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“Fei-san, one reemiyen and stir-fried vegetables please.” [Ryouma]

“…Is something the matter, Boss You just got back, but you look so tired.” [Fei]

“Its a long story… ” [Ryouma]

After spotting a lost child, Bell-san and I took the child in our care and looked for the parents, but no matter how much we checked the area, we couldnt find them.

In the end, we had to bring the child to the guards.

But then another problem came up.

The lost child refused to separate from Bell-san.

From the start, the kid was already about to cry, but Bell-san was used to children and she was able to console him, but… Yeah, it was pretty amazing.

Who wouldve thought that kid could cry so much.

Anyway, the guards were all like me, and well… As men with no childrenof our own, we all eventually gave up.

In the end, we had to leave the kid to Bell-san.

I helped out a little by buying food, but after a while, she saw the clock and started to become troubled.

The church had opened a bazaar to sell the dolls made by the children and items donated to the church.

The reason she was troubled was because it was almost time for her turn to watch over the bazaar.

But at the same time, she couldnt just leave the kid behind nor could she leave him to someone inexperienced like me.

So the natural conclusion was – of course – for me to take over her shift.

“Why would it end up like that” [Fei]

“Actually, she told me it would be enough if I just informed the church, but I thought I would be able to help if its just a little.

For some reason, though, the moment I started helping out, everything became hectic and all sorts of annoying people appeared.” [Ryouma]

Most people shopped with good behavior, but there were some problem people too.

To make things worse, a group of drunks joined in.

“Cheers to Tekun-sama!” They would say, while trying to enter the closed church… Theyve already come of age, so theyre not exactly a bunch of rowdy youngsters, so I wish theyd drink moderately and act their age.

Moreover, the people watching over the church were mostly made up of the church orphans.

Of course, there were volunteer adults and guards too, but with all the trivial things piled up, we ended up having too few hands.

I myself look like a child, so they thought I was one of the church orphans.

And there was clearly a lot of hurdle for young women (obviously normal citizens) to deal with drunk uncles with good physique unless they were used to it already.

So, out of good will, in order to not allow them and the guards to lose face, I decided to take the front lines and deal with the customers while making sure to pay attention to the situation.

From time to time, I would run to the storehouse to get an item and then go back to deal with the customers.

When push came to shove, I had to jump out and hold a customer down.

But there were children watching, so I had to restrain myself.

Besides, while that customer may have been a nuisance, I couldnt exactly treat him like the thugs that troubled my store before.

Putting it bluntly, I ended up having to put more effort in order to not hurt the guy too much.

Ive always been living a stress-free life since coming here, so its been a while since Ive been stressed so much… I wonder if this is proof that Ive been slacking too much.

But then again, if I were to start feeling like I did back then, that would also be bad.

“In any case, good work out there.


Youre reemiyen and stir-fried vegetables.

Sorry to keep you waiting.” [Fei]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Anyway, lets eat.

After paying, I took my tray and found a seat.

The Semroid Troupe were performing regularly atop the stage, so there were a lot of people in the food court.

It wasnt like this morning when it was easy to find a seat.

“Ryouma-sama!” [Serge]

“Ah, Serge-san!” [Ryouma]

As soon as someone called me, I saw Serge-san raising his hands.

He was mixed in with the normal customers and was also eating.

“If youre looking for a seat, this table is free.” [Serge]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

I accepted his offer and sat on the same table as him.

“Youre eating too, huh.” [Ryouma]


From here I can see how our stalls are doing and the food here is also delicious and affordable.

Most of the employees also eat here.” [Serge]

“Im happy to hear that.

…Your stall seems to be doing well too.” [Ryouma]

The stalls of the Morgan Company were also filled with customers.

“Thanks to your efforts, theres no end to the customers.

Its also because weve put up stalls where people gather, but that aside… Oh, thats convenient.

Please take a look.” [Serge]

“” [Ryouma]

Looking at the direction he pointed at, I saw a customer arguing with a stall employee.

In the customers hand was a music box.

“Its fine, right Just give me one more.” [Customer]

“My deepest apologies.

But this product is currently limited to 3 per customer.” [Employee]

“Thats why Im begging you.

Cant you do something about that Look.

I have a daughter and a son, and I have two married older brothers too.

I want to buy them some nice souvenirs.” [Customer]


If I may ask, how many times have you visited our store already” [Employee]

“Hah This is the first” [Customer]

“Really Because I feel like this is your second time already…” [Employee]

“Arent you just imagining things” [Customer]

“Really” [Employee]

“…Fine.” [Customer]

“Thank you for understanding.” [Employee]

The customer put down the music box and quickly left the premises.

“What was that” [Ryouma]

“He probably wanted to resell.

Ever since starting to sell music box, people like those have started to appear.

Weve limited the number that can be sold to a customer to prevent them from buying everything up, but there are a lot of resellers like that who keep coming back.” [Serge]

“Is that alright” [Ryouma]

“Dont worry.

Weve prepared a lot of employees, so people like that shouldnt be able to influence normal customers.

Weve already taken resellers into consideration and have thought up a plan.

If word of the music box were to spread through selling, well be able to use that to open up the market.” [Serge]

There were normal customers around us, so Serge-san omitted some of the details, but I could feel his overflowing confidence.

Volume 3 Chapter 107 part2

“Everything is within predictions, in other words.” [Ryouma]

“Weve established a department that specializes in music boxes, and Dinomes Workshop is also eagerly producing music boxes.

The workshops at Kereban were also interested in, so we were able to greatly increase the number of craftsmen producing them.” [Serge]

“Greatly increase” [Ryouma]

“The magic tool workshops of Kereban arent limited to just Dinomes Workshop.

