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19 War God Level

Leonard Neal had a bad temper. His body was thin and weak, and his eyes were yellowish. His hands were full of calluses, and his eyebrows had a murderous look to it!

Beginner level fighter, Leonard Neal!

In fact, all seven of Prestons great families had ancient martial arts practitioners!

Unfortunately, in modern society, martial arts were forbidden. In addition to the strict surveillance of the special operations teams in various places, all the members of the special operations team had the right to punish the ancient martial artists on the spot if they dared to do as they pleased and kill ordinary people for no reason!

The ancient martial arts practitioners were further divided into the lowest level of martial apprentices. The lowest level martial apprentices were basically the disciples who were responsible for serving tea.

Above them were the martial artists!

Martial artists cultivated their Qi and blood, trained their bones and muscles, and could break stones with a lift of their hand. It was a power that ordinary people could not imagine.

As for the cultivation method, it was a secret that would not be passed on.

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The Neal family had half of an ancient martial arts cultivation method, which was obtained by Gerald and Graham Neal. It was regarded as the Neal familys most precious treasure, which was passed on to the men and not the women!

Leonard stepped forward.

“Ill send your family of three on your way now!”

When a martial artist made a move, no mortal could match him.

Leonard was ranked ninth among the top ten martial artists in Preston!

At this moment, Leonard made a move in an instant, forming his hand into a claw aimed at Braydons throat!

Braydon was as calm as the wind, not moving an inch!

“Has this person been scared silly”

“No matter how arrogant Braydon is, in the end, hes still not strong enough!”

“The bigger fist is the absolute principle!”

A group of Neal family juniors were pointing and discussing among themselves, their faces full of disdain.

However, in the next second, everyones expression changed!

When Leonards claw-like hands touched Braydons throat, it looked like he had already caught it, but in fact, there was still a distance of one centimeter.

It was this one centimeter of distance that made Leonards eyes reveal fear!

“War... War God level!”

“Impossible!” Leonards eyes widened in anger!

As an ancient martial artist, no one knew better than him what a War God level fighter meant!

One person could destroy an entire city!

It was extremely terrifying!

But now, Leonard was calling Braydon the War God!

How could this be possible

However, at this moment, Leonards hand seemed to be bound by an invisible force. He was in a dilemma and was stuck in place!

And this invisible force was the War Gods pressure!

In front of everyones shocked eyes, Braydons thin lips moved.

“Kneel down!”


A terrifying pressure gushed out and enveloped Leonards entire body. He was then forcefully brought to his knees.


The floor cracked with the force, and the legs of his pants were stained red. White bones could be vaguely seen protruding from his knees!

This pressure swept across the bright hall. No one in the Neal family was left standing. They were all brought to their knees!

Gerald Neal knelt on the ground and trembled instinctively.

The aura of a War God!

Who in Preston could stop him

In the eyes of Bryan Goldman and the others, martial apprentices and martial artists were just newly advanced ancient martial artists.

Further up would be the warrior level, the warlord level, and the War God level!

The gap between a martial artist and a War God was like a chasm!

However, at this moment, Luke Yates curled his lips in disdain.

“My brother entered the northern region when he was seven years old. He became a warrior in less than a month and became a general in half a year. He became a War God when he was nine years old. He killed six War Gods from other countries and became the War God of the northern region!

“When he was thirteen, he used the entire countrys resources to collect meteoric iron. He spent four years to forge the Northern King sword. He stood in the northern territory and single-handedly stopped 100,000 enemies. He slaughtered all of them and earned the name of the overlord of the northern territory!”


“When he entered the king realm at the age of seventeen, he was given the title of Northern King, but my brother refused. However, martial arts etiquette cannot be abolished. Someone suggested to add another word before my brothers name, so his full name is King Braydon Neal!

“My brother refused once again!

“War God level My brother has more than a hundred War Gods under his command, and they are in charge of the northern territory. With just one order, they can head to Preston with a million black-armored elites and point their blades at you!”

Luke Yates sonorous words resounded throughout the entire bright hall.

The entire room was silent!

Who would dare believe these words


This was no longer a story, but a legend!

“How is this possible!” Larry Neal muttered instinctively.

Under the intense fear and uneasiness, Larrys face had turned pale!

“Brother! I regret what Ive done!” Gerald Neal cried out in grief.

A single word of regret made this eighty-year-old man feel so much pain that he wished he was dead!

Louis Neals eyes were enlivened.

He had never thought that his child would have grown to this stage.

“Braydon! Youve suffered so much all these years in the northern territory!” Laura Quinns eyes turned red.

“Aunt Laura, my brother once told me that a seven-foot-tall man should stand between the heavens and the earth. He should be bold for his entire life and have the courage to conquer thousands of miles like a tiger. Theres no such thing as suffering. Only through the cruelest tempering can the sharpest sword be forged!”

Luke laughed carefreely, causing Gordon Lowes lips to curl into a smile.

He could testify that it was indeed Braydon who had said it.


“Mom, Im fine!” Braydon said softly.

After a brief moment of comfort, a powerful killing intent shocked the entire Neal family, and they began to cry out in fear.

Braydon said softly, “On that rainy night thirteen years ago, my grandfather was forced to die by your hand in this bright hall. In order to let me escape, Fourth Uncle chose to cover my retreat. He was right in front of the bright hall when you, Larry Neal, pierced through his heart with a single sword!

“It was my seventh birthday that day. I turned around and I, Braydon, saw clearly that my fourth uncle died in your hands!

“Grandfather took great care of me, and Fourth Uncle treated me like his own son. If I dont take revenge, I wont be able to get rid of my hatred!”

When Braydon talked about the past, his hair fluttered without any gust of wind, showing the true anger of a tyrant.

Braydons anger could turn the world upside down!

In the next moment, Braydon touched his waist with his fair left hand and took off the black cloak behind him, revealing the sword on his waist.

The sword was called the Northern King!

The Northern King sword was famous in the northern territory for standing on the corpses of 720,000 enemies.


In an instant, the Northern King sword was unsheathed!

The pitch-black blade was slightly curved. It looked heavy, but it was filled with cold killing intent.

In the blink of an eye, wild geese circled in the skies above Preston city. They cried out, and their wings fell. The pet dogs on the street shat and peed themselves, and they lay on the ground whimpering.

In some domestic fowl farms, the chickens and white geese flapped their wings in panic.

This was the Northern King sword!

Braydon held the knife in his left hand, and his eyes were very cold as he stared at the Neal family.

Everyone was terrified!

“That rainy night, you, Leonard Neal, chased after me and my mother. Youre indeed the second master of the Neal family. Youre so ruthless. If Grandma Sage didnt come in the rain to protect me, I, Braydon, would have died in your hands that night!

“None of you in the Neal family are innocent!”

Braydon held the Northern King sword and stood proudly in the hall!



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