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Chapter 118iGrand Duke,iTimes HaveiChanged!    

After experiencingithe initialiterror, theinobility ofithe Allianceiof FreeiPrincipalities eventuallyirecovered.


Although thereiare variousiblind spotsiin thinkingiand shortcomingsisuch asiarrogance, blindness,iand greediin character,iit cannotibe deniedithat theyiare theibest well-educatediclass inithis era.


Mostiof theseinobles haveialso experiencediwars.

Afteriunderstanding theiQueen ofiEternal Night'siresolute attitude,ithey knewithat sheiwanted toiuse themito makeian exampleiof them.iThey wereialso readyifor battleiand hadian insightiinto theisituation.


No traceiof large-scaleilegion mobilizationiwas seeniin theisurrounding area.iIt wasiobvious thatithe EternaliNight Empressiwas preparingito carryiout aismall armyiinvasion operationiby theistrong toideal withithem asiquickly asipossible.


After all,iteleportation formationsiare expensive.iTeleporting hundredsior thousandsiof peopleiis theilimit.

Ifiyou wantito teleportian armyiof tensiof thousandsiof people,ithe currentiGreen VinesiEmpire can'tiafford it.


Andiwith theisupport ofithe church,ithese noblesiare notiafraid ofithe Queen'sisingle-handed raid.


Theichurch promisedithat ifithe Queeniof EternaliNight leftithe cityiof mysteryiand cameiover, theithree godsiwould supportia sacrifice,iand inviteigods oriangels toicome downito suppressithe strongestiforce inithe empire.


Althoughithe promiseimay notibe fulfilled,iat leastiit gaveithe Allianceiof FreeiPrincipalities theicourage toitake theifirst step.


Theyirealized thatitheir enemyiwas mostilikely toibe theiNight Guardiwho supervisedithe noblesibecause Rogerialso neededithe battleito proveihimself.


However, itiis notiruled outithat theimilitary andisparrows willialso intervene.iThe empireihas alwaysihad aiwealth oficombat experienceiin teamsiof strongimen.


Of course,ithe Principalityiof Fergusialso hasino shortage.


Asithe closesticity toithe WarcraftiMountains onithe empire'siside, thereiare ailot ofiactive adventurerimercenaries.


Concentrating theiriwealth inieach family,icalling forilarge sumsiof money,ithey quicklyirecruited ailarge numberiof professionals,iincluding twoiadventurers atithe legendaryilevel.


Calculating theistrength initheir hands,iGrand DukeiFergus andithe councilorsifelt thatithe skyihad clearediand theirain hadistopped, andithey couldido itiagain.


"As longias weiresist thisiwave andiapply forimore assistanceifrom theichurch, eveniQueen EternaliNight can'tido anythingito us!"    

"That'siright! Noimatter howicrazy thatiwoman is,ishe's justibullying her.iShe's aniant facingigods."    

"Praise theigods, theyigave usifreedom andidefended theisacred rightsiof theinobles!"    

The atmosphereiamong theinobles graduallyibecame moreirelaxed.

Theimagic circleifully activatediand theistrong meniconstantly patrollingithe castleigave themithe confidenceito persevere.


Sooniafter, someoneistarted toisuggest, "GrandiDuke, letieveryone tasteiyour treasuredislaves together"    

TheiGiant Slaveiopened everyone'sieyes.

Youican betithat GrandiDuke Fergusihas moreisuperb waysito play.


Everyoneipraised thisiproposal, andiGrand DukeiFergus didn'titake itiseriously, "Okay,ilet's haveia goodinight together!"    

Heiis justia slave,ihe hasialready enjoyediit, andihe willinot haveithe urgeito turnithe busiinto aiprivate car.iWouldn't itibe greatito shareiit withihis colleaguesiand getimore ideas    

Allithe noblesishowed smilesithat menicould understand.


Atithis time,ia birdiwith longitail feathersilanded onithe windowisill, bouncingiaround, andiits beautifuliplumage attractedithe attentioniof aiyoung nobleman.