He has his connections too and other workshops that he trusts.

There are also workshops that have been struggling financially that he was able to buy up.” [Serge]

“This sure has turned into something crazy.” [Ryouma]

“These workshops and the apprentice craftsmen will all be placed under Dinome-dono, so the contents of their work and the management wonchanged at all.

Its not really that big of a deal.

Currently, Dinomes Workshop has successfully reduced its burden in producing music boxes, while other workshops have been alloted work, allowing them to deal with their financial issues.

As for the sales of the products and the financing, please allow me to take care of that.” [Serge]

My deal with Dinome-san is that he will be the one to publicly appear as the developer of the music box.

As long as he keeps that part of the deal, I have no right to say anything even if he merges companies or increases the number of craftsmen.

If anything, being able to form a win-win relationship is something to be happy about.

“I believe this takeover will also bring much profit to you, Ryouma-sama.

The magic tools that can be forged at Dinomes Workshop are limited to the neutral, fire, water, and light elements.

But with the introduction of more craftsmen under Dinome-dono, demand of other elements can now be met should the need arise.” [Serge]

I see.

If Dinome-san keeps his end of the deal, it seems this turn of events will prove convenient to me.

“I believe it wont be long before he asks you if theres something you want.” [Serge]

“I guess Ill have to think about it then.

Should I use this opportunity to develop something new” [Ryouma]

As food for thought, I could give him an idea and have him develop a magic tool.

That idea would then given birth to another idea.

…Eventually, Im sure Ill run out of materials, but for now, this looks to be an infinite loop.

Serge-san seems to have thought of the same thing, as hes wordlessly smiling at me like that.

…Ah, Im done.

“Gochisōsamade**a.” [Ryouma]

“Oh Done eating already That was fast.” [Serge]

“Im an adventurer, after all.” [Ryouma]

Spending too much time eating will quickly use up ones lunch break and might cause one to miss out on his meal.

So I quickly eat while talking.

Its an indispensable skill I picked up while working as a salary man in my previous life.

“Ill go buy some drinks.

What would you like” [Ryouma]

“Can I ask you to get me some of thatBarley Tea” [Serge]

“Sure.” [Ryouma]

I bought two cups of barley tea from the store and then came back.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you very much.

…Fuu… Ahh, this kind of tea is good too.

It has a different aroma to black tea and herb tea, but I cant get enough of it.” [Serge]

“Im glad you like it.” [Ryouma]

“Still…” [Serge]

Serge-san glanced at my store.

“Your store sure sells a lot of strange things, Ryouma-sama.” [Serge]

Now that he mentions it, hes right.

There are 8 products being sold at my store:


Fruit Juice

Barley Tea


Stir-Fried Vegetables

Dante Seed.

Sesame Pastry

Hot Dog

For water, juice, and barley tea… Weve already prepared them beforehand, so its just a matter of pouring them.

As for the other 5 products, they were picked out according to the results of the survey.

Of the stranger things among our products, theres Barley Tea and Dandelion Coffee.

Just as Serge-san said earlier, Black Tea and Herb Tea are most common in this country, and you wont find any barely tea here.

Dandelion Coffee might be a thing somewhere, but its definitely not something normal in this country either.

And then theres Reemiyen.

Due to the dangers and costs of travels, people arent able to travel to different countries as easily.

Because of that, save for a very small group of entrepreneurs, most people would see foreign culinary as something unusual.

Moreover, Fei-san and Leelin-sans homeland, Zilmar, is a rather chaotic country that barely even engages in diplomatic relationships.

Just recently, there were a lot of people who ordered Reemiyen out of curiosity.

And theres Dante Seeds, which are a delicacy in one region, and Sesame Pastry, which is also a rare dessert.

As such, 4 out of 8 of the products we sell, that is half of all of our products, appear asstrange to your everyday citizen.

This is the result of analyzing the survey we gave out during the social gathering.

“As expected, people will get tired if you just sell the usual.

From the looks of things, it seems people order those 4 strange products the most.” [Serge]

When I looked around me, I noticed that he was right and many customers were indeed eating those unique dishes.

“Wow, so this is Zilmar Cuisine.” [Customer 1]

“Pasta mixed with soup… This is pretty unique.” [Customer 2]

“Its hot.

But it sure tastes good when paired up with this cold barley tea.” [Customer 3]

“So semisa could actually be turned into jam like this” [Customer 4]

From the murmurs I heard around me, it seems the customers liked the products a lot.

“By the way, what will you be doing in the afternoon” [Serge]

“The ice sculpture to be used on stage is due today.” [Ryouma]

Since Soldio-san started teaching me, I also found more opportunities to talk with the members of the troupe.

I once mentioned I could sculpt something out of ice and they showed much interest.

When I showed it to them in person, the leader of the troupe and the person responsible for building the stage was inspired, and the next day, much to my surprise, they handed me a written proposal which suggested to include the ice sculpture among the stage decorations.

The Semroid Troupe would will be displaying the performances of the sword dancers and the acrobats during the day, which required a lot of movement, so the ice sculpture will be brought in when the sun sets.

It will be brought in during the evening when music was the focus in order to help set the mood.

“Ive already prepared some magic tool lighting under the sculpture to light it up.” [Ryouma]

“My subordinates informed me.

It seems like itll be quite a sight to behold.” [Serge]

“I plan to sculpt something that can be put on display, but as for whether I will have the leisure to watch or not…” [Ryouma]


From the looks of things, I doubt youll be able to take your time.

As far as business goes, though, busyness is a good problem to have.” [Serge]

We laughed and talked like that until we emptied our cups.

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