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So many people had rushed over, but the first person Baili Chun saw and the one he asked about most concernedly was still Jiang Zhiyuan.

But toward such a situation, everyone was just dazed and exchanged a knowing gaze before they quickly accepted it. Anyway, it was like this in the past, so it wasnt surprising at all.

There were so many people in the Sky-Cloud Empire, and there were many outstanding ones amongst the younger generation. However, they all couldnt be compared to Jiang Zhiyuan.

Baili Chun had personally raised her by his side, so she was naturally different from the others.

The tears that Jiang Zhiyuan held back for a long time fell as though they were free.

Her happiness had hints of grievances, and she was indeed pitiful. If her face didnt have the messy wounds and bloodstains, she would look even more pitiful.

But when Baili Chun saw this, he didnt feel disdain at all, and his heart ached even more.

“Why Yuan Yuan, why are you crying suddenly” He took another step forward and lightly patted Jiang Zhiyuans head. “Look, isnt Grandpa fine”

In the entire Sky-Cloud Empire, only Jiang Zhiyuan could call himgrandpa.

“Grandpa Chun…” Jiang Zhiyuan hurriedly wiped her tears, but she cried even more fiercely. “This is embarrassing…”

“What nonsense are you saying” Baili Chun watched on, and his heart ached. He couldnt help but knit his brows.

Previously, he didnt notice it. But after approaching her, he realized that Jiang Zhiyuans condition was indeed terrible.

Her aura was chaotic, and she was filled with injuries. Her face was frail as well. Her body and face even had stunning bloodstains.

These definitely arent because of the aftereffects of the thunder force from just now! Once I came out, I detected that Jiang Zhiyuan was nearby and looked after her carefully. Logically speaking, she would at most be slightly shocked and wouldnt be this severely injured! 

“W-what happened to you!” Baili Chuns expression became stern. “Who bullied you!”

Jiang Zhiyuan pressed her lips against each other tightly and was hesitant in speaking. “I-its not…”

But to Baili Chun, this behavior essentially looked like she was bullied!

Baili Chun comforted her. “Dont worry. With Grandpa around, I wont let you be aggrieved at all!”

Then, he looked at 36 Respected Elder Ming and the rest. He suppressed the anger in his heart and asked, “What exactly is going on”

Why is Jiang Zhiyuan at Wan Zhong Mountain How did her injuries come about In my memory, she has always been elegant, active, and magnanimous. Since when did she look this disheveled

36 Respected Elder Ming sneered in his heart. This Sky-Cloud Empires clan leader is indeed strange. He has never married in his entire life and doesnt have any descendants. His personality is arrogant, and he is extremely stubborn. 

In the Sky-Cloud Empire, the Baili clan actually holds power. The Baili clans connections are extensive, and there are many divisions below with good talents. However, Baili Chun has always had a cold and nonchalant attitude toward them, and he has very strict requirements. He only dotes on Jiang Zhiyuan very much. 

When Jiang Zhiyuan was a few years old, she came to the Sky-Cloud Empire and was spotted by him. Then, he left her behind and personally raised her up. He acted as if he were taking care of his own biological granddaughter. 

Even though Jiang Zhiyuans background is slightly worse than that of the children in the Sky-Cloud Empire… With Baili Chun doting on her, her treatment was even better than the eldest daughter of the Sky-Cloud Empire! 

And Jiang Zhiyuan herself has long been used to such a feeling, so she always treats the Sky-Cloud Empire as her own home. 

She isnt from the Baili clan, but it would be great if she became the prince, king, and monarch. 

When she first saw Rong Xiu being brought back, she liked the young man that was cold and arrogant. All along, she thought that everything was rightfully hers. Hence, when another woman appeared and occupied the position of the prince, king, and monarch, even snatching everything that should belong to her, she was filled with vengeance and grudges. 

“Its a long story.” 36 Respected Elder Mings expression was light. “Clan Leader, please head to Tongshen Palace. We can all talk about it openly.”


The moment Jiang Zhiyuan entered the hall, she directly kneeled on the ground as tears welled up in her eyes again.

“Yuan Yuan, what are you doing Quickly get up!” Baili Chun—who had just sat down—saw this, and his heart ached terribly. All these years, Jiang Zhiyuan has never kneeled to anyone in the Sky-Cloud Empire. Why did she become like this now 

However, Jiang Zhiyuan refused to get up. She just cried, “Grandpa Chun, Im in the wrong! Please punish me!”

Upon seeing this, Baili Chun could only suppress his emotions and anxiously ask, “What exactly is going on!”

Jiang Zhiyuan looked up.

In the surroundings, 36 Respected Elder Ming, Respected Elder Yu Jing, and the rest were all gathered here as they split up and sat on both sides.

In front of these people, there are many things that are inconvenient to say. I can only… pick what I can say. An idea popped up in Jiang Zhiyuans mind, and her expression was depressed. “Grandpa Chun, I previously did something wrong and angered Mentor. H-he doesnt want me anymore!”

Baili Chun was dazed.

36 Respected Elder Ming kindly explained, “She was expelled by Ling Xiao Academy, and they didnt publicize the reason. However, this incident has spread far and wide, and the entire God Residence Realm knows about it.”

Im humiliated! Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her fists tightly, and her nails dug into her palm.

She wanted to defend herself, but she couldnt say anything. She could only swallow this anger.

Baili Chun tightly furrowed his brows and didnt speak in a while.

He did not expect such a thing would happen. No matter how much he doted on Jiang Zhiyuan, he had to admit that this incident was a major black mark for her and the Sky-Cloud Empire.

After a while, he took a deep breath in and boomed, “Your injuries—”

“They were left behind when I went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region…” said Jiang Zhiyuan as she lowered her head. “Theyre already much better now. Grandpa Chun, you dont have to worry about me.”

Much better Doesnt this mean that her previous injuries were more serious Seeing her aggrieved yet considerate behavior, the bit of doubt Baili Chun had because she was expelled from Ling Xiao Academy disappeared. I brought Yuan Yuan up personally, and she has always been a good kid. Besides, didnt the academy elders all like her There must be a misunderstanding here! 

Thinking of this, Baili Chun looked around. “Wheres Rong Xiu Its been so long, yet why isnt he here”

Even if he is His Grace, he cant be so sloppy! 

Jiang Zhiyuan wiped her tears and fearfully said, “Brother Rong Xiu should still be in the academy… Its normal for him not to come in such a short time. Dont be angry at him.”

She paused and looked down. “But I dont know why Sister Princess Consort isnt here… Logically speaking, you came out of seclusion. so she should be here…”

“Princess Consort What Princess Consort” Baili Chun was confused.

Jiang Zhiyuan laughed bitterly. “Oh yes, you dont know yet. Brother Rong Xiu—h-he has already chosen his princess consort. Shes staying at Jishen Palace now—”


“How dare he!” Baili Chun was enraged as he slapped the desk and stood up! Jiang Zhiyuan was appointed as the princess consort long ago, yet Rong Xiu wants to change to someone else now. What exactly is he doing!

“Princess Consort… is indeed daring! Someone, go get that woman over!”-

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