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[Gregory’s POV]


“The child’s father is said to be Your Majesty.

She found out that she was pregnant shortly after being notified of the breakup.”

Gregory was shocked at the news of Elencia’s pregnancy, and was also shocked to hear that it was his child.

Even if he was messy about women, he was thorough when it came to contraception.

‘Was it then…….’

On the day I announced we were breaking up, Elencia asked me to stay with her on that day because she wouldn’t hold on to me.

When I refused because it was the day I didn’t take contraceptives, it was she who took contraceptives in front of me.

‘The drug must have been fake.’

Gregory regretted not being able to shake it off coldly due to the moment’s affection.

“It’s better to accept the Mamre family so that there’s no conflict in the succession issue.

Even if the empress brings in another family.”

Seirin glanced at Betty with the words.

Betty opened the door cautiously.

After a while, Elencia, who was waiting outside, entered the room.

Gregory stared blankly at Elencia’s raised stomach.

Elencia greeted with a bow while being supported by the lady-in-waiting.

“Long time no see, Prince Gregory.”


“Before the capital was occupied, she came to the north for recuperation.

She came to see me when she heard the news that the evil dragon had died.”

Seirin calmly explained, approached Elencia, and helped her to sit on a chair.

It was because it was too much for her to stand still.

After all, she was already pregnant.

Gregory asked as soon as Elencia had just sat down.

“Did you have the idea to secretly give birth to a child”

Elencia trembled and looked up at him slowly.

“I’m sorry.”

She made no excuses.

Because he was right.

She deliberately deceived his eyes to spend the night to coincide with the day of ovulation, and as soon as she found out that she had carried a child, she left the capital to avoid rumors.

In the first place, even if a daughter from a humble viscount family disappeared from the imperial palace, no one noticed.

In other words, Elencia used the child to improve her status.

It was also something she did after learning that Gregory Arden Wexler had a strong attachment to his family.

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“I hope you don’t misunderstand.

It is the prince’s child.”


Gregory swept his face with his hands.

But I wasn’t angry.

Elencia bowed her head sadly.

She considered herself lucky.

If she hadn’t moved from the capital to a villa in the north in advance, she might have become a corpse.

She thought it was fate.

He may not think so.

Gregory stared at her swollen belly again.

‘Is it the price of living like garbage’

Then he laughed self-deprecatingly.

He who was hated by the emperor, lived like a scoundrel, as if rebelling against a life where he could die at any moment.

He was about to live properly now, but it seems that the sin of his body, which he had already rolled recklessly, remained.


She’s not at fault.

She just tried to survive.’

Of course, not everything she did was right.

But it was Gregory himself who brought her into politics.

And he was the first to use it.

He was just getting back the seeds he had sown.


Gregory exhaled a deep breath.

If he had decided to live properly, it was also something he had to embrace.

Elencia bit her lower lip as Gregory silently sighed.

She knew she wouldn’t be blessed.

She thought he hated herself and might even hate the child.

But nevertheless, she didn’t erase the child.

If they don’t rise up in status like this, the Mamre family will forever remain only as a family name.

Gregory’s feet suddenly stopped in front of her as she was about to cry.

After a while, Gregory got down on one knee and said.

“As a husband, I will do my duty as a father.

I’m responsible for it anyway.”

Elencia’s eyes widened at Gregory’s remark.

It was an unexpectedly simple response.

But he spoke only of “duty” and not of affection.

After waiting in silence, Gregory continued.

“Even if you ask for affection, I may not be able to give it.”

“Does ‘maybe not’ mean the opposite is possible”


Gregory could not readily answer.

It was a heart that had already given everything to Tiarozety.

Even after returning to the capital, he would probably be in frequent contact with Lexion in the north over political issues.

And each time, he will hear about Tiarozety’s well-being, he would repeat being happy and then sad.

However, he should no longer hope for Tiarozety’s affection.

It was because he could no longer seek her love.

In exchange for not loving oneself and living profligately, he did something that he could not dare dismiss as a momentary mistake.

Elencia in front of him was the living witness.

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At that time, Elencia said.

“…… Does that mean that I should not expect the prince’s heart”


“That is enough.

I’ll try my best.” (E)

Elencia brightened up and took Gregory’s hand and placed it on her stomach.

“The baby just woke up.”

Gregory flinched and couldn’t get his hands off her stomach.

After a while, the stomach bounced once and twice.

It was a very powerful movement, kicking inside.

“I don’t know the gender, but they are growing up healthy.”


“Please take care of your child with love.

That’s enough for me.”

Gregory did not respond to Elencia’s words.

He was just blankly feeling the movement of the child through his hands.

That night, Gregory’s party returned to the capital before the celebration.

It was the next day that Tiarozety heard the news of their departure.

* * *

[Tiarozety’s POV]

From the day after the subjugation party arrived, the celebration continued for three days.

Originally, the basic celebration was a week, but the budget for the banquet was used to relieve the poor in the affected area and distribute food to the residents of Bael.

Thanks to that, everyone was able to spend the full three days, and the praise of the people did not stop.

Finally, the last day of the banquet.

I was in the waiting room with a rather nervous face.

Soon, a simple engagement ceremony was to be held with an engagement announcement.