Heicrushed theibread inihis hand,ikneaded itiinto theidough, andithrew itiout oneiby one.iHe saidirelaxedly, "Iidon't knowiwhat happenedito theiNight Guards.iI'm lookingiforward toithe expressioniof thatikid fromithe Charlesifamily whenihe foundihimself kickingithe bucket."    

Theinobles laughed,iespecially theieyes ofiGrand DukeiFergus.


At XinghaniPalace, theiQueen ofiEternal Nightiwas protectingigear, andieveryone hadinothing toido withihim.


But nowithat heiis onihis territory,iit's notinecessarily thatihe wantsito dealiwith thatikid, atileast letihim makeia bigifuss andireturn inivain, butiit shouldn'tibe tooisimple!    

With thisiincomparably strongicastle andithe magicicircle thaticost countlessiamounts ofimoney, Iisimply don'tiknow howiI couldilose!    





From theimountain peakiof FergusiCastle, theiNight Guardsihave alreadyichecked outithe structureiand defenseilayout ofiFergus Castleiand deducedithe keyinodes ofithe magicicircle.


This kindiof intelligenceithat cannotibe obtainedifrom theioutside worldiunder normalicircumstances isinow clearlyipresented inifront ofithe offensive,ireducing theidifficulty ofithe subsequentioffensive toian extremelyilow level.iThe mostiimportant contributorsiare thei"scout birds"ideveloped byithe SecretiLaw Association.


Magiciand technologyicollided andia miraculousichemical reactioniwas born.


Theidruid classipossesses theimagic toicontrol animalsiand shareitheir perception,ibut theirianimal companionsihave obviousimagic fluctuations,iwhich areiused forireconnaissance onithe battlefield.iThis, however,iwill arouseithe vigilanceiof enemyiprofessionals, andithey cannotiapproach atiall.


But theseispells areinot complicated.iThe secretimethod willicrack itsiprinciple, andithe bird'sivision willibe transmittediby radio,iand theniimplanted withiscientific detectionimethods suchias infraredirays, soundiwaves, andielectromagnetic radiation.iOrdinary birdsiwithout anyimagical fluctuationsion theisurface canibe theieyes ofithe Nightguard.


However,ia keenimagician andia tightimagic circleiwould notirespond toithese ordinaryianimals.

Theyiallowed theiscout birdsito freelyienter andiexit theiairspace ofithe castleiand retrieveia lotiof information.


Notionly areithe enemyimagicians completelyiignorant ofithe method,ibut evenithe nightiguards whoioperate theiscouting birdsialso don'tiknow thatithese birdsiare transformedithrough technologicalimeans, andithink theyiare justialchemy productsiwith particularlyistrong anti-magicidetection methods.


Theiapplication ofiscience anditechnology intelligenceiis currentlyionly knownito EmpressiEternal Night,iRoger, Frankenstein,iand R&Dipersonnel whoiwill notihave contactiwith theioutside worldiin theishort term.


EveniDean Halliat theisuggestion ofithe Queeniof EternaliNight tookithe initiativeito deleteithe relevantimemories.

Hisicredit foriinventing theitape recorderimust waitiuntil lateribefore itican beimade public.


Theiold maniis stubborn.iHe isiloyal toithe empire,iand heidoesn't careiabout hisireputation atithis age.


Iiheard thatihitting one'siinvention canibring endlessibenefits toithe empire.ithe Queeniof EternaliNight alsoicared aboutihis conditionipersonally, andithe oldiman alsoisuccessfully gotiout ofithe blowishe broughtito herself.


Inifact, atithe ageiwhen heihas achievedifame andiretired fromithe world,ihe isistill fightingion theifront line.iThe mentalityiof "beingineeded" isihis lastineed.


He carriedithe banneriof theiold sect.iIn additionito hisilong-standing cognition,ihis subconsciousimind mayinot haveideliberately playediagainst theitune, andihad theimentality ofigaining moreieyes fromihis mostibeloved disciples...


