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23 The Graveyard in the Western Suburbs

Laura Quinn was at the side door, looking very anxious. She was worried about her daughter-in-law, but she did not go over.

This was because there were many rules in the great families. For example, women could not enter an important place such as the bright hall.

“Heather, go check on your Aunt Laura!” Old lady Sage said.

Heather Queen obediently went to the side door and said in surprise, “Aunt Laura!”

“Heather, did you already see your brother Braydon” Laura asked.

Heathers face was slightly red as she said, “Yes, I did. Its cold outside. Ill push you back into the hall!”

Then, the bright hall fell into a short silence.

Outside the door, a thousand black-clothed men stood silently in the rain.

Who in the Larson family would dare to be impudent with this kind of intimidation

Compared to the arrogance at the entrance, Fabien Larson was also stunned at this point.

“Second Uncle Howard, have some tea!” Louis Neal laughed.

“Good, drink some tea. Have you returned to the Neal family, Louis” Howard Larson smiled kindly.

“It seems that Louis is now the new head of the Neal family!” Old lady Sage said affectionately.

Howards fingers that were holding the tea trembled.

“Im not that capable. In the future, Ill have to rely on the two elders to help me take care of the Neal family!” Louis cupped his hands.

“Youre too humble!” Howard could not taste a thing when he took a sip of the tea.

Louis turned around. “Let me introduce you. This is Braydon, the eldest son of the third generation of the Neal family!” He said.

“Like father, Like son. The Neal family has a son, and the Sage family has found a good son-in-law!”

Howard said with a hint of jealousy. The old man was obviously jealous.

Who would have thought that the seven-year-old child who had left the capital thirteen years ago would return this time in such a terrifying manner

“You must be joking, Second Brother Howard. There are many rising stars in the younger generation of the Larson family such as Spencer and the others!” Old lady Sage laughed.

“Its not even worth mentioning. Compared to Braydon, they are utter embarrassments!”

Howard stood up, cupped his hands, and bid his farewell. He did not mention anything about Spencer Larson.

This matter was clearly over!

At this point, how would the Larson family dare to harp on this matter

Even War God level figures were holding down the fort at the Neal family. Unless the Larson family wanted to seek death, the only thing for them to do was back down. If they continued to pester, they would be courting death.

“Grandpa, Dad!” Spencer Larson, who was outside, said with grievance.

“Shut up!” Fabien Larsons eyes burned with anger.

Spencer had almost brought calamity upon the Larson family!

Howard sat in the car and seemed to have aged a few years. He closed his eyes and sighed. “The abandoned son of the Neal family has returned. Im afraid Prestons weather is going to change!”


In the bright hall in the Neal family manor.

“Im relieved to see that your family is fine!” Old lady Sage smiled kindly.

“Its so late now, Grandma, you should stay the night!” Braydon asked her to stay.

Old lady Sage refused to stay and brought the Sage family back. However, she seemed to have forgotten one person, and that was Heather.

When everything was settled.

Heather Queen and Laura Quinn were in the room when Braydon pushed the door open and entered.

“Braydon, wheres Grandma Sage” Laura looked outside the door and found no one.

“Shes already left!” Louis said softly.

“Ah Why didnt you get me!” Heather was secretly angry.

“Stay with me tonight,” Laura said softly. “Let Braydon send you home tomorrow!”

“Aunt Laura, I cant. I have an exam tomorrow!”

Heather was the same age as Braydon. She was twenty years old and was a second-year student at Preston University. She had an exam tomorrow morning.

Laura was angry. “Dont you want to accompany me”

“Aunt Laura, I...”

Heathers face was a little red. She had already rejected the betrothal to Braydon. She had always felt that it was a little old-fashioned and would be laughed at if anyone else were to find out.

If she were to stay the night with the Neal family, what would others say in the future!

“Alright, Braydon and I wont disturb your rest!” Louis laughed.

Braydon and Louis turned around and closed the door, returning to the bright hall.

However, Braydon did not plan to rest. He put on his black cloak and walked out of the door in the rainy night.

“Braydon, its already so late. Youre still planning to go out” Louis shouted.

“I want to see Second Uncle and Fourth Uncle!” Braydon replied in a low voice.

Louis sighed and could only let Braydon go.

The five great commanders and the thousand guards followed silently.


The western suburbs graveyard looked gloomy at night.

This was the west side of Preston, backed by a long mountain range. The biggest graveyard in Preston was here.

Most of them were cheap graveyards, so ordinary families could afford to buy a piece of land here.

As it was cheap and large, there were many corners that were left untidied, making it look extremely messy!

On the way, Luke Yates asked, “Brother, when will the ceremony be held”

“On my birthday, I guess!”

There was still one month and three days to Braydons birthday!

Braydons return meant that he was being crowned!

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This was related to ones future martial arts path. It was extremely important that ones family members personally crowned him in his birthplace!

He could not afford to be careless!

Therefore, even the Great Demon King, Luke Yates, was extremely concerned about this matter.


Braydon walked to the gate of the graveyard. The security guard at the gate said through the glass, “Who are you guys”


A black Northern Cool sword pierced through the glass and was nailed to the wall.

The security guard immediately trembled and did not dare to make a sound!

Braydon walked into the graveyard in the western suburbs and walked to the northwest corner of the deepest part. There were messy debris and weeds all around. It was obvious that no one had cleaned it all year round!

More importantly, there was a tomb in front of him. The tombstone was upside down, and the tomb had been dug open. The urn inside was gone!

Braydon stood alone in the rainy night, and there was a faint murderous intent.

On this gravestone, the wordsLowell Neals tomb were engraved. It was so simple that there was not even a birth date or the name of the person who set up the gravestone.

It was as if he had been casually buried here!

Second Uncle Lowells grave had been opened!

The whereabouts of the ashes were unknown!


Braydons voice was bone-chillingly cold.

Zayn Zieglers eyelids twitched. He turned around and went to the security room with his men.

“What are you... doing” the security guard asked in fear.

“Who took away the ashes of Lowell Neal and Liam Neal from the two graves in the northwest corner of the graveyard”

Zayns eyes were filled with anger.

“I dont know!” The security guard trembled.

“You dont know” Zayn pulled out his sword that glinted with a cold light.

The security guard closed his eyes in a panic, his hands and feet shaking. “Ah, Sir, dont kill me. I didnt see anything, but the ashes in the two tombs were stolen by a young man and woman!”

“When did it happen” Zayn asked.

“Seven years ago!” The security guard opened his eyes and said, trembling.

“Bullsh*t, you can remember what happened seven years ago so clearly” Zayn instantly exploded.

The security guard was almost in tears. “Sir, I had polio when I was a child. Its not convenient for me to walk, so I asked someone to find a job at the graveyard. Ive worked here for ten years. I remember clearly that seven years ago, it was that man and woman who gave me 100,000 dollars and told me not to tell anyone!”‘

It was not because the security guard could remember well; it was because he had received a hundred thousand dollars of hush money seven years ago. He probably would not have this kind of opportunity again in his lifetime.

At that time, 100,000 dollars was more than three years of his salary!

He would never forget this kind of fortune even if it had been seventeen years, let alone seven years.

Give him 100,000 dollars in cash! Zayn said.

“Yes, sir!” Someone quickly took out 100,000 dollars in cash.



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