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16 The Northern King Will Guard the Country For as Long as He is Alive

His loud voice resounded through the Neal family manor, and the guests inside and outside were stunned!


Luke Yates had arrived with a big rusty black bell in his hand, and he threw it at the door.

The bell rang, and it reverberated for a long time.

The bell signified death!

The coffins had already been prepared!

The Great Demon King Luke Yates turned around and shouted, “All of you, cry!”

No one knew where he got these people from. Nearly a hundred people were crying and wailing, and it suddenly became lively.

Fifty people quickly rushed out of the Neal family manor. They were all security guards and looked fierce, as if they wanted to kill Luke.

In front of him, a square-faced man with slick back hair tidied up his suit and said in a deep voice, “Young man, I see that you look a little unfamiliar. Dare I ask if our Neal family has offended you in any way”

“No, this is my first time in Preston!

“As expected of the millennia old ancient capital. There are so many antique objects. This big iron bell alone is not easy to find in the northern territory, but we found it in less than half an hour here!” Luke said.

“Youre from the northern territory”

The square-faced middle-aged mans eyes flashed with a cold light.

He was the old masters eldest son, Larry Neal, a leading figure of the Neal familys second generation.

He was also the current head of the Neal family!

Luke sneered. “Thats right. Whats the matter You want to threaten me”

“It seems that the little bastard has returned to the capital!” Larry immediately thought of Braydon.

At the back of the crowd, Braydon was pushing the wheelchair slowly, and the crowd made way for him.

Larrys eyes flashed with surprise. He did not expect Braydon to have really returned!

“I, Braydon, the eldest son of the third generation of the Neal family, wish Grand Uncle a long life!”

His words resounded through the entire Neal family manor!

All the surrounding guests were shocked!

A fat bald man in the crowd asked in a low voice, “Is this kid the one who escaped from the Neal familys great upheaval thirteen years ago”

“Its him, the abandoned son of the Neal family. His father is Louis Neal, a leading figure of the second generation of the Neal family!”

“Speaking of which, their family is really miserable!”

“Can they be more miserable than that kid I heard from the grapevine that his family of three was hunted down, and they had to run for the whole night. That kid was only seven years old at that time. If it wasnt for the Sage familys interference and the old ladys protection, that kid would have died long ago!”

“Shut up! You guys dont want to live anymore Discussing in front of the Neal familys door, do you want to die”


The whispers in the crowd could not be hidden from the ears of everyone in the Neal family.

Seeing this, Larry Neal laughed instead of getting angry. “So, its big brothers family whos home. Laura looks so thin now. This wheelchair looks old. Ill give Sister-in-Law a new one tomorrow!”

“No need!” Louis coldly refused.

Someone from the Neal familys younger generation angrily rebuked, “Your family still has the face to come back Get out!”

“Impudent! Back down! You have no right to speak!”

After Larrys reprimand, no one dared to speak nonsense again.

In the eyes of the head of the family, dirty laundry should not be aired in public, and there were so many outsiders at the door. No matter what happened today, the Neal family would become the biggest joke in Preston overnight!

Theres a saying that goesCoax the dog in, close the door, and kill it!

However, Larry did not know that once Braydon had stepped through the door today, it would be the day when the tiger would roar at the Neal family.

“Big brother, please come in!” Larry laughed.

Under everyones gazes.

Louis strode through the door, but someone secretly stretched out his leg to make him trip. If Braydon had not reached out and pulled him, he would have fallen.

Immediately, it caused the entire hall to burst into laughter.

Larry laughed lightly. “Big brother, be careful when you walk. If you want to greet my father, you can do so only when youve reached the central room!”

The laughter around him did not stop. Louis was livid. He clenched his rough fists and did not say a word!

He turned around and left!

“Dad, theres going to be a show today. The three of us are the main characters. You cant be absent!” Braydon stopped him and said.

“Braydon, I...”

King Braydon felt that his father had been embarrassed.

However, Braydon held his hand and turned around. His voice was as cold as the Grim Reapers, grim and colorless.

“Find him and cripple him!”

Braydon had merely uttered five words!

Luke Yates was like a phantom, quietly going behind Larry and picking up a thin youth.

He was the one who had stretched out his leg to block Louis!

As Lukes cloak fluttered, two battle swords that were inserted diagonally at his waist were revealed!


All it took was the time needed for a spark to fly off a flint, as two sabers were unsheathed and shot to the ground, piercing through the skinny young mans legs and nailed to the ground. Blood was flowing out profusely.

“Ahh, my leg!” The shrill screams made peoples hair stand on ends.

This ruthless method shocked many people!

Lukes eyes were calm. He turned around and followed Braydon silently.

Only Larrys eyes were fixed on the two swords. He gasped and mumbled, “Northern Cold sword!”

There was only one place where this sword could be produced, and that was the north!

Braydon pushed the wheelchair past Larry, his thin lips moving slightly, “Lets go. Its Grand Uncles birthday!”

That one sentence alerted Larry!

The Neal familys manor was huge. Braydon was pushing the wheelchair in front of the asphalt road.

Laura Quinns brows were knitted together. The hidden illness left behind by the car accident made her waist even more swollen in the rainy weather.

Braydon took out a white jade bottle which was sealed with a red cloth. He gently placed it in Lauras hand and said, “Mom, if your back hurts, just take one!”


“Brother, this thing is for you to save your life!” Luke was anxious.

However, Braydons sharp gaze made him turn back.

Gordon Lowe frowned. He knew how precious the item in the white jade bottle was!

It would be difficult to make a second bottle even if the entire country were to pour in all its resources!

The medicine had long gone extinct!

Those who could concoct the medicine were already dead.

There were seven pills in the bottle, each of which could bring back the dead. This was for Braydon.

Luke and the others knew how important Braydon was.

As long as Braydon was alive, who would dare to cause trouble

With the internal strife and the millions of enemies from Northern border pressing down on them, it was only natural for him to sweep away some of the enemies with the Northern Cold sword.

The Northern King was in charge of the northern territory. Who would dare to invade the areas that bordered the northern territory

As long as the Northern King was alive, the country would forever be protected!

Laura opened the medicine bottle, and a medicinal fragrance assailed her nose. It was refreshing and clear. It was as if her sense of smell had been improved. She could smell the smell of soil and the fragrance of plants in the air.

A milky white pill was put into Lauras mouth.

The surging medicinal power was like a rainbow, rushing to the limbs and bones, dispelling all the pain, making Laura cry out with joy and excitement.

“Dont worry, Laura, take your time!” Louis quickly comforted her.

“Old Neal, my legs, I can feel my legs! Lauras eyes were slightly red.

It would be the biggest lie to say that she did not want to stand up again all these years!

Louis was shocked. What medicine was this

The powerful effect was simply too heaven-defying. It allowed a person who had been sitting in a wheelchair for a long time to feel her legs, and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger!



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