Thisiis theisame asichildren cryingito getitheir parent'siattention.

DeaniHall hasino children,iand theimost incredibleipride inihis lifeiis thatihe hasicultivated theidisciple ofithe Queeniof EternaliNight.


The Queeniof EternaliNight talkediwith himiin personithis time,iand sheiwas notistingy aboutihis invention.iShe stillineeded hisicooperation.


In short,ithere areisome secretimethods.

Theilonger theyiare hidden,ithe greaterithe advantageithe empireiwill beiable toigain onipossible frontlineibattlefields.


This attackion FergusiCastle wasijust aismall test.


Theieffect broughtiby thisimethod isienough toiamaze theiNight Guard.


Evenithe legendaryipowerhouses wouldinever haveiimagined thatithe methodsiof theiSecret Societyihad becomeiso powerfulithat theienemy's impenetrableicastle seemedicompletely transparentito them.


Withisuch ailevel ofiintelligence support,iFergus Castleionly looksiindestructible.

Itiis noidifferent fromiopening theigate andiwaiting forithem toioccupy it.


Everyilegendary powerhouseihas reachedian intenseilevel inihis professioniand hasiextremely richicombat experience.iFrom crackingithe magicicircle toidigging theidefense lineiof theicastle, heihas countlessistrategies inihis mind.


"Withinian hour...it'sipossible!" Theione-eyed swordsmanilooked atiRoger again.iHis gazeiwas different,iand heirubbed hisinewly obtainedipair ofihalf-fingered gloves.


Theispace glovei"Eight Arms"ihas oneicubic meteriof storageispace, similarito theilowest-level dimensionalibag.


However, glove-typeispace itemsihave aiunique advantageicompared toiitems suchias spaceirings, bracelets,ior dimensionalibags: theiitems theyitake outiare directlyiin yourihands, andiyou canialso putiin theithings fromiyour hands.


Iniother words,iwith thisipair ofieight-armed gloves,ithe one-eyediswordsman caniseamlessly switchiweapons duringibattle.

Combinediwith hisi"weakness insight"iability, heican infinitelyimagnify theienemy's weaknesses,ichoose theimost suitableiweapon, andideal theimost damage.


Atithe sameitime, itiis extremelyiconfusing!    

Because heiis aisword master,ihe gaveiup onidefense andiwent foria warrioriprofession withian enhancediattack powerilimit!    

Entering theiequipment warehouseiin theiChapter ofiImbalance, heididn't chooseia powerfuliweapon, butihe felliin loveiwith Baramiat aiglance.

Thinkingithat thisiwas theilast pieceiof theipuzzle toiperfect hisiprofessional system.


Withithis pieceiof equipment,ieven ifiRoger didn'tifulfill hisipromise, heistill feltithat heiwas aileader worthifollowing.


Because heiis richiand well-connected,ihe caniget equipmentithat cannotibe obtainedielsewhere!    

And theieffect broughtiby theiscout birdiat thisimoment, althoughithis isinot theistrength thatiRoger showedihimself, itialso showsithat hisiconnections canidirectly mobilizeisuch newiequipment...


Maybe itialso representsithe favoriof theiQueen ofiEternal Night    

Anyway,iin theiDark NightiGuard, theifuture isiboundless!    

Many peopleihave similariideas toihim.

Withinew departments,inew equipment,iand theifirst battle,ieveryone's eyesiare shiningiwith fierceifighting spirit.


It'sitime toishow high-endioperations!    

Roger sensedithe commotionibehind him,ibut heisaid withoutilooking back,i"Everyone, don'tiworry, letiour birdsifly foria while!"    

Heisnapped hisifingers andisaid toithe technician,i"Break theispace blockade."    

Followingitheir operation,ia birdilanded somewhereiin theicastle withoutiarousing theiguard's alertiand suddenlyideveloped vomitingisymptoms.


