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The Power Game Chapter 5 : The face of The Devil

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24.4.19 4 Days into the game. A lone beach house on Chesil Beach Alex King----

Alex stepped out of the car and started walking to the doorstep, his dear friend Jack following behind him.

Their sand crunched under their feet as the afternoon sun beat down upon them.

"What time is it?", Alex demanded.

"Half past one.", Jack shouted back. The wind made it impossible to talk without shouting.

They reached the door, which along with the house, was quite some distance from the road. Alex knocked sharply. No reply.

"Albie open up! " , Jack shouted. No reply again.

"I know you

e in there Albie. This is Dark Knights business, and we need your cooperation.", Alex said calmly, yet firmly.

"The doors open.", a voice shouted from the inside, which Alex recognized to be Albies. He opened the door and went inside.

Albie sat on a couch. His short cut hair and rectangular reading glasses being the same as Alex was used to seeing.

" Hello, Albie.", Alex said.

"What the **** are you doing here?", said Albie, so softly that it seemed like the complaint of a tired old man.

He studied the two men who had entered his home. Alex was wearing a thin black long-coat stretching up to just half a foot above his ankles. He was wearing shining black boots, a black pant , and a red T-shirt underneath his coat. The other man, Jack was wearing a white T-shirt over brown pants. His gray hair giving him the appearance of an old man. His build was large and muscular enough to make one feel sorry for his T-shirt.

"As well-dressed as always, I see.", said Alex, pointing out Albies black waistcoat, as he took a chair from Albies dinner table and put it in front of him. Jack went and stood near a window to the left of Alex. The wooden floor of the house creaked with every step.

"So, Albie. As you are aware, since the deat---disappearance of our former captain, the Dark Knights have-"

" I DONT WANT SHIT TO DO WITH THE DARK KNIGHTS !", shouted Albie, cutting Alex off.

Alex sighed. He reached into his coat and pulled out a cigarette. He placed it in his mouth, lit it , and leaning back in his chair, let out a huge puff of smoke. Albie kept staring at him, confused.

"Since the disappearance of our former captain, I have been declared the Acting Captain by the Knights.", continued Alex.

"And?", Albie scoffed. "Let me get one thing straight. I don know, or give a **, about what the others see in you, but I am not going to put the future of the Dark Knights in the hands of a 19 year-old boy, alright?"

Alex shook his head slowly. "Thats reasonable,", said Alex. " But we need you Albie, alright? We need all the members of the Dark Knights together. Theres a-"

"Just tell me what you want alre-", Albie interupted,

"Don F*****G INTERUPT ME AGAIN.", shouted Alex, slamming his hand on the table, destroying his cigarette and silencing Albie. "You wanna know what I want, huh? Then hear this ! I want, your, loyalty, I want your cooperation; I want you to dedicate yourself to the Dark Knights once again."

"I am never going to serve a man like you Alex. Do you have any idea how easy it is to kill you? In this very meeting Ive had several chances."

"Oh yeah? Then show me, how easy it is to kill me."

The very moment Alex finished talking, Albie moved his hand upwards with a swift movement, and a revolver manifested in his hand. Jack put one foot forward, but before another second could pass, and the situation could escalate, Alexs red eyes shined, and the barrel of the revolver cut off and fell down.

There was silence for a few moments, followed by the clinking of the guns barrel as it fell down. Alex glared at Albie, who carried a rather obvious look of being startled. The gun fell out from Albies hand.

Alex stood up, he eyes still shining, his face carrying a look that Albie couldn make out. He pulled out a card from his pocket and handed it to Albie, who accepted it without retaliation.

" Three days from now, all founding members of the Dark Knights will be meeting in London. Your means of transport have been arranged. All necessary information, along with the address , is on the card. Be there.", saying this Alex made his way to the door leading out of the house. Jack followed him.

Albie leaned back on his couch. How his gun got cut didn concern him, but what Alexs look meant did.

Was it hate? It didn seem like it. Anger? No, thats not it either., he kept thinking, trying to solve the mystery. Thats when it clicked. The look that Alex gave wasn hate or rage. Instead that look was a warning, telling Albie how easily he could kill him, but he was choosing not to.

Jack stopped before the door to give Albie on last message.

"You heard the King. Be there.", saying this he walked out of the house, leaving Albie alone with his thoughts.



