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2 The Return of the Northern King

The bodyguard raised his fist, and it was about to hit its mark.

Braydon Neals eyes were calm. He raised his fair left hand and lowered it in an instant.


The bodyguards 1.9-meter-tall body was sent flying across the entire corridor, and it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Ian Larsons eyes were filled with horror. This terrifying martial strength was simply too frightening!

“Who are you” He asked fearfully.

Braydon did not even glance at him. He bent down and helped the old man up.

Who was Braydon Neal

The Northern territory was three million square kilometers in land; there was no one who did not know who Braydon Neal was!

He was the Northern King of the northern territory!

There was once someone who had the wordKing before his name.

His full name was King Braydon Neal!

At that time, Braydon was already famous in the capital, and it was during those days when he was young and frivolous. However, from then on, Braydon put on plain clothes and refused to be crowned king.

“Do you know who he is” Braydon asked softly.

“Who is he This old thing Ha!” Ians disdainful expression did not change.

“He may be covered in scars, but it signifies glory. Hes a man of great merit, but hes been humiliated by you today. This is what it means when villains hold all the power!” Braydon said softly.

“Great merit This old thing was a soldier and made some kind of contribution” Ian was stubborn through and through.

He probably really thought that the Larson family could do whatever they wanted.

The so-called Larson family was just a clown in Braydons eyes!

Ian should be aware that if the Northern King were angered, blood would flow for thousands of miles!

A piece of cloth could scare off 800,000 enemies from outside the border. That was when Braydon was young, guarding the north alone. He killed 720,000 enemies with one knife, and the bones of his enemies formed mountains.

Since then, King Braydons fierce reputation had been established!

As long as he was still alive, no one would dare to invade the borders of the country!

Braydon said softly, “A firefighter is still a soldier. In the raging fire, he protected people with his life. Now, he has exchanged it for humiliation from you. You should be killed!”

Along with the last half of Braydons words, a shocking murderous aura shot up to the skies. Seagulls folded their wings, white fish jumped into the water, and animals were instinctively afraid!

“No one can touch me in Preston city. Im a member of the Larson family. You cant afford to offend me!” Ian said fiercely.


Braydon had intended to kill him, but after hearing this, he spared his life.

After a single slap, Ian was sent flying in the air, and he lay crumpled on the ground like a dead dog.

“The Larson family is very powerful”

Braydons eyes were cold, and the temperature of the entire cabin seemed to have dropped by 30%.

The passengers around them nodded instinctively. The Larson family was truly powerful in Preston!

Hitting Ian Larson was equivalent to getting into big trouble!

“When we get to Preston, Ill show you what real power is!” Braydons thin lips moved slightly.

Ian said that no one in Preston city could touch him

Such arrogance!

Braydon did not mind waiting until he had arrived in Preston to show Ian what true power was!

The old man was helped up, tears streaming down his face like a child who had been wronged. “Its been so many years. I didnt think that anyone would still remember us. Child, thank you!”

Braydon smiled indifferently and brought him back to his seat to rest, leaving Ian to yell and curse at him.

“When the passenger ship docks, Ill kill you!

“Offending me is the same as offending the Larson family. The moment you get off the ship, it will be the day you die!

“Enjoy the last ten minutes of your life!”


Ians eyes were filled with hatred; he hated Braydon to the core.

No one on the passenger ship dared to meddle in their business.

As the passenger ships horn sounded, it slowed down and slowly approached the dock.

In the vast open space of the dock, an old butler, along with fifty black-clothed bodyguards, was waiting there with a solemn expression on his face. He had already received a call from his second young master.

The dignified second young master of the Larson family was actually beaten up to such an extent!

They were in Preston city. No matter who it was, that person was obviously courting death.

Even if he was a member of the seven great families, he would be crippled if not killed.

The old butler had already made up his mind.

After the ship had docked, Ian was limping as he disembarked. The old butler hurried forward.

“Second young master!”

The fifty strong bodyguards lowered their heads and shouted in unison.


The other passengers who got off the ship lowered their heads and left in a hurry.

After the passengers had left, Braydon looked at his homeland and muttered, “My hometown is no longer the same; how unfortunate. I didnt expect that I would have this feeling!”

Ian sneered, thinking that Braydon was too scared to get off the ship.

He growled, “Didnt you want me to see what true power is in Preston Why are you still stuck on board, you coward!

“In Preston, the Larson family is the symbol of power!”

“Seize him!” The old butler said while gesturing at him.

Dozens of security guards were about to make a move!

The autumn wind was blowing in the spacious dock, rolling up the yellow apricot leaves. It seemed that the place had been cleared long ago.

There were very few people today!

In the southeast, a group of young men in black clothes appeared.

There were more than a thousand people, all dressed in black with black scarves on their faces. They had long black swords at their waists which were three feet, three inches, and three decimeters long. There was a red symbol on their chest which looked a little like the Northern Kings sword!


These young men in black numbered up to more than a thousand had appeared at the dock and were slowly approaching the ship.

Their footsteps were uniformed, and strong aura and gallant determination exuded from their presence.

In the next moment.

The thousands of people unsheathed their swords, and their killing intent soared to the sky.

Everyones expression was cold, and their tiger-like eyes were filled with determination, revealing a fanatical belief!

Although the person on the cruise was merely wearing plain cotton clothes, he was their one common faith!

He had left the capital at the age of seven and had not returned for thirteen years!

And today was the day of his coronation!

The more than a thousand people came to the passenger ship, knelt down on one knee, and plunged their swords into the ground to welcome the passenger ship with such grand gesture.

“The Northern Hansworth main team welcomes the return of the commander!” The more than a thousand people shouted in unison.

The sound waves rolled and reverberated through the sky.

This was the power that Braydon was talking about!

This scene caused Ians eyes to be filled with horror. It was hard to imagine.

The old butlers face was deathly pale. His life experience told him that he had provoked a terrifying person today!

This important figure was not someone the Larson family could provoke.

Braydon slowly disembarked the passenger ship and smiled. “Im a commoner. I dont have an official rank or title. Just call me by my name!”

“We dare not act as such. Rules cannot be broken. No one in the world would ever dare address the commander as a commoner!”

Among the one thousand people, the young man in the lead had a buzzcut and looked strong and aggressive.

Braydon looked at him and chuckled. “Little Carl Mason, I didnt expect you to come and pick me up today. Im afraid youve crossed the border just to do so!”

The Northern Hansworth main team had a lot of responsibilities. They were in charge of all the tricky matters in the 830,000 square kilometers area.

But this was Central Hansworth!

Preston city was located in Central Hansworth. Many people used to call this place the resplendent central plains!

“So be it. Did the commander run into any trouble upon returning”

Carl glanced at Ian and the others.

“He said that no one in Preston city can touch him!”

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Braydon flicked his fingers and laughed.


The thousand people stood up and pointed their blades at Ian. He was so scared that he was about to cry.

Ian had said that no one in Preston city could touch him!

But today, there were over a thousand people here. Not to mention touching him, they could even exterminate the three families of the Larson family with a snap of their fingers.

The old butler was sweating profusely as he apologized incessantly, “Sir, this might be a misunderstanding!”

“Then, let this misunderstanding continue!” Carl then seized everyone present.



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