The nobles of Bael wanted more time for a grand engagement, but I refused.

It was because, at a time when we had just regained stability, a lavish engagement could be called a luxury.

‘There’s still a wedding left anyway.’

In fact, I was happy to be engaged with many people’s congratulations at the banquet.

When I couldn’t relax, Daisy came over to my lap and said.

“Isn’t the dress uncomfortable”


There’s nothing uncomfortable, but I guess I was too nervous.

I can’t breathe.”

“Do you want me to loosen your corset”

“No, I don’t think it’s because of that.

I’m just so nervous.”

Daisy grinned when I shook my head.

“Congratulations on your engagement.”

“Isn’t there any good news for Daisy”


“I’m ready to be a bridesmaid.”

Daisy’s eyes widened as I brought up a joke to ease the tension.

A moment later, Daisy’s face burned.

“H, Ho, Ho, how did you know When I was proposed to by Aiden”

“Rumours were going around among the servants who knew it.”

“Eaugh! Who the hell……!”

Daisy didn’t know what to do, fanning her hand as if a fever was rising.

I was so happy to see that, I smiled.

And I recalled the stories of servants chattering in the castle.

The very thing Aiden did was publicly propose.

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‘Aiden is also in a hurry.

As soon as he got back…….


Daisy, did you see her flustered Well, there’s a new bride.

Tut tut.’

‘Eyy, still, it’s not like they’re rubbing their lips in front of others.’

‘But I’m still jealous.

When will I ever love so passionately It’s good to be young.’

The servants who had seen Aiden and Daisy since childhood were happy that the two were connected.

Of course, it seemed that they had more fun making fun of Aiden’s bold confession and Daisy’s unusually reddish appearance.

Daisy was the one who kissed first.

No, Aiden did.

There was a lot of talk, but it was true that the two kissed in front of others anyway.

Daisy cleared her throat.

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“Hu hu.”

“Even when I get married, I’ll stick with you.

The marriage will be after the lady is married.”

“Then Sir Aiden would be disappointed.

It’s okay to do it first.”

“No, there are so many things to worry about preparing for the wedding.

I’ll do everything for you, including your parents’ share.”

I was moved by Daisy’s thoughtful consideration.


“Aiden has already decided to do the same.

It’s up to you.

I’ve already checked…….”

Daisy rubbed her cheeks shyly.

The figure was so lovely that I wanted to pick it up.

But the prank didn’t work.

It was because Lexion came in afterwards.


He entered the waiting room wearing a suit in the same blue as mine.

It was paired with my dress.

Daisy slipped away from my lap and stepped aside.

Then Lexion came over and kissed the back of my hand.



Zion too.”

Daisy didn’t mind when I spoke informally to Lexion.

She just took a step back and didn’t want to interrupt our time together.

Lexion lowered his upper body.

As I raised my head, fresh lips touched and fell.

“Shall we go”

At Lexion’s words, I got up from my seat.

He escorted me alone.

I remembered the first time I became his partner and went to Seirin’s debutante.

Even then, I thought it would be my last time as Lexion’s partner.

After that, I thought of handing him over to Seirin.

But even now, I was by his side.

When I remembered the meaning again, the fever rose and my heart felt full.

Lexion stopped walking when he arrived at the door of the hall where the banquet was in full swing.

The gatekeepers stood by, waiting for his signal.

Lexion squeezed my hand tightly.

“Are you ready”

When we cross this door, we will announce in front of everyone that we will be betrothed with a proclamation to the kingdom.

And sooner or later, we will officially become a couple with a wedding ceremony.

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This was just the starting line.

I answered after taking a deep breath.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

With those words, the gatekeeper received Lexion’s signal and opened the door widely.

The orchestra stopped playing and everyone’s eyes turned to me and Lexion.

They stepped aside and gave way for us to step on the red carpet.

I walked lightly on the red carpet following Lexion’s lead.

Upon arriving at the center, Lexion declared.

“As of today, the North will become an independent kingdom from the Empire.

And I, Lexion Sparrow, declare that I will become the new king with the support of the northern lords and the territorial people, and I declare my engagement to the hero Tiarozety Esol.”

“I, Tiarozety Esol, the fiancée of Lexion Sparrow, the King of the North, swear to contribute to the founding of the North.”

After the oath, Lexion and I looked at each other and smiled.

It became a signal-


The hall resounded with cheers and applause.

The novel is over, but our story has just begun.


TL/N: GUISE END OF MAIN STORY!!!! What a ride! Hope that yall enjoyed the story and hoping for more diabetes between Lexion and Tiarozety, Daisy and Aiden, Alois and Chris in the upcoming side stories!

Gregory’s ending was kinda bittersweet.

It was a little sad that he didn’t seem to end up with anyone whom he liked.

The part where he thought no one chose him in the end made me SO SAD! But I would like to look at this positively! I thought this chapter showed his growth and how he matured.

Even though Elencia had a questionable start with Gregory, I hope that they will grow to enjoy each other’s company and appreciate each other.

It kinda sucked that Elencia resorted to this but I appreciated that she didn’t try to deny what she did.

From what we read, I like that she doesn’t over-expect from Gregory if that makes sense


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