7 days into the game

A certain building in London

Alex King-------

Alex sat backwards on a chair, facing away from the wall. The room was dark, except for a very dim light coming from a bulb hanging from the ceiling. There was a long wooden table to his right, and in front of him sat six people. Directly behind him, to the left, on top of a few boxes leaning against the wall, sat a short statured woman in a Japanese Kimono, smoking a cigarette. To his right, Jack stood , leaning on the table.

One of the six people seated a few meters in front of him spoke.

"Lets just start the meeting, He won be here.", the man said. He had blonde hair, and he was wearing a straw hat. He was dressed in a greenish Hawaiian T-shirt, sandals, and blue denim jeans.

"Have patience, Allie, he will come. Im sure of it.", replied Alex.

"Alex, boy, Albert is not interested in the affairs of the Dark Knights anymore.", said another one of the six. "Let us initiate this meeting, and not waste any more time." He was an old man in his sixties, and was wearing a brown waistcoat over a white , tight-fitted shirt.

"Nevertheless, he is a member, and we will wait for him for as long as it takes.", said Alex.

Suddenly, the door left of Alex opened, and seeing who had enter , he couldn help but smile.

" Hello .....everyone", Albert said weakly in a annoyed voice as he shut the door behind him. Everyone else had a mixed expression of being surprised and impressed.

"Take a seat.", Alex commanded.

Albert did as told.

Alex began speaking.

"Alright, since Albie is here now, all of the ten founding members of the dark Knights have been assembled. Now we, have a matter to attend to. After the passing of our captain, the Dark Knights, as a whole took a vote to decide the course of action. Now, Mr. Volkov, Id like you to refresh my knowledge as to what the decided course of action was."

The old man in the brown waistcoat stood up and spoke. "We decided that there would be an interim Captain, and after the imminent threat of disbandment of the Knights was taken care of, there would be a vote between the founding members to decide the next captain."

"Yes,", Alex said. " Thank You Mr. Volkov. And today, five days after my selection as the interim Captain, the Knights have managed to retain 578 out of 653 members, and the Terminal no longer views us as an invalid Guild that doesn have a leader. Therefore, the threat of disbandment has subsided."

He waited a while and looked at everyone closely, and continued.

"Now we shall take vote, to decide who will lead this generation of the Dark Knights."

"Bull**.", said the man sat in the seat furthest from Alex. His body was extremely muscular, and he sat donning just a tank top.

Alex threw a questioning look at him.

"This voting system. Its bull**. We already know whose gonna win this. Most of the people here want you to be the next Captain. Everyone from the top brass to the lowest is ranks want the same, including me.

" Same here.", said Jack.

"Ditto", said Mr. Volkov.

The woman seated left of Alex to his rear said nothing, but smiled seeing the support Alex was getting.

Within the next few seconds, he had the approval of 8 of the people present there.

Alex sighed and looked down, hiding the devilish smile on his face; and smile that shouted that things were going his way and he was enjoying it.

He looked up at Albert.

"What about you, Albie. Will you give me your loyalty?"

"To you?", Albie scoffed, "I don see it happening even in the distant future. I swore loyalty to our former Captain, not to his position. Your little act of threatening is not going to make me budge."

Alex kept staring him dead in the eyes.

"Little act of threatening? What is he talking about?", asked the muscular man in the back.

"Nothing. Go on Albie.", Alex said.

"Alex, the only reason I had interest in the Dark Knights was because of our former Captain, and now that he is gone, my interest is wavering."

"Does that mean you may be liable to betray the Knights in the future?", Alex said, raising his brows.

Albert raised his hands above his head. " All Im saying is, our Former Captain, he is the man I wanted to serve, not you. He, he was strong, charismatic, chivalrous. And you? Except the strong part, you are not even comparable to him."

"I see," said Alex with a smile on his face, looking Albert dead in the eyes. "Then tell me, my friend, how do I get you to want to serve me."

"If you

e gonna make me accept you anytime soon, Alex , you

e gonna need some luck."

"Oh really? Then lets test my luck today.", said Alex, his mocking expression turning into a more cold and emotionless look.

Everyone else in the room watched silently as Alex pulled out his long-barreled revolver and opened its cylinder.

"This gun", he spoke, his voice booming in the small room. "has eight chambers, and thus eight bullets."

