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24 Find Them and Kill Them on Sight

The security guard was stunned. He did not expect to get a windfall just by looking after the graveyard. He immediately told them everything he could remember.

This amount of money was nothing to Zayn Ziegler!

In the Preston team alone, supernumerary members were given a monthly salary of 30,000, 50,000, 70, 000, and 100,000 dollars!

And that was only the salary of non-staff members!

If money could solve the problem of salary, Zayn and the others would not mind at all. However, for the official members, they were all martial artists, and what they wanted was not money.

What they wanted were spirit herbs and spirit medicines!

Unfortunately, these things were becoming more and more difficult to find in the modern industrial era. You could not buy them even if you had money.

In the northwest corner of the graveyard, Braydon lifted the tombstone and wiped it with his black cloak. He did not cry, laugh, nor speak. He just stood there, letting the wind and rain hit him, as if he felt nothing!

Braydon was a young man, but he grew up in the northern territory. Only the northern soldiers followed him.

In the memories of his carefree childhood, the two most important relatives were his fourth uncle and second uncle!

His fourth uncle, Liam Neal, was a famous talent in the capital!

At that time, his fourth uncle was nineteen years old. He alone suppressed all the young people of the same generation of the seven great families. No one could compare to him in both the civil and military field.

At that time, Liam Neal was known as the most promising warrior in Preston city.

During that period of childhood, young Braydon stuck to his fourth uncle, Liam Neal, the most.

Unfortunately, everything had become a memory!

When Zayn came back, Braydon was wiping the tombstone. “Have you found out”

“Yes. Seven years ago, a young man and woman came and took away the urn!”

Zayn took out two pieces of white paper. These were the two portraits drawn by the guards according to the security guards description.

It had been too long, and it was not easy for the security guard to remember some of the characteristics. He could only draw a portrait that was roughly 20 to 30% similar.

Braydon took a look and ordered coldly, “Find them and kill them on sight!”

“Yes!” Zayns heart trembled, and he looked at Bryan Goldman and the others.

Obviously, he could not rely on himself for this matter!

The five great commanders simultaneously issued orders through the internal system to all the special operations teams to search for these two people.

Even though seven years had passed, he still had to find them!

Braydon returned home and stood at the top of the bright hall, facing the fierce wind and rain, his black cloak fluttering in the wind.

Bryan and the other four followed silently behind him, not avoiding the wind and rain.

“Go back, everyone!” Braydons thin lips moved slightly.

Each of the five great commanders had their own duties and were in charge of the five main teams. They intimidated all martial artists in the world, suppressed an area, and protected the peaceful lives of ordinary people.

In fact, it was already against the rules for the five great commanders to gather in the Central Plains.

However, the return of King Braydon was not something they could miss, so no one had expressed their dissatisfaction until now, allowing such an exception.

However, the five commanders had heavy responsibilities and could not act rashly.

“Carl Mason will be the emissary of Northern Hansworth and control all the martial artists in the five provinces of Northern Hansworth. He will exercise his authority as the commander and lead all the special operations teams. Go!”

No one dared to disobey the words of the Northern King.

Gordon Lowe turned around and left. In a few breaths, his thin body disappeared into the wind and rain.

The Marquis of Western Hansworth, Bryan Goldman, and Carl Mason cupped their hands and left!

After everyone had left.

Braydon looked at the southern suburbs of Preston, where the Quinn family was.

He wanted to kill three people when he returned to the capital. The second person was the Quinn familys Harry Quinn!

Braydon left the bright hall in a flash. His room was brightly lit, and his father, Louis Neal, was sitting at the desk.

It was midnight, and Louis was flipping through the account book with a serious expression.

“Dad, its time to rest!” Braydon took off his cloak and covered Louis with it.

The black cloak was embroidered with golden silk patterns. It was a golden Qilin!

This was a symbol of status!

In the entire northern territory, only one person could wear the symbol of the military flag, and that was Braydon!

“Braydon, sit!” Louis rubbed his temples.

Braydon sat calmly at the side and glanced at a stack of account books on the table. The red lines on the account books were shocking.

Was there a problem with the account books

Louis sighed. “These are the familys account books. There are no problems with them. The problem is the Neal Corporation!”

The Neal Corporation was founded fifty years ago. They started out in the construction industry and later transformed into a real estate developer. Thanks to the boom in the real estate industry in the past few years, the Neal family had developed rapidly and made at least one billion dollars in hot money every year!

To make the Neal family the head of the seven great families, over the past few decades, the Neal family had split their assets, reorganized their assets, opened up new businesses in the capital market, controlled two listed companies, and had shares in seven listed companies!

The Neal familys assets were over 30 billion!

These was their assets on the surface, but their real assets were 40 billion in total.

That was why Braydon who was born into a rich family with the identity of the third generations eldest grandson could have grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Even if what had happened back then did not happen, and he did not become King Braydon, he would be at ease in the Neal family. He would be a young master who did not have to worry about food and clothing when growing up!

Louis opened his mouth again. “In fact, I should have expected it. The banks mortgage interest has increased, and the real estate restrictions in cities all over the country have increased. They have been constantly attacking the real estate market. Real estate companies all over the country have gone bankrupt. How could the Neal family be spared”


Braydon listened quietly and took the account books.

The Neal familys biggest project expenditure in the past two years was the development of the Rose Garden in Prestons new district!

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This project could not be taken over by just one company.

As the head of the seven great families, the Neal family took the lead in building the most luxurious villa area in the new district, including the development of Rose Park, the construction of an elementary school, and the building of an integrated community!

Just the land alone needed a cash flow of five billion!

The Neal family had collected funds and bought land. Construction needed a large amount of capital, so they could only borrow and use high-interest leverage loans to continuously inject capital!

They had invested a lot of manpower and resources in the past two years, but the project was not completed yet. The progress of the investment was not ideal, which put the Neal family in a dilemma!

Such a huge feat was basically swallowing up all their money!

The other great families were happy to see the Neal family embarrassed, and no one was willing to help!

“The Neal family controls two listed companies and seven listed companies. We can cash these out in the stock market!” Braydon flipped through the account books and said.

“The Neal family has used them as collateral!” Louis took out another account book.


The Neal family had a lot of assets, but their debts were even higher.

Previously, in order to get a loan from the bank, Larry Neal and the others had mortgaged their company shares to the bank.

The most urgent thing at the moment was that the repayment date was approaching. If they could not repay the loan, these shares would be auctioned off by the bank or sold in the stock market.

The Neal family owed the bank a total of eight billion dollars. This was debt!

There were also the borrowed funds, which were all recorded in the account books in a mess.

The amount of liquid funds in the Neal Corporations account was less than ten million. For the Neal Corporation that had five hundred employees, this amount of liquid funds was pitifully little!

“Ill take care of it!” Braydon smiled.



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