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Chapter 297 - Doomsday of Humanity (5)


[Yong Yong is qualified to become a Construct.]

[Its Divine status has reached 80%.]

[Its magical energy is full.]

[The magical energy of the Serpent Bearer is full.]

It was an awesome notification that made Hugo’s eyes turn round.

Lee Gun grinned.

His magical energy, which had fallen to 5%, had filled up to full at once.

Hugo was surprised at the huge energy increase because he had been receiving magical energy from Lee Gun.

“What the hell happened There is no way a Zodiac’s magical energy can refill in an instant…!”

The magical energy of a Zodiac was so vast that it was beyond the imagination of humans.

Despite being a young god, Lee Gun needed at least four days to fully recover his magical energy.

Moreover, he currently needed at least several hours before he could recover enough to fight the monsters!

‘So how can his magical energy recover to full power’

This meant Lee Gun and Hugo could fight freely now!

Lee Gun smirked at his friend’s expression.

Hugo looked uncharacteristically surprised. 

“Why are you so surprised I always get full health and full magical energy when either my disciples or my Constructs level up.

I also gain points.”


“Ah! For your information, it’ll rise even if you level up… In fact, aren’t you already level 19 When you become level 20, you will become a Construct.

I wonder if I’ll get any bonus points.

I have a lot of skills that I want.”


He was going to use points Did he think this was some kind of RPG game Moreover, he regained full magical energy and health through an upgrade Well, it didn’t matter.

Accompanying the green light, the light of regeneration appeared around Red Eye.


Red Eye looked surprised by the healing light.

Lee Gun laughed.

“You did well.

I know you like the Taurus gum.

I’ll give you as much as you like.”


The calamity’s siblings looked taken aback.

[Does he plan on using our youngest]

They raised their guards against Red Eye, who was in high spirits.

[Yong Yong is qualified to become a Construct.]

[Its overall abilities have increased.]

[Will you elevate Yong Yong’s status to Construct (high rank)]

For some reason, Lee Gun let out a bright smile.



He immediately broke open Red Eye’s head with Heaven’s Punishment.

Blood erupted from the broken head.

The move shocked everyone, including the disciples and the civilians.

“Ahhk!! Red Eye!!”

“Lee Gun-nim!!”

Hugo was surprised.

Wasn’t he trying to make it his Construct

Lee Gun flicked away the blood in contempt.

“You should know your place as a monster.

You want me to elevate its status”


“I’ll allow you to advance, but there’s no way I’ll let you elevate your status.”

The notification spoke as if in understanding.

[Under the name of the Serpent Bearer, all of Yong Yong’s abilities have been raised.]

[Its status as a prisoner (slave) remains the same.]

It was accompanied by a change to Red Eye.


[Its abilities have increased.]

[It has developed a faint Divine status.]

[It has abilities comparable to the highest rank Constructs.]

[Since it isn’t a Construct, it draws no fixed expense.]

[You have finished creating a top-quality slave.]


Constructs were undoubtedly soldiers for the Zodiacs.

As their owners, the Zodiacs had to provide certain things.

For example, Constructs were given salary, food, or maintenance of their dignity.

As a Construct rose higher in rank, the outgoing expenses grew as well.

This was why keeping the slave status was advantageous for Lee Gun.

It also implied that he wouldn’t give any amenities to those who attacked humanity.

Lee Gun laughed like the devil as he used Super Regeneration to heal Red Eye once again.

“I’ll work all four of you until you die.

How dare you try to benefit from this”

It seemed Red Eye’s siblings were included in his speech. 

The little Lee Gun immediately got on Red Eye when the monster came to its senses.


Its siblings were dumbfounded by this site.

[My god! You let a lowly piece of food ride on top of your head!]

[Do you have no pride, Youngest!!]


Red Eye cried out as if to say pride would get them killed.

Then it flew toward its older brothers.

The older brothers looked at Red Eye in contempt.

[It seems our youngest is too young to realize what is going on!]

After saying those words, Famine immediately attacked.

A fierce beam of light fell from the sky.

Carrying Lee Gun, Red Eye tried to dodge it.

However, fighting a three-on-one battle was asking too much.


“Lee Gun-nim!!”

Red Eye faltered in the face of the enormous attack.

However, Lee Gun disappeared as he was swept up by flames letting out gray smoke.

Then, the attack dispersed in all directions like shooting stars.

Hugo quickly shot his arrows.

Kwahng! Kwahng!

