cain was a little surprised to see his name in the ranking, but after some thought, it made sense. Unlike the others, he did not have to share his Imperial Military Credits, and thanks to his Wave Artifacts and the [A.I. Chip Module], his killing speed was pretty fast.

Vice-Captain Josef saw that everybody had enough time to go through the Imperial Military Academy Network and watch the Collapsing Lightning Military Academy Ranking.

“All of you should have already seen the Collapsing Lightning Military Academy Ranking. The cadets with the ten highest accumulations of Imperial Military Credits are in it. Each month, those in the ranking will get 500 Imperial Military Credits, with the top three getting an additional 500.”

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Desire appeared in all the cadets eyes as they heard those words. 500 Imperial Military Credits was a lot, and when they read the name at the N°1 position, they all turned toward Levi.

Although their batch of cadets was not the only one taking the Military Academy Secret Trial, they assumed Levi to be Blood Inferno due to the fiery nature of his Astral Wave.

Levi felt the gazes of the cadet but showed nothing. He had the strength to back up his position.

“You have all the information needed at your disposal for your stay in the Collapsing Lightning Military Academy. Use the time to familiarize yourself with the city if you wish. Classes will start in two days.”

Vice-Captain Josef said those final words before turning around and leaving the cadets on their own.



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