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17 With a Sword in Hand, Kill all the Neals

This scene made Larry Neals eyes reveal a deep sense of fear.

A pill that could make a person who had been disabled for thirteen years to be able to stand once again was probably hard to find in the world.

However, the appearance of this thing on Braydon Neal made Larry feel that the seven-year-old boy who was hunted down that year had returned tonight for revenge!

“Mom, take one if you have back pain in the future!” Braydon said as he pushed the wheelchair.

Luke Yates wanted to say something but stopped himself. Braydon had to keep one of these pills to protect his own life.

Laura Quinn sealed the small jade bottle and stuffed it into Braydons hand. She instructed, “This medicine must be very precious. Keep it!”

Braydon smiled. There was not much room for compromise between the mother and son.

In Braydons eyes, it was not difficult to make Laura take the medicine.

One pill was enough for Lauras body to digest for three days.

Within three days, there was a high chance of her standing up. If not, she would eat another one.

Lauras face was slightly red as she whispered, “Old Neal, push me to the bathroom!”

“Ah, okay!”

Louis Neal was stunned and quickly pushed her wheelchair over.

It was not because Laura was being troublesome, but the pills in the jade bottle could help ordinary people cleanse their bones and marrow, remove their own impurities, strengthen their tendons and bodies, and strengthen their essence.

Therefore, it was expected that Laura would need to go to the bathroom.

“Bryan!” Braydon said.

The Marquis of Western Hansworth, Bryan Goldman, immediately got the message and said that he also needed to go to the bathroom.

But Braydons thin lips moved slightly, and his voice was thin as he said, “If you encounter anyone with ill-intentions, kill without mercy!”

Bryan nodded slightly. He knew who he should protect and who he should kill!

Anyone who dared to harm Louis and Laura would be killed by Bryan.

Someone from the Neal family whispered disdainfully. “This family is such a nuisance. They didnt bring any gifts, instead they brought waste with them!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, Braydon put his hands behind his back and moved like the wind. In a flash, he was twenty meters away!

This speed was too shocking!

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Was it possible for a human to travel twenty meters in an instant


Braydon raised his left hand, and the back of his hand fell on the thin young mans cheek.

A slap sent him flying, and all his teeth fell out.

By the time everyone else came back to their senses, they saw that he had already fallen unconscious and had a concussion.

“Braydon, youre going way overboard!” The descendants of the Neal family were furious.

“This is the Neal family, not a place for you to behave atrociously!”

“First Uncle, will our Neal family really allow this good-for-nothing abandoned son to cause a scene here”

The Neal family younger generation was about to spit fire through their eyes.

“Braydon, arent you going too far” Larry frowned.

“Too far Im sorry, theres more to come!”

Braydon smiled humbly and politely. He walked further into the manor and said, “I dont want to draw my sword before I meet Gerald Neal, thats why I didnt kill you!”

“What do you want to do” Larry was infuriated.

“I want to exterminate your entire Neal family. What do you think”

Braydon stopped and turned around. His words silenced everyone.

What an arrogant sentence!

The light rain seemed to be falling even more rapidly.

Zayn Ziegler, the Warblade that was trying to lower his presence, and Carl Mason, the fierce tiger of Northern Hansworth, unconsciously placed their hands on the handles of the swords at their waists.

With just a word from Braydon, they would dare to be the sword-wielders and wipe out the Neal family.

They would wipe them out of Preston!

The surrounding Neal family members were even more shocked and angry. They did not expect Braydon to be so arrogant.

As Braydon was talking to them, he had already walked into the inner parts of the Neal family manor.

Of course, Braydon was familiar with all the buildings here. This was his former home!

The Neal familys internal strife had originated from the two old mens falling out and the problem of the second generations successor of the family!

There were two elders in the Neal family. The eldest, Graham Neal, was Braydons grandfather!

Back then, he was the head of the Neal family. He had four sons who were known as the four dragons of the Neal family, all of whom were dragons among men.

The eldest, Louis Neal, was Braydons father. He was the leader of the second generation of the Neal family. His ability was outstanding, dazzling like the shining star of Preston city!

If there were no accidents, the position as family head would definitely belong to Louis Neal.

However, the second elder was Gerald Neal, Braydons grand uncle.

He was not willing to accept that!

Gerald Neal wanted to support his eldest son, Larry Neal, so he secretly colluded with outsiders and set off a storm thirteen years ago.


That old thing, Gerald Neal, forced his elder brother to die with the help of external forces. He killed Braydons second and fourth uncle!

Back then, third uncle was far away in the north and was dressed in military attire, so he was not affected.

Braydon was sent to the northern territory, and it was because of his third uncles protection that he grew up safely.

That was why Braydon said that when he returned to the capital, he would kill three people first.

The first person was Gerald Neal!

Because of the Neal familys internal strife, a Northern King was born.

Today, King Braydon had returned only for revenge!

It was a blood feud!

His grandfathers tragic death, his fathers secret suppression, and having to swallow his anger and endure thirteen years of humiliation; this mans dignity was trampled on by the Neal family until it was worthless!

Braydons second uncle and fourth uncle had always treated him like their own child!

However, they had lost their lives at the hands of Gerald Neals branch!


Braydons cotton clothes fluttered as he stepped on the puddles, splashing dirty water everywhere. He murmured softly, “If I dont take revenge, I, Braydon, am not worthy of being a son!”

The Neal family manors tallest building was a seven-storey circular building, also known as the bright hall. It was where the Neal family received their distinguished guests.

It was his second uncle who had personally designed and supervised the completion of such a building!

With his return to his old home, Braydon stood at the door and shouted, “I, Braydon Neal, wish Grand Uncle a long and prosperous life!”

His words were like a tigers roar, causing the lively hall to fall into dead silence!

Normally, the Neal family would not dare to mention the name Braydon, but today, not only did he mention it, but he was also here!

The people who came to offer their blessings in the bright hall were all distinguished guests!

The representatives of the seven great families were all here to offer their blessings. The outstanding third generation of the Neal family was present as well.

Without exceptions, they were all in the bright hall!

The hundred people gathered in the bright hall looked at the door in unison.

In the high seat of the bright hall, a silver-haired old man was sat at the head of the table. His face was ruddy, and his smile slowly disappeared!

That incident was taboo in the Neal family, and no one dared to mention it in front of Gerald Neal.

Braydon strode in through the door, his seven-foot body tall and handsome!

Everyone was stunned, and no one dared to make a sound.

Gerald Neal slowly said, “What a good young man. What a good long life. As expected of a son of the Neal family. You have guts. Ill accept your well-wishes!”

A young man in a suit stood at the side. His name was Spencer Larson. He had come with gifts to offer his blessings and also to propose a marriage.

He was the Larson familys eldest young master!

Spencer Larson smiled lightly, “So, you are Braydon. You dont have any manners. How can you not kneel as the younger generation offering his wishes to an elder”

His words made many people smile and look at Braydon coldly. He was simply courting death.

The Neal family had always wanted to get rid of the root of the problem and erase the hidden danger known as Braydon. Now, he had actually delivered himself to the door and even asked to be humiliated.

“Who do you think you are!” Luke Yates cast a lazy glance at him.

“My name is Spencer Larson. Im not famous, but whenever my name is mentioned in Preston, people will have to give me some face!” Spencer Larson said with pride.

No one would have guessed that Luke would lift his head up high and say, “Ive never heard of you!”



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