The arrows held the attribute of the Serpent Bearer (Critical Hit).

They turned the fragments into dust.

But Lee Gun was nowhere to be seen.

This made the evacuating civilians and reporters cry in despair.

“Lee Gun-nim!!!”

“Shit! It seems they were too much for Lee Gun-nim!”

The disciples quickly tried to go save Lee Gun, but Hugo held them back.

If they went right now, they would get in the way.

Hugo knew it well.

When it seemed like all was lost, he knew how a hero would make an entrance.

And it was as he had expected.

“I’ll beat you guys into ground beef before I fry you!”

“!!”The little Lee Gun had jumped down from Red Eye, running toward his enemies.


Beams of light flew toward him, yet he didn’t care.

[Your smaller body is receiving a buff.]

[Your speed has increased ( 300%).]

Lee Gun dodged with a speed that wasn’t normally seen from him.

[You have activated Monarch Mix (EX).]

[Blade of Abyss has been activated.]

[Ability Warp]

Lee Gun disappeared in an instant.

He appeared once again on top of their tails!

The blade of Abyss could use the dagger as a target to move, but it was also capable of using Warp-related abilities at a basic level.

‘Of course, I can’t use it where there is light.’

Moreover, it could be used only where one’s gaze landed!


Lee Gun grinned after he finally landed on their tail.

He was like a squirrel as he used the body of the monsters as steps.

Lee Gun held the stage-3 Heaven’s Punishment high.

Then something surprising happened.

[Your smaller body is receiving a buff.]

[Imagination (Buff from childhood where imagination is plenty).]

[Creation ability will flourish (When manufacturing, the chance of a new rank appearing increases).]

[In battle, you will develop random abilities.]

[Destructive Power ( 500%) Increase.]

It seemed Heaven’s Punishment had changed shape thanks to the buff.

Normally, it had three stages.

Yet, it had now changed into stage 4, which had never been seen before!

Heaven’s Punishment always felt like a staff, since it had a long handle.

And this time, the ax blade elongated like a sword, instead of the handle.

The weapon seemed to look like it had taken on the figuration of a shark.

It resembled a wicked long sword.

[Little Zodiac is receiving a buff.]

An enormous beam of light fell from the sky! Lee Gun brought down the blade fiercely.

It looked like a sky guillotine.


Blood erupted from the neck of Famine, who had attacked first.


It happened in an instant!

Lee Gun let out a savage laugh when two large bodies fell to the ground.

At that moment….

[The inhabitants of the world are going crazy as they watch the Serpent Bearer.]

[The persistence of Confusion has increased by one minute.]

[The time needed to return to your original body continues to increase.]

[It has increased to a total of 4,726,339 hours.]

“Damn it!!!!” Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he turned his gaze.

He saw a crowd full of people sobbing with joy as they watched him.

“We will follow Lee Gun-nim forever!”

“Even if we die, we’ll die after letting this be known! Lee Gun-nim! You will forever be recorded in our records!”

“You are humanity’s treasure…! This will be recorded for humanity! It must be left behind!”

“Don’t record me!!!!!!” Lee Gun became angry.

As his appearance was shown across the world, the time he would be in this body kept increasing until it reached the stratosphere.

“Let me return to my normal body!!” Lee Gun raged on top of Famine, and his disciples merely scratched their cheeks. 

“As expected, Lee Gun-nim should give up on going back to— Kuh-huhk!”

“No!! I’ll return to my normal self if I kill Confusion!” Lee Gun threw Heaven’s Punishment in anger.

“Also, this isn’t the time to take photos!! Shouldn’t you guys be going to the evacuation centers!”

“Lee Gun-nim…! We’ll follow you for life!”


Of course, there were benefits to having his appearance spread across the world.

[The number of disciples wanting to join the Serpent Bearer temple has skyrocketed.]

[Faith toward the Serpent Bearer has increased by a lot.]

[Serpent Bearer’s Divine Status has increased.]

[Humanity’s faith has increased the temple’s rank.]

[The elevation of the temple’s status is imminent.]


He wasn’t sure if he should love this or hate this.

At that moment, Death surged forth after Lee Gun received the buff.

People cheered when they saw this.

Only one person didn’t cheer.

While Hugo was happy, he also looked a bit anxious.

It was to be expected since the siblings of Red Eye were related more to the Divine status of Death than that of Life.

‘If he reaches stage 5 of Death first, the opposite Divine status will disappear.’

