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22 Make Way

Under everyones shocked gazes.

“War God level, I am!” Luke Yates said proudly.


Old master Howard Larsons body staggered, and he almost fell to the ground.

No one was more afraid than him!

Provoking the War God The Larson family must be seeking death!

No one doubted Luke Yates strength. He was the standard of a War God!

Heather Sages eyes blinked with curiosity.

Braydon Neal noticed her confusion and chuckled. “Luke, stand down. I want to see how powerful the top ten martial artists of Preston are!”

“Let me do it!” Luke was rather eager to do it.

“Is it fun for you to bully a junior martial artist” Bryan Goldman did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Luke rolled his eyes and muttered to himself,Braydon is a monster at the level of a king. If he were to deal with a martial artist, that would be considered bullying!

Felix Larson gasped and said cautiously, “Youre the abandoned son of the Neal family”

“How dare you! Do you really think that I wont dare to kill you”

Lukes aura was released, and his killing intent was shocking, intimidating everyone.

Felix realized his mistake and corrected himself, “Youre Braydon Neal!”

“You can make your move!”

Braydon wanted to show Heather that her brother was not as weak as she had thought. He also wanted to give this girl a lesson on the difference in strength when it comes to martial artists!

Felix gritted his teeth and threw a punch.

His fist was like a tigers roar, powerful and heavy, with an extremely strong and oppressive force.

This was the Roaring Tiger fist, the fist technique of the Larson family.

Heather was a little worried. In the end, she still did not understand. All she knew was that Felix was very powerful in Preston.

Braydon put his hands behind his back. He was so fast that Felix could only brush past him, but he could not touch him.

This was complete suppression and contempt.

Braydon chuckled. “Heather, remember this. We have thousands of years of heritage. The heritage of ancient martial arts can be traced back to the era of the first king. It has continued on to this day. Martial arts are weak!

“However, there are still different levels of strength between the ancient martial arts practitioners!

“At the lowest level, we have martial apprentices who serve tea and are as humble as ants. They are not much better than ordinary people!

“Further up are martial artists. Only people like him, who have just begun to possess the strength of a martial artist, are considered experts to ordinary people!

“Above martial artists are those at the warrior, warlord, and War God levels!

“The mark of a War God is the ability to suppress ten thousand people. I said that I can protect you for the rest of your life, and Im not trying to scare you. In the north, I have more than a hundred War Gods under my command!”

Braydons smile silenced the audience!

Who would dare to believe this

The Larson family was shocked!

“You dont have to specifically tell me that!” Heather was a little embarrassed.

“Actually, above the War God level, theres still a difference in terms of strength. My brother is a King; he has been a King since the age of seventeen. In the north, hes the current Northern King. Since he said that he can protect you, then no one in the world would dare to touch you!”

Luke said arrogantly.

He, the Great Demon King, had the most experience. Without Braydons protection, he would have died a hundred times over the years.

Howard gasped!


A muffled groan woke everyone up from there stupor. Braydon raised his hand and wrapped an invisible air current around it. Felix was sent flying from the gush of air, and he fell to the ground. He was seriously injured and coughed up blood.

He had defeated him in one strike!

Braydons strength was terrifying!

At this moment.

The rain in the middle of the night was like a downpour, causing a murderous aura to appear at the Neal familys gate.

A burly middle-aged man with white sideburns walked out from the rain. His loud voice rang out, “I didnt know that Second Uncle Howard has arrived. My apologies for not personally welcoming you!”

“Youve returned to the Neal family” Fabien Larson was shocked.

Louis Neal, Fabien Larson, and the other members of this generation had known each other since they were young.

Howard Larson was secretly shocked and felt that something huge was going on with the Neal family tonight!

Even if Gerald Neal, that old man, was dead, the Neal family should be taken over by his eldest son, Larry Neal. No matter how bad things were, there would still be his second son, Leonard Neal.

But the person who had appeared was Louis Neal!

All the great families in Preston knew about the Neal familys misfortune thirteen years ago.

Louis was born into a rich family, so he had proper etiquette and manners. Because of Braydons return, the anger from thirteen years ago was being released.

With his eldest son Braydon, he, Louis, was not afraid of anything!

Why should he be afraid of the other six great families of Preston

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Luke held up a black umbrella. “Uncle Louis, its pouring heavily right now. What are you doing out here Just leave it to us!”

“Its fine. Your Uncle Louis is happy today!” Louis walked in the rainy night.

He was pouring out his hatred in one day.

He stepped forward and saluted again, “Second Uncle Howard, Braydon and the other juniors dont know any manners. Since youve come here personally, we should open the bright hall to welcome you!”

“At least you know your manners!”

Howard was completely fearless and directly entered the Neal familys home.

The fifty people from the Larson family all followed suit.

However, in front of them, there were one thousand black-robed young men with military swords in their hands. They were standing silently in the rainy night like one thousand wooden stakes!

The rainy night was dark, so no one had seen it clearly before.

Now that they were seeing it clearly, who in the Larson family would not be shocked!

Thousands of people wearing black scarves standing with swords in their hands; who would not be afraid of such a murderous aura


“Braydon!” Louis said.

“Dad, I got it. Make way!” Braydon said.

The one thousand people divided into two rows, and they stood silently at the side. The thousand pairs of determined and merciless eyes were gathering an invisible aura.

The Larson family was shocked!

Old master Howard was indeed not an ordinary person. He walked like a tiger and had no fear at all. Instead, he praised, “Gerald Neal, that old thing, has been hiding his true powers. Hes been secretly hiding thousands of people in this manor. If I hadnt seen it for myself today, who among the seven great families wouldve know about the true background of your Neal family ”

“Second Uncle Howard, you flatter me. Please!”

Louis cupped his hands and strode into the bright hall.

In the bright hall, the hundred people from the Neal family had just left, but the entrance of the bright hall was covered in blood.

Leonard Neal was kneeling at the door, unconscious.

“Leonard” Fabien Larson was shocked.


The people of the Larson family were shocked having recognized one of the three leaders of the Neal family, Leonard Neal.

Who would have thought that he would be kneeling here today with his legs crippled!

Fabien was shocked.

However, old master Howard turned a blind eye and strode into the bright hall with his usual expression.

He had already started complaining deep down as he regretted not listening to old lady Sages advice. Today, the Neal family had obviously undergone a great change once again, and others could not wait to hide!

But now, their family actually rushed over.

Leonard was one of the top ten martial artists in Preston!

Even he had been crippled and was kneeling in front of the Neal familys bright hall.

There was obviously a powerful ancient martial artist here tonight who could kill Leonard Neal in seconds.

Who was it

Was it Luke Yates or Braydon Or was it someone elses doing

The Larson family did not know!

But they definitely could not afford to offend him.

“Tea!” Louis then said.

Hot tea was served in the bright hall, and Heather also entered the bright hall with her grandmother.

“Grandma, please take a seat!” Braydon said softly.

“There are so many important people here tonight. How could an old woman like me dare to take a seat!” Old lady Sage was not being modest. She knew that the five commanders around Braydon were all influential figures.

If Braydon did not take a seat, Luke Yates and the others would not dare to do so either!

Old lady Sage was helped to her seat.

“Achoo!” Heather sneezed from having been under the rain.



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