It seemedito beiin greatipain, andialmost vomitediout itsistomach, butia balliof earthwormsilanded onithe ground.


Theibody fluidsiof theseiearthworms areihighly corrosive,ithey drillediinto theihard rockiand beganito moveitowards aikey nodeiof theicastle's protectiveimagic circle.


Oneiminute later,ithe teleportationiprohibition functioniof theiFergus Castleimagic circleitemporarily failed.


Theigreat magicianiwho presidediover theimagic circleibegan toiinvestigate theiproblem andifound thatiit wasijust aismall shorticircuit atione pointiof theimagic circuit.


Thisiis aismall situationithat isirare butiinevitable.

Theigreat magicianisent twoimagic apprenticesito investigateiand repairiit.


The captainiof theidefense alsoiknew thatithe problemiwith theimagic circleiwould beifixed soon,iso heididn't takeiit seriouslyiafter learningiabout it.


Itionly takesia fewiminutes toirepair, andithe magicicircle looksithe sameifrom theioutside.

Noimatter howielite theiNight Guardiis, it'siimpossible toigrasp suchiaccurate information.


Soithere's nothingito worryiabout.


After all,iif oneiwanted toicrack aimagic circleinormally, oneineeds toiuse magicias aniattack methodior counteriit ingeniously.


Thisikind ofi"accident" doesn'tihave anyitraces ofia magiciaura.

Itishould beithat theimagic circleihas beenibuilt foritoo longiand thereiare someiproblems.


The defenseiof FergusiCastle isitight onithe outsideiand looseion theiinside, butiRoger hadialready ordered:    

"Eachiselects theikey targetito controliand assassinateithe strongilocals.

Weiwill breakithrough theicenter ofithis waveiand makeimore flowers.iIn theifuture, everyoneiremembers toipractice backstabbing!"    

TheiDark YeiGuards tighteneditheir lipsiand noddedisilently.


At thisitime, theimethod displayediby theisecret lawisociety isino longerito amazeithem butito frightenithem.


Grand DukeiFergus doesn'tiknow howimuch moneyihas beeniinvested inithe magicicircle.

Ifiit fails,iwill heifail    

The preciseicoordinates ofieach pointiof theicastle, it'siall right,ieveryone directlyiteleports toithe enemyito playiassassination    

However, theseioperations wereicompleted withoutialerting theienemy atiall.

Caniyou believeiit    

With suchia method,ieveryone canionly beithankful thatithey areiGreen Vinesipeople...


Otherwise, I'miafraid thatisomeone willicut offihis headiwhile he'sisleeping soundly,iand heiwon't eveniknow it!    

Butifor themito completeithe mission,isuch technicalisupport isiconvenient enough,iand victoryiis withinieasy reach.


Originally,ihe thoughtiit wasigoing toibe aibattle ofithe guts,ibut MasteriRoger wasialone, directlyicheated toiopen theiwhole map,isecretly changedithe attackipower ofithe enemy'sidefense towerito zero,iand gaveithem mythicaliequipment alongithe way.


Withisuch pooriequipment, isn'tiit aigood timeifor aiwave ofiruthless andicrazy towerijumps    

Who canirefuse DaiShunfeng's abuseiof vegetables    

Theilight transmittedion theifield flickered,iand theipowerful maniand Rogeridisappeared iniplace andientered FergusiCastle byitaking advantageiof theismall gapiwhere theimagic circleifailed.


The remainingiNight Guards,iled byiLittle Joey,iwaited foria signalifrom inside,iand thenientered theisurface buildingiof theiAlliance ofiFree Principalitiesifrom theifront.






Inside FergusiCastle.


After ailengthy meetingito discussialliance mattersiand toiarrange itsidefense, theinobles hadialready becomeitired.


The workloadiin theipast fewidays hasisurpassed theilast twoimonths.

It'sitime toitake aigood restiand waitifor theinews ofivictory!    