It hadn’t been long since Death had reached stage 4.

Suddenly, all the Serpent Bearer disciples heard a sound.

[Congratulations! Serpent Bearer is at the cusp of reaching the glorious final stage of the Divine Status.]

[If the Divine status of Death reaches stage 5 first, you will automatically become a god of death.

Life (Stage 3) will automatically be erased.]

[The Zodiac Saint of Life will automatically be changed into the Zodiac Saint of Death.]

[Skills will be upgraded through the Divine status of Death].

[There may be changes to your skills.

Please check how to use these skills in battle beforehand.]

Hugo felt an ominous feeling about this situation.

‘Confusion might have sent them because he wants Gun to develop the Divine status of Death.’

However, Lee Gun was quick to pick up on this.

This was why he was storing all EXP into his temple with that in mind, but…

‘No one knows which side will reach stage 5 first.’

Thanks to the defensive ability that was saving humanity, Life was growing at an insane speed.

This literally was a battle of time.


For some reason, Lee Gun furrowed his brows.



Hugo, who had been supporting Lee Gun by letting his arrows fly, became surprised when his name was called.

Lee Gun’s expression was serious, and Hugo was about to ask what was wrong.



[Oracle Stolen from the Sun God (SS)]

- Foretelling the future using the modified

It seemed they had seen an ominous future.

Lee Gun shouted at the deathly pale Hugo.

“You saw it, right Hurry up and move!”

When Hugo quickly tried to head somewhere else, Red Eye’s siblings flinched.

They had a feeling that they were supposed to interfere with Hugo.

Therefore, they tried to attack Hugo instead of carrying out their goal of destroying the entire world.

However, the enormous light of the Divine status of Death got in their way.

“Where do you think you guys are going”

Lee Gun’s eyes flashed.

“It seems you guys are scheming to do something, but it won’t go as you guys planned.”

Lee Gun unleashed the Divine status of Death as he walked toward them, saying, “One of you is named Death, right”


“Fight me.

Let’s see which one is stronger.”

* * *

Around that time…

[This is bad, master! Confusion started his attack first!]

[He even summoned the subordinates of the other monarchs! He is letting the four great calamities command the troops.]

[Won’t this be a problem It is too early to let humanity fall……!]

[Moreover, he took Master’s item]

Despite the desperate shouts of his subordinates, Time remained carefree.

[It’s fine.

Let him do as he wants.]

[What Are you sure it is ok According to Master's grand plan….]

Time laughed.

[Humans have nothing to do with my plan.

They are just excellent feed.]

They were an excellent driving force that allowed the Zodiacs to grow.

At the same time, they were great nourishment for monsters.

Humans were food needed by the great monarchs.

It was why they had come here independent of the matter with the thirteenth.

It was a field full of nourishment that would be consumed all the way.

[There is no downside to the timeline being shifted earlier.]

[But he took Master’s item…!]

[Do you mean the soul of the previous Serpent Bearer I lent it to him.

It seems he wants to get rid of the current Serpent Bearer and his Zodiac Saints.]


[He’s my blood brother, who I treasure.

Let him do as he pleases.]

[That means…!]

[He is very smart.

They have already fallen into his trap.]

Time laughed as if he was in a good mood.

* * *

It was around that time when Hugo had seen an ominous future, the future where his son and his Sagittarius temple family had died in a bloody mess.

It was the future that he had seen previously, where the Sagittarius temple had fallen.

‘The prediction is 100% accurate when it comes to people that are not Gun.’

Moreover, the person who killed them was problematic.

His face couldn’t be seen, but…

‘It was a young boy.’

That was probably why Lee Gun had sent Hugo.

Lee Gun couldn’t leave the four great calamities.

‘Humanity will be destroyed in an instant if Gun takes his eyes off them.’

The only one who could kill them was probably Lee Gun.

So killing them took priority for Lee Gun.

Despite a danger of that magnitude, Hugo was able to head toward his son because he trusted Lee Gun.

Of course, Lee Gun trusted Hugo too, so Lee Gun had quickly sent him away.

‘I have to hurry up.’

Hugo had contacted Sungjae, but he had no idea how this would develop.

While Hugo was quickly running toward them, the disciples of the Serpent Bearer temple were evacuating the civilians.

They were also protecting the Serpent Bearer’s holy ground.

This included Sungjae, Yooha, and Goat.

“It’s the Serpent Bearer!”

Suddenly, Confusion appeared in front of them, wearing a familiar face.


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