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The Strongest War God Chapter 1

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1 Seventeen-Year-Old Crowned King

“Grandma, is he really that powerful”

In the bustling commercial street, the girl turned on her phone, and the wallpaper just happened to be a young man in plain clothes.

Why would there still be people wearing cotton clothes at this day and age The girl pouted her thin lips and secretly thought to herself that when she saw him the next day, the first thing she would do was to make him change his clothes.

A seventy-year-old silver-haired old lady who was next to her stopped and smiled.

“Silly girl, you dont like him” The old woman turned around.

The girl bit her thin lips with her pearly white teeth, and her clear eyes were filled with unwillingness.

The conversation started quietly just like that.

She furrowed her brows and said, “Grandma, look at him. Hes the same age as me, yet hes dressed like a little old man. His white cotton clothes are so ugly!”

“Impudent!” The old woman rapped the ground with her dragon staff.

With a thump, the stone slab beneath her feet shattered into pieces.

The street vendors were so scared that they peed their pants.

The girl was very stubborn and refused to change her point of view.

“Heather, I want you to remember this. He may be dressed plainly, but there are things you cant tell from how one dresses. Do you know why 800,000 soldiers were gathered at the border three years ago!” The old woman said solemnly.

“I dont. I think it was a border conflict. Didnt they retreat in the end”

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The girl was serious as she tried to recall what happened.

The old woman used her calmest tone possible, but what came out of her mouth made peoples blood boil.

“Of course, they had to retreat,” the old woman said slowly. “With him at the border, how would the enemies outside dare not retreat

“A simple cotton cloth intimidated 800,000 elites!

“He is Braydon Neal!”

The old woman slowly revealed a secret.

“How is that possible” The girl cried out. “He scared off 800,000 enemies with just a piece of clothing. What is he A deity”

“If theres someone in this world who can become a deity, it can only be him!”

The old woman was a little tired, so she slowly disappeared from the bustling street with the girl.

If there was anyone in the world who could become a deity, it would be the legend of the northern region, Braydon Neal.

He was a deity-like man in plain clothes!

A single comment was enough to describe his legend.

The most terrifying cotton cloth in the world!


The old woman and the young woman disappeared from the bustling streets of Preston city.

In the vast ocean thousands of miles away, a huge passenger ship was sailing east.

A young man in plain clothes was sitting on the seat near the door of the passenger ship. His eyes were as bright as the stars, and his handsome lips seemed to always have a humble smile.

On the inner lane of the seats, there was a thin and weak old man who appeared to be feeling rather uneasy. His face, which had been burned by a fierce fire, was quite ferocious and terrifying.

His lips were dry and cracked, and he was sweating.

The young man in plain clothes was Braydon Neal. He said gently, “Sir, are you thirsty”

“A little!” The emaciated old man bitterly admitted.

Braydon handed him a cup of tea, not bothering the hostess.

However, the old mans drinking capacity was obviously higher than ordinary people. This was not thirst but an illness!

It was similar to traumatic sequelae!

Braydon waited for the old man to finish his water before asking, “Sir, were your injuries caused by a huge fire”

“I used to be a firefighter. Five years ago, there was a fire in Preston. I rushed in with my squadron to put out the fire. Im a tough person, and I didnt die even though I was severely burned.”

The old man had a self-deprecating smile on his lips.

The fire was so terrifying that the waves of fire rose tens of meters high and swallowed the entire squad. It had even burned him to such a terrifying state.

How cruel it was for a person to live beyond recognition!

As the listener, Braydon listened to the old mans story about the raging fire. He then noticed that his cup was empty, so he got up and went to buy some mineral water.

When Braydon turned around, he saw that the seat was empty.

The old man was standing in front of the public water heater. Both his hands were thin, and he only had six fingers. The cruise had been sailing for the whole day, and he had not had a single drop of water. He was already slightly hungry.

Behind the old man stood a burly man in a black suit. He frowned and urged, “Old man, what are you waiting for”

“Im sorry, Im done now.”

The old mans body was weak. Under the urging of the man, he turned off the tap nervously and turned to leave.

However, the burly mans patience had long run out. He pushed the old man away and hurriedly took out a crystal cup to get some hot water.

The old mans body swayed, and an instant cup noodle fell out of his hand, spilling the soup all over the ground.

At the front of the corridor sat a young man with fair skin. There were instant noodles on the ground under his feet. His eyes turned dark, and he was filled with anger as he sneered, “You old dog, are you f*cking looking for death”


The fair-skinned young man suddenly stood up and slapped the old man on the face.


The old man staggered a few steps backward and almost fell to the ground.

The man in the suit turned around, his face pale. “Young master Larson, are you alright”

“What do you think” The fair-skinned youth, Ian Larson, shot him a glance.

The man in the suit was a bodyguard. He trembled and turned around to punch and kick the old man while scolding angrily, “You blind old thing. Do you know who youve offended”

He was the second young master of the Larson family, one of the seven greatest families in Preston!

In Preston, the Larson family was deeply rooted. In recent years, they had been doing well and were becoming more and more prosperous. They had a vague chance of becoming the head of the seven great families.

In Preston, there was no one he, Ian Larson, could not afford to offend!

The passengers around him looked at him with fear in their eyes, and no one came forward to stop him.

Not many families in Preston could afford to offend the Larson family.

But at this moment, someone stood forward.

Under everyones gazes.


Braydons thin lips moved slightly as he said, “If you touch him one more time, Ill kill your entire family!”


There was pin-drop silence in the entire place.

Who was this person

He even dared to provoke the Larson family. In Preston, even the other great families would not dare to say things like wiping out the entire Larson family.

The bodyguard froze, and his fist stopped in mid-air.

“Who the f*ck are you Continue beating him up!” Ian laughed in anger.



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