He pulled out on bullet and threw it in the ground. " Now it has seven".

Everyone looked intently at what he was doing.

" Now, lets play a bit of Russian Roulette, shall we? Except. Ill be the only player."

He gave the cylinder a spin, and closed the gun by swinging upwards.

Alberts brows narrowed. He was visibly confused by the act.

Alex stood up. "There is a seven out of eight chance, that when a fire this gun, a bullet will come out of it, and a one out of eight chance that it won ."

The next moment everyone watched with horror as Alex brought the gun upwards and pointed it at the side of his own head.

Albert jumped out of his seat, his smug expression turning into an expression of horror. "Have you gone mad?!", he shouted.

The woman behind Alex pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and put it out on the wall. Jack looked closely, to watch for any sudden movements.

Mr. Volkov stood up. "What are you doing boy? ".

Alex said nothing. His face said it all as his cocked the gun. His red eyes shining in the dimly lit room.

The look that Albert saw on Alexs face that day sent chills down his spine.

That man had put his life in the hands of luck. He was most likely one click away from damnation, and yet he was grinning. That sadistic grin.

The red eyes shining in the darkness. The gun cocked against his head. To Albie, Jack, Volkov, and the remainder of the men there, it didn look like the face of a man who was one decision away from death.

It looked like the face of death itself.

Oh the adrenaline! , Alex thought as he felt a wave of energy rushing through him. It was a weird feeling. It felt like standing at the edge of a cliff. A mix of fear and excitement. A devils concoction.

He felt something draw close to him, and he realized soon enough what it was. He gave no reaction.

"So, Albie, lets see how lucky I am."

"Youll die Alex. And it will be a stupid death.", replied Albert.

"This is madness", exclaimed the muscular man. " Do you have a death wish? ".

"Enough talking. Lets begin!", Alex exclaimed, his face carrying the most sadistic grin a human face could bear.

The next moment, his finger moved for the trigger.

Jack saw it and lunged at him, aiming to snatch the gun, but it was too late.






Nothing happened. No bullet came out.

Jack snatched the gun. He opened the cylinder and turned it upside down letting the bullets fall on the floor, and slapped the gun on the table. "DO YOU WANNA ******* DIE?! Goddamnit Alex, what the ACTUAL **** WERE YOU THINKING?!!!".

Alex didn reply. He felt something pulling away from him. The girl sitting behind him pulled out another cigarette and lit it.

" I guess I AM pretty lucky Albie.", Alex said , the smug smile on his face showing no signs of going away.

"My goodness .....", said Mr. Volkov, and he sat down.

Albert ran his hand through his hair and looked away. He was at a loss for words. What could a man even say after seeing what he had just witnessed.

I really just saw the face of The Devil himself, didn I?, he thought to himself.

Jack pulled out a chair from under the table and took a seat behind the table, resting his forehead on his palms, with his fingers running through his hair.

"Alright, I guess the majority wants me to lead the next generation.", said Alex breaking the silence.

It was followed by a nod of approval from everyone.

"Okay. Good. Now, there is another matter that requires our undivided attention."

" What matter?", inquired Jack.

"Thirty minutes from now, a guild that calls themselves The Assassins, will show up in the very compound that this room is a part of.", declared Alex.

This caught everyones attention.

"What?", exclaimed Mr. Volkov.

"Why on earth didn you tell us earlier?", asked Albert.

"It is what it is. They have about a 100 main members, compared to us 10. Better prepare for action.", said Alex.

" Just hundred", scoffed the muscular man in the back.

" Yes Andre, I like the enthusiasm. This is a great chance to accumulate points."

" Well, we CAN handle a hundred men, depending upon their level of experience. How did they get our location?", inquired Mr. Volkov.

"I left traces of our location deliberately. Defeating a guild that big will be quite beneficial for our reputation.", said Alex. But deep down he knew that it will be even more beneficial for HIS reputation.

" Yeah, given4the fact that the Dark Knights have been laying low for a while, it will be like a revival of the gang.", said Jack.

" We are a Guild now Jack. We aren a gang anymore.", corrected Allie.

"The thought of a battle is getting me pumped up.", said Andre, slamming his fist together with a broad smile on his face.

"Alright Knights,", said Alex, getting everyones attention. "Prepare for battle!"

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