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Chapter 241 – Battle against Lily!!

A scorching hot feeling passes through the palm of my hand.

The scroll sucks up my blood as it drips, and the light bursting from the knife’s blade starts creeping as if guided by the staining blood.

It dances above the scroll, as if coveting my blood.

Lily seems flustered, and she unsheathes her sword while running towards me.

But she is stopped by a hard metallic sound.

I stop seeing Lily, and instead see Taula’s reliable back, and hear the sound of their swords clashing.

I can also see their purifying lights clashing, as they try to erase each other.

“Ahh… Ahh..


I fire myself up as I pull out the knife stabbed through my hand.

Blood splatters even more.

This blood is also sucked up by the scroll, and changes the purifying light dancing above it.

The letters in all the scrolls that are connected to each other in mid-air turn into the same pale color as the purifying light and start shining.

The letters are quickly being rewritten, and the scrolls themselves are covered by the light.

The composite magic circle used to manifest Hipopo brothers was being jammed by the force imposed by the rules of the dungeon, but it is now rapidly stabilizing.

Even the magic circle itself now glows with a pale light.

“I won’t let you!”

Lily sounds cornered and panicked.

I look at her and see her standing after swinging her sword, and Taula being blown back this way.

Lily’s purifying light is like a small tornado whirling around her sword.

Apparently that’s what beat back Taula.

I bend over and catch Taula with my wounded right hand.

As I feel her weight, a sharp pain runs through my right hand again.

Lily sneers, and smacks the ground with her sword and the tornado around it.

She uses the recoil to spin her body and jump this way, quickly getting near us.

I’m still bent down, as she spins towards us and readies a sharp slash.

I unconsciously block this attack with the knife in my left hand, but there’s no metallic sound this time.

Uh That wasn’t so bad.

Even if I did inherit the shaman’s close-quarters combat experience, I don’t actually have the technique and abilities to fight directly, especially when my position is far from perfect.

It would be a miracle to even do a good job stopping her, but I pretty much feel no impact at all.

My eyes meet Lily’s.

She looks flustered again, and her eyes shift to the knife in my hand.

Her eyes are now wide open in shock.

As I wonder what’s so shocking, I look at the knife in my hand.


The purifying light in my knife has taken a form that looks like the thorny vines of rose, and blocked Lily’s sword.

I modified this knife just as a test, but I guess since it took in my blood and curses again… Something unexpected…

Just like the real Rose, the purifying light begins to creep about as it extends, and through the hand that’s holding the sword, wraps around Lily’s arm.

I twist the wrist of the hand holding the knife just a little, and that’s enough for the purifying light vines to swing widely.

Lily is thrown back.

I can see her surprised face flying away.

And it’s then that the first Hipopo brother clad in a shining blue light appears from the completed composite magic circle.



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