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Soon after, the X-Day arrived.

   The pure gold frog figurine that had been displayed in the hallway of the mansion disappeared without a trace.


'No, I don't think they should have left that thing on display.'


The ornament was not beautiful, but it was made of pure gold, so of course it was valuable.

Naturally, there was a commotion in the mansion, and the search for the culprit began.

Pamela was identified as a suspect.

The situation was progressing just as Ortansia remembered it.


'But this time, I'll stop them.'


To avoid ending up being executed, it is better to have many allies.

   For Ortansia, who was currently alone and helpless, securing Pamela will be a great asset.


“I heard that country girl was called to the master’s office.”.


"I hate the idea of my colleague being a criminal.

Why doesn't the master just hand her over to the guards"


After hearing the servants whispering through her powers; listening ears, Ortansia stepped out of her room.

She was headed for the office of her father, the Duke of Verite.


"Enough! It's unsightly to say that the Duke will be kind to you if you speak honestly!


"But I really didn't do it!"


When she reached the front of the office, she immediately heard such an argument from inside.


"No, sir, I did not do it.

I would never attempt to assassinate.." For a moment, her mind wandered back to the time before she was reborn.



don't worry.

It's not going to be like that in the future anymore.'


Taking a deep breath, Ortansia straightened her posture and tapped on the door to the office.

The argument stopped for a moment and the door immediately opened.

The one who appeared from inside was her father.


"Ortansia... I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now."


"No, Father, It has to be now.

Pamela is my maid.

Don't I have the right to intervene"


She folded her arms, and her father frowned in surprise, then smiled, looking...



 "All right, come on in."


'Okay, the first barrier has been breached!'


She had expected to be told to stay back, but she managed to get in.

Seeing Ortansia come in, those in the office looked startled.


'The butler and the head maid ......, well, that's a reasonable choice.'


Ortansia looked around the room and saw Pamela, who looked like she was about to start crying.


"Oh, Mistress..."


She nodded at Pamela, who looked surprised, and Ortansia gently opened her mouth.


"I heard that...

Pamela was suspected of stealing something valuable from the mansion.

Is that true"


Yeah, it's true.

As for the stolen ornament, it's been reported that it was found in her personal belongings.".


Despite the situation, my father was smiling with great amusement, as if to say, "What are you going to do" Ortansia straightened her back and puffed out her chest as much as possible so as not to lose to his gaze.


"Pamela would never do such a thing."


When Ortansia insisted, the head maid sighed in disappointment.


 "However, my lady, we have already found the stolen item among Pamela's personal belongings.

This is irrefutable evidence."


"No, it could be that someone has framed her… Hey Pamela, is the potted plant I gave you before in your room"


"Ha, yes! Of course, I take good care of it every day."


"Can someone please bring me the potted plant from Pamela's room I will find the real criminal".


Both the butler and the head maid seemed bewildered by Ortansia's brazen attitude.

Only her father, however, chuckled and ordered a servant to bring her a potted plant.


"So, my little girl, what are you going to do"  



I have been given a blessing that allows me to "read the memories of plants."


The divine blessing called "Fresh Green Eyes" is a rare divine blessing that allows you to read the memory of a plant just by touching it and thinking about it

Where would one use such an insignificant skill Ortansia was aghast, but then she came up with an unexpected use for it.


'If I give Pamela a potted plant of flowers, the flowers will prove her innocence!'


Soon, a servant brings a potted plant from Pamela's room, just as she was told.

Ortansia had given it to Pamela as a random gift, but it seems that Pamela had polished the potted plant beautifully and taken good care of it every day.

Gently touching a leaf in the potted plant, Ortansia strongly requested "Please  tell me who framed Pamela!"


Memories of the plant flew into her mind.

For a while, nothing unusual was shown, just an unoccupied room, with Pamela coming and going every once in a while.


'Here it comes!'


Suddenly, the door seemed to open, and who appeared was not Pamela but another maid.

She was a little older than Pamela.

With the master key in her hand, she took out a pure gold frog from a package in her pocket and quickly shoved it into Pamela's luggage.

Then, with a nasty smile on her face, she left the room.


'I see…'


Ortansia spuned around and turned to her father and told him confidently.


"Father, I have found the culprit.

But I still can't match the faces and names of the servants, so ......

may I ask you to gather everyone in the hall"


'Now, let the counterattack begin!'


Ortansia chuckled, and her father smiled in amusement.


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