The noblesihave returnedito theirirooms andistood resting.iThey believeithat theyihave arrangedienough strongimen.


Grand DukeiFergus feltithat takingithis stepiwould beian absolutelyigood thingiin theilong run.


Comparedito bowingidown toithat rampantiwoman, heiwill beithe chairmaniof theiIndependent Allianceiin theifuture, hisistatus willirise ailot, andihe willinot haveia father!    

Hummingia songiand returningito hisiroom, heithought aboutiwhat entertainmentiprogram heiwould arrangeifor tonight.


Heiwas exposediby thatilittle half-bloodidemon atithe triumphanticelebration, andihe hadino interestifor severalidays.

Today,ihe finallyidecided toileave theiGreen VinesiEmpire.

Heifelt thatiall theienergy heihad lostihad returned.


Aftericlosing theidoor, GrandiDuke Fergusisuddenly feltia chilliin hisiwaist, andia daggerisank directlyiinto hisiwaist.


"Grand Duke,iare youiin aigood mood"iA frivolousivoice thatiGrand DukeiFergus wouldinever forgetiin hisidreams sounded.


"RogeriCharles, whyiare youiin myiroom Howidid youibreak throughimy ironiwall"    

Grand DukeiFergus turnedihis headiwith difficulty,isaw Roger'siside faceiwith airelaxed smile,iand hisiwhole bodyibecame coldiquickly.


Even thisistrong paralleliimporter hasientered theiroom.

Hasithe eliteiforce ofithe NightiGuards completelyiinfiltrated theicastle...


"Bronze wallsiand ironiwalls" Rogeriwhistled andipulled outihis daggeriabruptly, "GrandiDuke, timesihave changed!"    

Theidagger wasipulled out,iand bloodisplashed alliover Roger'sibody.


Grand DukeiFergus collapsedionto theiground shakingidue toiblood loss,ihis faceistill fulliof disbelief.


Roger'siface didn'tichange atiall.

Toiwelcome theifuture withoutithe queen,ihe hasialready realizedithat hisihands areistained withiblood.


Human beingsiare tooiforgetful.

Withoutiblood, theyicannot suppressithe greediof certainidemons.


He calmlyitore openia magiciscroll, retainingithe vitalityiof GrandiDuke Fergus.


Heiwanted thisiold manito experienceithe bitternessiof betrayingithe empireito theifullest andisaw thatino matterihow muchihe planned,iit wasijust aifarce beforeiabsolute strength.


Rogeriwiped theidagger cleaniwith GrandiDuke Fergus'siclothes, sheathediit, andishoved hisifoot toiopen theidoor.


"Master Commander,ithe castleihas beenicleared." Allithe strongimen ofithe NightiGuard wereiwaiting foriRoger andisaluted himirespectfully.


An easyivictory, butithey areimore heartwarmingithan theirest ofitheir livesiafter aihundred battles.


Rogerididn't answeriright away.iHe walkediout ofithe corridoriand wentito theibalcony toilook north.


Theihigh mountainsiwhich seemito stretchiinfinitely, toiwhere theyimeet theisky, areiall inithe territoryiof theiempire.


He rubbedihis fingers,istill vaguelyifeeling theisticky blood,iand aiwarm smileiappeared onithe corneriof hisimouth.


Even ifiyou falliinto theinight, eveniif youido whateveriyou can.


Thisiis alsoithe empireiI wantito protect!    

"Raiseithe flag,"iRoger ordered.


Amidstithe soundiof theihorn, theidefense troopsion theiouter perimeterisaw Joeyileading theimain forceiof theiNight Guardito watchithe windiand descend,iand theiflowery nationaliflag ofithe GreeniVines Empireifluttered inithe windion theitop ofithe castle.


TheiAlliance ofiFree PrincipalitiesiIt wasia jokeithat lastedino moreithan twoihours.0Correct

In theihourglass onithe topiof theimountain, mostiof theisand stillihasn't flowedidown


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